Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sugar and Spikes

A quick update for you on the latest from SLink footwear. Siddean Munro has 2 more great styles, created for 2 different kinds of girls... or maybe the same girl who likes to change up her style frequently.

The Hattie Sandals are a great moderate height heeled shoe with sweet straps that wrap the foot and ankle, an attractive sculpted flower ornament decorates the top of the foot. The Hattie Sandals come with texture change features for shoe color, nails, and toe rings.

For the girl who is serious about her stilettos comes the Spike Heel Stiletto, not only is the heel a significant spike on it's own, but the shoe is equiped with a dangerous set of metal spikes on the toe and the ankle strap. For the more timid, but still utterly sexy, the spikes can be removed with the click of a button on the convenient hud attachment that also allows for multiple other customizations. Look for a unique floating platform sole on this pair.

Visit SLink to see what's new.

The stuff; with Hattie - Rockberry Skin, Exile Hair, Kuso Dress, Encore Pearls, Caroline's Ring. with Spike Heels - Rockberry Skin, Magika Hair, Skin Flicks Dress, Sole Heart Key Necklace (tinted).

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