Monday, May 18, 2009

Feeling Some S@SS!

I'm going to gush for a moment, and it may be a totally selfish gush, but I'm gonna do it none the less. I was tipped by my favorite tipster about the shoes at S@SS, and I simply adore the shoes I picked up! Shown above is the Leather Bound in chocolate brown. My gush comes at the part that I put on these shoes, which have the prim feet feature, and didn't have to change a thing. They literally matched my skin from the get go! Now that doesn't happen often, and I'm not saying it will happen for everyone, but I think you can understand my starry eyes.  Take a look for yourself, there are some other adorable styles! I really think it was my lucky day, the lucky chair was on G right when I arrived too! YAY me! Visit S@SS InWorld

Other Stuff: Skin Belleza (Med Tone) Hair Truth and Dress from Detour.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A New Coquette

Kalnins is known for making top class specs and more recently stylish men's footwear, it was brought to my attention yesterday that they have just release their first women's shoe, so I made the trip and was pleasantly surprised by the Coquette Sandals. One of the greatest things you can offer your customer is customization, the scripted footwear (while not loved by everyone) allows you to match your outfit with seemingly limitless color options, the base, straps and buckles are all controlled by control menu, and the unique ability to make these shiny or flat... can extend the options a bit further.

Maris Kanto has created some beautiful looking footwear here. I adore the almost touchable leather and the way it appears to gather at the connection points. My only foible here, and my own fault for not reading the info, was that these are recommended for size 11 feet, if your shape is no mod you may be out of luck, but a quick edit appearance to resize the foot will allow you to enjoy a much better fit. Also notable is the price point, at 500L$ these are a great value, and Maris tells me that Kalnins Gold Card Members get them for only 250L$. I look forward to seeing more from Kalnins Women's Line soon!

Stop over to Kalnins and try a demo before you buy!

The Stuff; Rockberry Uma Skin, TRUTH Aradia Hair (No Flower), Savvy? Rouched Bustier, Artilleri Capri Pants, Linc Sinken Dress, Armidi Bangles, Ume Mode Feather Necklace.

White Nights

Feeling pretty in white last night and wearing the latest goodies from AOHARU WALK Luxury Line, the Long Python Gladiator Heels. We have seen more than a few gladiator boots recently, these python ones by Machang Pichot have a great look to them, and a nice fit which always impresses me. The foot was an easy color change and the realistic buckles and attractive shape make these a desirable look.

Visit AOHARU WALK for some of these.

Also wearing; Rockberry Uma Skin, FOAM Drifter Hair, LeeZu! Blouse and Corset Pants (with Ruffles), LoveSoul Prim Nails, Alyssa Bijou Bracelet.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Denim For Feet

I love the tipsters, those amazing readers who take the time to IM me when they find something fantastic on their travels. I don't always fall in love with the items that are suggested, but Leila Carroll was spot on with her recommendation about the recently released Denim High Heels at :sey. These super chunky platform heels have a familiar shape, but the texturing by risey Arai makes them a stand out. Not only are they roughed up with some well worn thread bare textures on the upper, the base is a hippy chique carved wood. I love the details, and as a bonus you get 2 color variations with each pack, show here in a teal and fuchsia, flipped both ways.

Be sure and check out the great color combos over at the :sey mansion!

Other stuff; Rockberry Uma Skin, Maitreya Amber Hair, :sey Retro 2 pc. Outfit w/ Scarf, G.L.A.M. Cuffed Denim Capris (may not be available), Acessories by UZURI and (luc).

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Who Needs A Vacation?

I do! I do! But if I start with my feet I might just get there, maybe. The new St. Tropez Heels from Redgrave are reminiscent of the slice of warm weather that I am craving at the moment, a beautiful striped leather sandal with playful lace-up details would definitely make the trip. Viola Leigh delivered the goods with some great color combinations of these nicely textured babies.

Have a closer look at Redgrave.

The stuff; Rockberry Skin, Maitreya Hair, Surf Couture Dress, Paper Couture Accessories.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Being Sneaky

A fun new release from the collaborative cobblers, Melanie Zhao and Lissa Maertens. The ZHAO Shoes Sk8rSneaks are a hot little unisex shoe with nice artwork and color combinations for almost anyone. The playful shape inspired me to take a fun little trip to the market, stopping to make a phone call along the way. Yes, the hair is blue, but the shoes made me do it, I swear. Look for multiple designs available on this shoe.

Stop over to ZHAO for the look see.

The Stuff; Rockberry Skin, ::69:: Hair, Luck Inc. Romper, COCO Tube Top, Armidi & Fresh Baked Goods Bracelets, Artilleri and UmeMode Necklaces, Love Soul Prim Nails with Ring, CreamShop Earrings, Fabulous Shopping Basket.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sugar and Spikes

A quick update for you on the latest from SLink footwear. Siddean Munro has 2 more great styles, created for 2 different kinds of girls... or maybe the same girl who likes to change up her style frequently.

The Hattie Sandals are a great moderate height heeled shoe with sweet straps that wrap the foot and ankle, an attractive sculpted flower ornament decorates the top of the foot. The Hattie Sandals come with texture change features for shoe color, nails, and toe rings.

For the girl who is serious about her stilettos comes the Spike Heel Stiletto, not only is the heel a significant spike on it's own, but the shoe is equiped with a dangerous set of metal spikes on the toe and the ankle strap. For the more timid, but still utterly sexy, the spikes can be removed with the click of a button on the convenient hud attachment that also allows for multiple other customizations. Look for a unique floating platform sole on this pair.

Visit SLink to see what's new.

The stuff; with Hattie - Rockberry Skin, Exile Hair, Kuso Dress, Encore Pearls, Caroline's Ring. with Spike Heels - Rockberry Skin, Magika Hair, Skin Flicks Dress, Sole Heart Key Necklace (tinted).

Monday, May 4, 2009

Must have been trying to wear my Mom's shoes...

I've corrected it since, but I wanted to point out that in my previous post of the Shiny Things Jane Wedges, I had on the wrong size shoe! That's one of the great options from Shiny Things, that you have 2 shoe sizes to choose from that fit your feet best, I just need to pay better attention! :) Visit Shiny Things Online and In World.

Good On Paper

Oh yes, Spring 2009 is here! With today's release of the hefty bouquet full of detailed gowns, pouf adorned dresses, and perfectly layered outfits, Paper Couture made sure to do it's usual magic. It is a Spring Collection complete with accessories, and oh hey, delicious shoes. I did my part for the SL 'Couture' industry and spent a nice chunk of linden loonies on these beautiful items.

The Pastel Blue Butterfly Pumps are decorated with, you guessed it, Butterflies that seem to be made of delicate enamel. A pretty soft blue that fades to white on a peachy tinted sole, the shoe features the Paper Couture signature on the insole and embroidered on a small label on the back of the left heel. Worn with these shoes is the Braided Rosette Tunic, Diamond & Rose Bouquet Ring, Deer Flower earrings and Climbing Ilkar Long Hair.

Red is irresistible in most cases, and the beautiful combination of quited leather and floral print would be more than enough to sell me on these Red Pattented & Floral Pumps, but the added touched of ornate beaded flowers and buttons make these unforgettable. The casual and classic Jasmine Vest Outfit is the perfect soft palate to make these shoes stand out, and the fantastic Glass Flower Necklace and Pearled Simplicity Earrings, and Forget Me Not Bun Hair add even more interest to this sweet look.

A must have pair of pumps for me are the Copper & Wood Flower lovelies, the generous wood heel give these such a warm feeling. I paired these antique rose and satin printed pretties with the Belladonna Mini Dress, exquisite Carnelian Set jewelry and Spring Multi-Stone Ring, which gave me my biggest smile of the shopping trip.

You will not want to miss a chance to take a closer look at these and many other beautiful new releases at Paper Couture, your Limo is Here.

Other stuff; Redgrave Sakura Skins. (Click on these images to view at full size.)