Sunday, October 19, 2008

Axion shoes from Jeepers Creepers

The latest release from Jeepers Creepers, the Axxion boots are in essence, some of the more versatile shoes to emerge from Eponymous Trenchmouth to date. Upon getting these shoes, I tried the blue pair on with the outfit I had on, and I was so impressed with how they matched to what I had on already, I immediately cammed them just like the shoe fiend I am, relishing in the details.

As we come to expect with every pair of JCS shoes, the texturing is first rate and in some ways these boots remind me of a laceup pair of Oslos, although the buckle and strap almost gives me allusions to the Nikes that were popular in the 1990s, but in the instance, instead of being primed for the basketball courts, these boots are made for something more like trekking thru rugged terrain.
The detail on the leather parts of these shoes is totally amazing, featuring ultra realistic creases just like a pair of boots in RL would have. I totally scratch my head at how once again Eppy can come up with such realism in his shoes, and I urge you to take a look in world to see what I mean.
I played around with the different colours seeing what pants I had in inventory to match the various shades and of course I found these pants from Shai's Southern Comfort suit to be the perfect match for the Sand coloured boots. So even though these boots are more gritty and urban, the use of suit pants showed they can be more versatile than first impressions could lead to.

The Gray coloured pair, with its two tone grey and black leather, reminds me of the Air Jordan IX, I had to play basketball as a teenager. These are one of my favorites colours but they are also available in the Black, Blue, Sand, Olive and Brown. As always I recommend the fatpack just for versatility.

Edit: I have been informed by Eponymous that these shoes can also be used by women as well as men. Just click on them to get the resize script (which I overlooked to mention as the default size fit me perfectly) and set to the smallest setting to fit your av as needed.

Another item I would like to draw attention to is the new Prince Abioye ring from Alienbear Designs. This is the first ring for men from Alienbear, and I must say it is nicely detailed and features a huge diamond perfect to let people know you have style and class.

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