Thursday, October 9, 2008

Amazing new Redgrave shoes

As I heard from a few friends that there were new female skins being released at Redgrave, and me needing to keep my finger on the pulse of new releases, I decided to go and take a look at them. But little did I know that I would be rather shocked and see that there were newly released shoes from Viola Leigh.

I saw these shoes and immediately knew I wanted them. So I took the plunge and grabbed a fatpack of the Cowboy Loafers, as from experience, my boots tend to be alot more versatile with my clothing of choice than sneakers usually are. Now where to start with my descriptions about these amazing boots? Honestly, I have to say these boots are truly amazingly detailed, and the sculpted prim work by Viola and the textures are just as amazing as every other item I have purchased from Redgrave.
However, it wasn't just these boots that were new to the market. there is also the Elegance shoes, which as depicted in the promo picture above, have been designed to match to the Redgrave Elegance suit (one of my all time favorite SL suits). What is more amazing though, is the vast range of colours available, so you could quite easily buy the fatpacks and have shoes to fit a variety of different moods and styles, from classic elegance, to a more formal business look, to a simple casual look at depicted below.

Lastly, there is also a new sneaker release to coincide with the cowboy boots and Elegance shoes. these sneakers from Viola. As in every shoe release so far from Redgrave, the detail is as high as can be, and these new sneakers are no exception.
Once again available in a variety of colours, you will not be stuck for choice, and the bright eye catching colours will allow you to stand out in a crowd with ease, as that is what you all want to do at times in sl. I would have to say, that these are among the best shoe releases I have seen so far this year, and I am amazed at the quality of them once again. Anyone who complains about a lack of mens shoes should do themselves a favor and pick up one of these styles today.

Also Viola was kind enough to show me a teaser of one of her upcoming womens styles, and I must say, I can see alot of women returning to Redgrave to pickup some of these new soon to be released styles. I would also like to thank Viola for sending me some of the pics I have used in this blog.

All items featured available from REDGRAVE

Items featured include:


Hat goes with ETD Haircut "Charley"

Skin Emil 3 Tan

Sweater Black + Scarf

Jeans Dirty No. 1 "Blue" + Keychain

Elegance DARK BROWN:

Skin Emil 3 Tan

Sweater Messy Pink

Satin Pants Dark Grey

Satin Pants White

Satin Pants Sand

SWEATER Dark Brown Leather-Back *REDGRAVE*

Shirt CLUBBING Sequin -Black- *REDGRAVE*

Jeans Black *REDGRAVE*

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