Saturday, June 27, 2009

edo Tone presents ~SL Top Girls Show~

I am honored to be participating in this very special show featuring some wonderful designers and fantastic models, please join us Today at NOON. (6/27/2009 12pm SLT)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Like a Nomad

Oh yes, a Fashion Nomad - the colorful label created and sold by Aleida Rhode. Recently Aleida stepped into the world of crafting shoes, she designed these cooperatively and has textured them with extreme care. The results are a small line of shoes created in an effort to provide cheery color matches to her clothing line.

I looked at two of the newly released styles and am fully impressed with the shoes, my only minor critique is that they seem a slightly generous fit, but I also noted that the Busia do not cut the ankles like some strapped styles can, and that is a really wonderful thing. Enjoy the Offerings from Fashion Nomads.

The Stuff;

Look 1

Shoes - Fashion Nomads Busia High Pumps, Cacao

Skin - Gala Phoenix, JUNE Sundust (Frex)

Hair - Maitreya, Piper 2

Skirt - Gbberish** Dorothy Pleated Skirt (Dandelion)

Top - Kookie Vintage Vest Top Brown

Scarf - Maitreya, Long Scarf Teal

Accessories - Mezzo Turqoise Flowers Bracelet, * Pretties by JB * Moxie Hues Brown Bangles

Look 2

Shoes - Fashion Nomads Kisikiwi Croco Pumps, Laranja

Skin - Gala Phoenix, JUNE Sundust (Frex)

Hair - Maitreya, Piper 2

Dress - SySy's Anais Orange-Yellow (Mini Skirt Version)

Accessories - M.R.M. Color Change Wood Bangles, EMJ Limited Edition Tree Frog Necklace

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Oh Angelina, Have You Seen Her?

If you have not yet seen the Angelina Boots from Tesla, you are in for a treat. These are the sexy calf hugging zippered boots that I long for in my first life, in an array of gorgeous colors and even a couple in sweet heart print, with yummy names like Blueberry Muffin and Cookies & Cream. Tesla does not disappoint with her texturing and detail, a beautifully shaped boot that is a single attachment, worn with an invisiprim foot attachment, for a smooth no break ankle, just perfect! My favorite pair by far are called Seductress - with perfectly red soles for a sexy kick. The Seductress version is only available if you go all out and buy the fatpack.

Colors are; Top Picture - Seductress, Middle Picture - Gold, Others below are L-R: Purple, Cookies & Cream, Chocolate, Burgundy, Blueberry Muffin, White, Teal, and Black.

The Stuff;

Boots - Tesla, Angelina Boots (10 Colors)

Skin - Gala Phoenix, JUNE Sundust (Frex)

Hair - Lamb, Bang Bang

Dresses - Beauty Avatar Couture, Audrey Dress (Red/Black) and Joy Dress (Gold)

Accessories - Armidi Bangles, Ivalde Neck Scarf from Outfit, ICON Bracelets.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

B&G Take 2

My second installment from BG Planer from B&G is the Selena shoe shown her in Rojo. As with the Melody shoes from BG these are strappy and sexy and have lots of options on the HUD to help you customize the look that you want!  Take a minute and check out B&G InWorld!

Other stuff: Skin: Belleza, Hair: Truth, Shirt: Truth Freebie, Pants: /NoLabel/

**Ok so I am having a major computer issue. Basically when I log into SL my whole monitor takes on a minor bleaching effect. This happens in all applications, not just SL, but only once I log into SL. As soon as I reboot the colors go back to normal in all my other applications. Basically the reason I'm writing all this is that when I am in SL, my avatar appears to have matching skin tones with my feet/shoes, but then when others see it, and when I myself see it after a reboot, I can clearly see it does not. 

In my original post of the B&G shoes the skin on my ankle and foot didn't match at all. I'd like to thank those of you who pointed it out to me and let me know what was going on, either directly or indirectly. Without those of you who are looking out for the integrity of SL blogging, I would of been totally clueless and thought nothing was wrong with my picture. (that is until I saw the blog before logging back into SL, then I might have noticed it). I like to take pretty pictures, and I like them to be accurate. I don't post-process other than cropping, and I like to think I can take a decent picture. So I do thank you very much. 

I'm concerned about this computer issue of mine, and who knows what I will do to solve it. I have a feeling my laptop monitor wants to die. Time will tell. I hope to keep on blogging, it is a love of mine, but we will see.  Until next time! ~Graci

How to Save Money for More Shoes!

Seemingly off topic, maybe, but really a whole bunch of fun. The residents of Costa Rica Sims have gotten together to have a huge Yard Sale - we are talking a full sim of home furnishings, odds and ends, and plenty of outdoor decor. It's well worth a look - and you might just save enough money on furniture to afford the hot new Stiletto Moody's coming out in the next few weeks. It's on until Friday June 12th @ Noon SLT.

Here is your Limo!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Fussy About Neferia

Time for my very own Ivalde tribute - but since this is a footwear blog I am showing off some of the sexy heels from Fussy, a small but fantastic little footwear boutique that had some great shoes and boots. I paired 2 styles with these Ivalde and L'Abel looks; first, the L'Abel Anceline Dress in White (available at Retrology) worn with Fussy Empire Stilettos in Silver and then my all time fave, the Stine Leopard Wiggle Dress which I like to pretend was named after me - but nope, Stine is, I am told, a rather popular girls name in Norway - but I am a lover of system skirts and Leopard print and have worn this dress many times in the last 2 years - shown here with First Date Stilettos in brown and snakeskin combination by Fussy.

My very first item of clothing from Ivalde was a peach coloured dress given to me by a friend named JojjE - long gone from SL - I remember thinking the dress was not really my style, but just a few weeks later, in March 2007, I managed to track down Ivalde's little shop and was so impressed by the things I saw. When Ketsy and I dreamed up PIN UPS Night Club and wanted to include some retro vendors on the premises Antonia Marat's Artilleri and Neferia Abel's Ivalde were top of the list.

Neferia Abel has been with PIN UPS & Retrology since the start, a most generous friend and dedicated creator, she was never too busy to chat about anything at all, and her enthusiasm and love of SL is still contagious. When news reached me that she had come to Retrology and pulled her shop, I was shocked and saddened. Jhuzen and I immediately began working to find a way to have her back - Retrology would just not be the same without her.

I contacted friend and talented builder Flix Saiman and asked for his help in creating a new shop for Nef, in Art Deco Style, and even on such short notice and less than a day to build, he created a beautiful home for Ivalde. We at Retrology are overjoyed to have been able to find a home for both Ivalde and Neferia's loyal staff while she is taking time away to get well.

Thank-you Nef for dressing us all so well in your many styles, and hurry back!

The Stuff;

Shoes - Fussy, Empire Stilettos and First Date Stilettos.

Skin - Gala Phoenix JUNE Sundust (Frex)

Hair - Analogue Dog, Lua and Monday.

Dresses - L'Abel and Ivalde (see above).

Accessories - Caroline's White Bauble Ring, UZURI Circle of Life Earrings and Necklace, Fleur Sash Belt Tan (tinted darker), (luc) Leopard Bangles.

Photos taken at NotSoBad Sim.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

StyleCard: Periquita Steps

Periquita has offered us another sweet and unique style, or two. The S-Steps and Q-Steps are funky chunky pumps crafted with the same wonderful sculptural quality and fabulous textures we are now used to from creator Erpla Prieto. They have an almost reptile skinned look but in a smooth and subtle way. Easy shoes to wear with casual looks, and definitely fun.

Beautiful and bright colors with just a hint of shine on the toe. Nicely shaped heels and I love the texturing of the sole.

The Q-Steps version features a cute little T-strap variation for an even sassier look. I went for monochromatic and paired mine with the latest from DCNY Clothing Co. the Beryl Dress, which is fun and flirty, and the Aradia Hair from TRUTH with its pretty color change flowers.

The Stuff;

Shoes - Periquita S-Steps, Black

Skin - Skin - Gala Phoenix JUNE Sundust (Frex)

Hair - Truth Aradia

Dress - DCNY Beryl Dress (includes Belt)

Necklace - Ume Mode, Color Change Beads

Friday, June 5, 2009

StyleCard: Digit Darkes Dolce Heel

Digit Darkes released another pair of foot-in-shoe pretties this week. The Dolce Heels come equipped with more changeable features than I have seen before on a shoe. A very decorative and gem accented shoe that makes matching with the bright wonderful Summer fashions a breeze. You have options for sole, leather upper, flower texture and shade, gem color, nail shades and a completely tintable base palate that makes these really special.

As with her previously reviewed Desire and Lotus Heels these shoes are certainly well made, my bone to pick remains the unbecoming dark shading one the sides of the ankle and foot that make skin matching a daunting pursuit - I was able to match the front of the foot and toes quite easily, but the side shadows remain fairly obvious.

Baiastice is a favorite for beautiful dresses, and the newly released Cotton Stripes Dress is gorgeous with it's burst of summery color. I am also a big fan of the Donnarama Gloss Skins and the beautiful creamy textures and stunning make-ups, worn here. Shopping details below.

The Stuff;

Shoes - Digit Darkes Dolce Heels Custom

Skin - Baiastice Donnarama GLOSS Sunkiss

Hair - Armidi Super Pony

Dress - Baiastice Cotton Stripes Dress - Orange

Earrings - Heureux papillon DEKO Pierce - Gold

Bracelet - Yummy Found Hearts Bracelet - Tinted
Necklace - Ume Mode Crown Pendant (Color Change)

The Sexy Spangle

COCO knocked my socks off with it's latest release, the Spangles Stiletto Heel. This sexy new shoe features a sculpted foot and toes on a sexy high leather sole with spangled toe strap, banded elastic ankle wraps, and my favorite detail, a laced up back. The Spangle Stilettos come in 3 variations - gold, silver and black toe straps - black is shown here. But at 300L$ per pair you could afford to make more than one choice.

On the plus side there is only one shoe attachment point here, making these a viable option if you like wearing a cuffed capri and don't want to give up your cuffs. Shoes are not resizable, but they come in 2 sizes and I strongly recommend you try the demo to make sure you will be happy with the fit. Color change is not difficult, it uses the same RGB and brightness button adjustments as we have seen before - but - each shoe is controlled separately, meaning it is possible that you can end up with feet of slightly different shades, or take notes of your clicks so you can duplicate on to the other.

I went for more dark and sexy with the newly released Galizie dress from The Plastik, it's cut outs and leg garter seemed to compliment the shoes well. Hair is sexy, mussed and shorter - another great style from DETOUR. Shopping Details Listed Below.

The Stuff;

Shoes - COCO Spangles Stiletto Heels - Black

Skin - Gala Phoenix JUNE Sundust (Frex)

Hair - DETOUR Flux - Brown Mix

Dress - The Plastik - Galizie Dress, Hearts

Accessories - LeLutka - Grace Earrings & Pendant (Group Gift)

StyleCard: Sweetest Goodbye Yozo Boots

More fun and fierce from Sweetest Good-bye, these Yozo Boots are knee height with a folded over top and bungee style laces that hold together a whole bunch of leather and sporty looking mesh. The type of boot that can be worn with a daring leather mini or casually to march about town for a bit of shopping and a latte break. Get out there!

The Stuff;

Boots - Sweetest Good-bye Yozo Boots - White

Skin - Gala Phoenix JUNE Sundust (Frex)

Hair - Junwave Shell Snail

Tank - Tangy Horla Shirt

Shorts - :sey check pants & hip bag - white

Choker - Bare Rose - Kala Choker (Kala Outfit)

Earrings - Creamshop Glam Earrings Black

Prim Nails - Love Soul Retro Girl Grey

StyleCard: J's Toe Belt Platforms

J's keeps on creating Sandals worth coveting. The Belt Platform Sandals are beautifully shaped and detailed, and equipped with a fairly easy to use skin coloring system, and the usual nail options. The substantial leather straps and buckles are perfect to make this sandal an essential casual. Great color and style like this are well worth the visit to J's Main Store.

The Stuff;

Shoes - J's Toe Belt Platforms

Skin - Rockberry Uma

Hair - Truth Linda

Outfit - Beauty Avatar Couture - NINA Blue Dress
(Includes Necklace & Gloves)

Tights - Armidi Limited - Metallic Tights White

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Oh, what pretty feet I have! Here on my toes are the Melody women's shoes in camel by BG Planer of B&G shoes! Pretty flowers adorn these strappy stilettos, which happen to pack a pretty fierce heel height! Coming with  the shoes are an easy to use hud with options on sizing, toe color, and of course skin color. These were fairly easy for me to tone match with my skin. There are a lot of great looking shoes over at B&G, and some boots that I have my greedy little eyes on as well. So go take a minute to visit B&G InWorld!

Other Items: Hair by Truth, Dress & Necklace by Scarlett Niven and Skin by Symphony Skin.


So if you checked out the premier edition of SXY2ND you would have saw some pretty sexy swimsuits. In a promotion in conjunction with the premier, Magnolia Mayo of Crochet put out a freebie SUPER cute bikini. Now before I get ahead of myself, the outfit in the picture is *not* that bikini, but it is from Crochet. When I went over to grab my free sexy swimwear I noticed the cute Anabela shoes and then the also quite as cute sunshine summer bikini top and shorts. The best is that the shoes were only 80L, as was the outfit!  Now it was kinda a shock to my system looking at my feet in these shoes. Mostly, because I've become spoiled wearing sculptie feet and conveniently forgot about those avatar feet hidden under my smoke and mirrors, but these are a cute pair of shoes that works perfect for summer. At a fab price as well! Take a look for yourself. Visit Crochet Inworld. While you are there, pick up a copy of SXY2ND if you haven't yet! :)