Monday, May 4, 2009

Good On Paper

Oh yes, Spring 2009 is here! With today's release of the hefty bouquet full of detailed gowns, pouf adorned dresses, and perfectly layered outfits, Paper Couture made sure to do it's usual magic. It is a Spring Collection complete with accessories, and oh hey, delicious shoes. I did my part for the SL 'Couture' industry and spent a nice chunk of linden loonies on these beautiful items.

The Pastel Blue Butterfly Pumps are decorated with, you guessed it, Butterflies that seem to be made of delicate enamel. A pretty soft blue that fades to white on a peachy tinted sole, the shoe features the Paper Couture signature on the insole and embroidered on a small label on the back of the left heel. Worn with these shoes is the Braided Rosette Tunic, Diamond & Rose Bouquet Ring, Deer Flower earrings and Climbing Ilkar Long Hair.

Red is irresistible in most cases, and the beautiful combination of quited leather and floral print would be more than enough to sell me on these Red Pattented & Floral Pumps, but the added touched of ornate beaded flowers and buttons make these unforgettable. The casual and classic Jasmine Vest Outfit is the perfect soft palate to make these shoes stand out, and the fantastic Glass Flower Necklace and Pearled Simplicity Earrings, and Forget Me Not Bun Hair add even more interest to this sweet look.

A must have pair of pumps for me are the Copper & Wood Flower lovelies, the generous wood heel give these such a warm feeling. I paired these antique rose and satin printed pretties with the Belladonna Mini Dress, exquisite Carnelian Set jewelry and Spring Multi-Stone Ring, which gave me my biggest smile of the shopping trip.

You will not want to miss a chance to take a closer look at these and many other beautiful new releases at Paper Couture, your Limo is Here.

Other stuff; Redgrave Sakura Skins. (Click on these images to view at full size.)

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