Wednesday, October 15, 2008

StyleCard: Jape Stern & DeLa

Very picture heavy post, but I am so thrilled with these offerings from Kuranosuke Komachi of DeLa (and sub-label Jape Stern) that I wanted to show off as many items as I could. DeLa has really evolved into an amazing place for not only shoes but a home to fashionable clothing, sexy separates and accessories. (Click images to enlarge.)

The Boots featured are the latest in the Jape Stern line, the offshoot of DeLa designed to feature men's footwear primarily, that now includes these awesome Shuzzle Bow Boots. Of particular note is the ample satiny ribbon bow at the top of the tall lace up boots that is a funky contrast to the cobbler footed boots. Nice suedey textures and a great range of fall colors make these a great boot to own. They work so well with the outfits created by Kuranosuke that they are able to look fashion forward, but a pair could easily work well for more gothic, neko or lolita-ish looks.

The three outfits shown and most of the accessories are by DeLa. The black set is called Mirielle, a stomach baring set great for layering and mix and match, stocking and the amazing neck piece are included. Worn with a simple three bangle set from Armidi Gisaci. The navy blue look is comprised of a sleeveless jacket with neck bow and short pants, that utilize sculpted components to add some shape These are from the Nicole series, and all the accessories worn are from DeLa's great accessory line.

The final set is fun and sexy and comes with the great belt, which I have already worn with other outfits. The Daisy fur lined vest, shown in rich dark red, and the matching suede skirt. One person told me I looked like Santa's little helper in this, and maybe I do, but It does come in many amazing colors and I am a huge fan of red... so watch out Santa, here is one hot little helper! All hair is from ETD.

Look for these great fashions and more at DeLa!

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, ETD Hair, DeLa Clothing and Accessories, additional Accessories from Armidi, Boots by Jape Stern @ DeLa.

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