Friday, October 3, 2008

StyleCard: SOREAL

Time to welcome a new face to 'On Your Toes'. Volcom Praga, KMADD Stylist, will be appearing from time to time to help us cover what's new and fashionable in men's footwear for our little blog. No time like the present, and SOREAL's much awaited follow up to the City Steps was a perfect opportunity to get this guy to show off some amazing footwear. The new Superstars are a great classic 3 stripe sneaker, with hyper realistic details from perforations to worn leather effects, and front to back perfect styling. (click image to enlarge.)

Volcom's casual look consists of some Aitui pants, a fun 'Rock is Dead' Tee from Gutta, Kari's Crate Digger shoulder bag and oversized sunglasses from VintageWear (VG Republic). Some great tattoos and new hair from MUISM help add up to a great look.

Look for the Superstars at SOREAL.

The stuff; Belleza Skin, MUISM Hair, Gutta Tee, Aitui Pants, Kari Bag, VintageWear Sunglasses. Volcom appears courtesy of MAD Image, for style consultation please contact Volcom in-world or visit for more information and style advice.

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