Saturday, October 11, 2008

Buy me?

Come join us on the Retrology Sim - RK Model Auction Slurl - at 9am SLT, Saturday October 11, 2008. Models will be auctioned for various services, such as photography work (by model), print/ad work (use of model), model mentoring, personal shopper, etc! Please come and support the Runway Kidz members! Proceeds will be used towards funding RK events, including RK:1 (October 17, 18 and 19th) as well as future projects and funding for in-world Headquarters. We are a non-profit model support network organization, for models by models.

Models up for Auction:

Tweetie Ferraris
Sapphire Coakes
Jarl Soderstorm
Mavi Beck
Boe Cortes
Cayce Newell
Salvo Weydelich
Sally Yachvili
Barbarella Fuosing
Dahni Ella
Kate Stockholm
Jonny Tobias
Gamp Lane
Anessa Stine

Come out and have some fun! :))

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