Monday, August 31, 2009

StyleCard: Nardcotix

Red shoes are my weakness. Sexy, high heeled, strappy, satiny and embellished - who can deny the appeal of a great looking shoe in a color that yells 'look at me'? Nardya Rousselot is clearly a woman after my own heart, she recently sent me a collection of her brand new footwear in a yummy shade of crimson. The Nardcotix name is known for great couture style evening wear and funky fashions, the shoe collection compliments it perfectly. The outfit NX Rose -Crimson- is a Starlight Exclusive created by Nardya for this very special boutique, you can only find it here.

More blogging soon, thanks for hanging in there with me :)

Shoes available at Nardcotix. Outfit available at Starlight Exclusives.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

StyleCard: Sunday Three-way

So many great new items for me to blog, so little time. I decided to put together three new StyleCards to share as many new looks with you as possible. Fantastic new ankle boots from J's that are actually 2 boots in one. The new boots come with a taller buckled version and a 'pants friendly' version that only uses the foot attach point. Great color selection on these.

Sweet as honey 'Janes' from relative newcomer Miel add a kick of fun color to your wardrobe. One of a few adorable styles from Miel, which is also home to some great clothing, these allow for complete customizing with a simple touch drop down menu that allows for resizing too. These have a fun all in one sculpted wedge shape and subtle texturing.

Last but not least, new to me Evoke shows us some well sculpted slingbacks and cements themselves as 'ones to watch' in the shoe game. These have a sassy retro feel and really beautiful smooth shape, due to advanced sculpt creating techniques, one of many attractive styles available from this new kid on the block. Well worth a visit.

Happy Sunday!

The Stuff;

Look 1

Shoes - J's - Ankle Boots Round - Dark Brown

Skin - Redgrave - Leona Tan - Smokey/Hairbase

Hair - - Eloise - Thoughtful Brown

Outfit - So Many Styles {SMS} - Simple Pants (Lila) & Striped Top (Brown)

Accessories - MEZZO Double Bangle (Violet), Burroughs iMix3 Cupcake Necklace.

Look 2

Shoes - MIEL - Flor Jane (Bright) - Color Change

Skin - Redgrave - Sakura Pale - Brown

Hair - TRUTH - Amanda - Cocoa

Outfit - {SMS} Loose Patern Shirt (Red), MichaMi - Shorts - Coffee

Accessories - UZURI Cheri Earrings, U&R Dogs Sweet Wrappings Bracelet

Look 3

Shoes - Evoke - Ribbon Slingbacks - Black Leather/Black

Skin - Gala - JUNE Sundust Frex - Swan 2

Hair - !lamb - Bang Bang - Kit Kat

Outfit - LeLutka - ONTIBILE Dress - Black, Bijou - Bra Top (Plain) from Fragment Set

Accessories - U&R Dogs Novellete Bracelets & Ring, Diamonde Gun Metal/Onyx Drop Earrings

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Friday, August 14, 2009

StyleCard: Kalnins Conqueror

Okay people, slow it down a sec... there is such thing as too much of a good thing, I think. All kidding aside it has been a whirlwind of fantastic shoe releases the past couple of days, and I am happy to announce Kalnins Shoes has thrown it's hat into the ring with it's latest, the Conqueror heels.

As with it's previous releases, the Kalnins shoe is amazingly well made and priced, with the ability to color change and customize to match almost any look you can imagine the versatility of this fun looking heeled sandal. I love the metal rivets on the criss-crossing straps and the open ankle/avatar join point which is practically seamless when worn. Another hot shoe!

Visit Kalnins for this one.

The Stuff;

Shoes -
Kalnins Footwear - Conqueror

Skin - Redgrave, Leona Tan - Smokey

Hair - Pocket Mirrors, Hikaru Updo - Brown

Dress - Donna Flora, ESTER (Mini Skirt)

Accessories - Necklace & Earrings by Paper Couture, Nails (w/ Ring) from LoveSoul.

(click on images to expand)

The New Gold Standard

It is with much delight that I can finally present a new shoe from Maitreya's Onyx LeShelle and Beauvoir Rousselot, I has been far too long. The brand new Maitreya Gold Footwear Collection launched yesterday with three spectacular foot-in-shoe styles. The new shoes are as beautiful as one would expect from Maitreya, and the foot is hands down the most realistic I have seen, lifelike skin texture - easily matched to a list of popular skins or custom matched by hand from hue, saturation and lightness quotients. Another lovely feature are the nail polish options that go beyond the basic color selections to actually include multiple natural nails.

The shoes are available in single color options or bundles of shades if you can't settle on just one. The Shanti shoes (shown above in nude) are beautifully textured and feature wrapped and wrinkled ties that are absolutely gorgeous, all balanced on a stacked wood heel. The shoes are available to demo which is a very customer friendly touch, especially for shoes of this quality and price, it is important to be able to see what you are paying for.

Please visit Maitreya Gold to fully appreciate these fabulous shoes.

The Stuff;

Shoes -
Maitreya Gold, Shanti - Nude

Dress - Donna Flora, CRISTINA - gold

Skin - Gala Phoenix, June Sundust, Frex/Dark - Doe 1

Hair - Analogue Dog, Gamma

Accessories - Styles of Edo, Chocolate Pearls & LoveSoul Nails.

(click on image to expand)

StyleCard: TESLA Klaks Clogs

Woohoo! More freedom from 'feet', and you just know I love anything that Tesla Miles makes. The new Klaks Clog from TESLA is packed with summer goodness! In 8 colors, with fantastic texture and detail, these clogs are a great addition to your SL shoe collection. Tesla herself calls these the FUN Lifestyle Shoe... and who wouldn't want that?

Get thee to TESLA for a piece o' the FUN!

The Stuff;

Hoodie - Acid & Mala Creations, Hoodie Top - Cyan

Short Jeans - COCO, Knee Length Denim - Dark Blue

Shoes -
TESLA, Klaks Clog - Teal

Skin - Redgrave, Leona Tan - Burgundy

Hair - Dernier Cri, Jenelle II - Brown Shades

Nails - Candy Nail, #P021 Allure Butterfly - Blue

Thursday, August 13, 2009

StyleCard: Pick Your Poison

I love a good collaboration! So much negativity around lately with creators hurling accusations and dmca allegations at one another, it is nice to find a pair that have combined their creative talents to produce something truly special. Squinternet Larnia, Donna Flora, has garnered some great attention lately for her spectacular dresses and collectible jewelry, at least I seem to be collecting a ton of it. She wanted to take her jeweled creations and make them into footwear fabulousness, and it seems she found the perfect partner to embark on this project with.

Erpla Prieto, Periquita Shoes, has been making her wonderful and quirky sculpted shoe-ness for a while now. It seems to me that this was a match made in fashion heaven, and the four styles created by this pair do not disappoint. The Bella Donna Poison shoes are jewelry for the feet, with amazing detail and elegant style.

These foot-in-shoe dazzlers come with a HUD that naturally allows you to custom match your skin tone and select toenail polish color. Though using the custom color selector for your skin tone is simple enough to figure out, matching your tone can be a bit tricky and might take a few minutes using a color palate window and light/dark slider bar, but you can lock in your matches with a save feature that is very handy. The Bella Donna Poison #4 style comes with the added bonus of color change panels on the toe to match your Donna Flora (or any) wardrobe perfectly.

Be sure and look for these at the at Donna Flora, Periquita and the Bella Donna store.

The Stuff;

All Clothing & Accessories -
Donna Flora

Shoes - Bella Donna Poison #1 - #4 at Donna Flora, Periquita and Bella Donna.

Skin - Rockberry, Uma (Natural)

Hair - TRUTH

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Danke Schoen: John Hughes Tribute

Achariya Maktoum threw out a blogger challenge in Memory of John Hughes, and it was incredibly difficult not to respond. While I have seen some great responses to her challenge, many of them are a bit too 'pink' for me, as my favorite John Hughes flick included absolutely no Molly Ringwald.

Ed Rooney: Between grief and nothing... I'll take grief.
Sloane: Great.

The 1986 film Ferris Bueller's Day Off, written, directed and produced by Hughes, has always been a favorite, and I for one wished I could be as stunning as Mia Sara's Sloane Peterson, an amazingly pulled together high school student with the most popular boyfriend and the great leather jacket. The casting was quirky, funny and perfect, and it made us all wish we were as clever as Ferris at skipping school.

Sloane: What are we going to do?
Ferris: The question isn't "what are we going to do," the question is "what aren't we going to do?"
Cameron: Please don't say were not going to take the car home. Please don't say were not going to take the car home. Please don't say were not going to take the car home.
Ferris: [to the camera] If you had access to a car like this, would you take it back right away? [beat]
Ferris: Neither would I.

I offer you my best Sloane Peterson.

The Stuff;

Boots - J's - Fringe Cowgirl Boots, White

Outfit - Ce Cubic effect - Short leather, Bright Grey, DeLa - High waist shorts "Uva", Gray, /artilleri/ - zee tank tops, blue, Detour - Belly Tank Top, Print 1.

Skin - Redgrave, Leona - Burgundy (hair)

Hair - Maitreya - Dylan, Chocolate

Accessories - Muse - Classic Tank Watch in Caramel/Gold Women's (dark face), Chloe - Time Necklace (chest), Gold, Love Soul - Prim nail,Clear F-Natural, Armidi Limited - Wide Rise WR001 Shades, Black, Shiny Things - Favorite Leather Bag, brown.

Friday, August 7, 2009

StyleCard: TGIF

Back to basics, and why the heck not? The all new, yet incredibly adept, team at opened their doors to group members yesterday afternoon, among the offerings were some nice basic footwear styles. I am always a supporter of content creators who create thorough and well thought out lines, including the color matching footwear, as was done here.

Made under the avatar name Jolie Monday, these basic shoes include a pump and a flat. The shoes are well made, well textured and as I mentioned, offered in a nice range of colors that match the casual separates available at

If you are looking for great basics look at

The Stuff;

Look 1:

Shoes - Basic Pumps - Brown,

Outfit - Designer Jeans - Light, Knot Tank - Tan, Military Jacket - Light Denim, all by

Skin - June Sundust Frex - Doe 1, Gala Phoenix

Hair - Deena - Scornful Red,

Accessories - Irregular Wood Necklace & Bangle, Sole

Look 2:

Shoes - Basic Flates - Ash ( Group Gift),

Outfit - Safari Shorts - Cream, Striped Vneck - Seafoam, all (Group Gifts) by

Skin - June Sundust Frex - Pure 2, Gala Phoenix

Hair - Cassie - Moody Brown (Group Gift),

Accessories - Alice Earrings Necklace & Bangle, U & R Dogs

(click on images to expand.)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Shoe Fair?

Sorry folks, this is not going to be a very favorable blog post. I am not actually reviewing any footwear, I am reviewing the Shoe Fair that is going on from today until Sunday at the Monogram Virtua Convention Centre.

I had actually not even heard about this Shoe Fair until a couple days ago when someone asked about it in a fashion blogger group. I was a bit surprised that it had escaped my notice, I do speak with a number of shoe designers fairly often, and I recalled how prior to the last footwear expo a few of them sent me sneak peeks and let me know that I could expect some new items to be shown. Not the case here.

Though the flyers allude to 30 footwear designers, I saw no evidence of that number and plenty of empty stalls. I also saw very little, if any, new footwear offered. Although a few well known designers are represented, such as Fussy, ZHAO, and Enkythings - many of the designs I saw have been available for months, while other vendors seemed to be stuck in a bizarre time warp... platform blinging stripper shoes, anyone?

Holding an event as auspicious as a Shoe Fair is certainly a huge amount of work to pull off, and I give the organizers props for the attempt, they do have a nice line-up of entertainment and a runway show planned. I just didn't feel that it was all that it might have been, and in the end that was the major disappointment.

If you are interested in checking out the fair, or would like to see the line-up of entertainment planned, you can visit the convention center here.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Anessa on ANEXX

AOHARU Walk/Luxury Line has been reborn as ANEXX Luxury Footwear. Machang Pichot whose styles have been very well received, has seen her shoe line grow in leaps and bounds, the latest step is into a whole new brand name. When ANEXX launches later this week it will boast 5 unique new styles; pumps, peep toes, embellished and knee high gladiator heels and a sexy back zip boot. The details range from opulent to sweet, with fringe (that moves!) and bows, gems and 'A' charms, and textures that have the look of satin or softened leather.

For my sneak peak at the ANEXX collection I decided to try and not completely blow my bank account on new outfits and instead try some mix and match with my favorite Bijou looks, new and old. I hope you enjoy this little preview of the new styles, and pay Machang a visit when ANEXX opens it's doors.

The Stuff;
All Footwear by ANEXX (opening soon!), All Skins by Rockberry, All Clothing (& mixed outfits) from Bijou.

Additional Items; Ribbon Belt Pumps (Green Card) - Bishwear Hair, Zaara Earrings, LoveSoul Prim Nails. Fringe Pumps (Purple Card) - Mikan Hair (tinted), Paper Couture Accessories. Bijou Gladiators (Orange Card) - FOAM Hair, Zaara Earrings and Bracelets, Kitties Lair Belt. Leather Gladiators (Blue Card) - VintageWear Hair, Donna Flora Necklace, Fresh Baked Goods Gem Bangle, ICON Bangle. Zip Up Boots (Red Card) - DejaVu Hair, Armidi Accessories.

(Click on images to expand.)

StyleCard: Kookie Yuki Supreme

Too much fun from Kookie this week! Once again, the quirky and cool Yuki Supreme Heels deliver fun and funky and in this case a reason to keep your socks on. The Yuki shoes come in two variations, with the aforementioned lace trimmed cotton socks and without. I love them both ways.

The Socks are color changeable from a HUD and the shoes themselves are size scripted if need be. A cute look that bridges the gap between the prim feet shoes of recent days and ones that do not require any skin matching skills whatsoever. Skin matching is a breeze for most of us with any experience with the color palate in build mode, the skin color ball can also be replicated and renamed so you can save multiple versions to match your various skin tones.

Clothing featured is from the very delicious Miel, a relative newcomer that has impressed me with its muted color palate and really great sense of style.

The Stuff;

Look 1:

Shoes - Yuki Supreme Socks - Ink Black, Kookie

Outfit - Bo Lace Back Top - Ebony & Ro Plaid Shorts - Ebony, Miel

Skin - June Sundust Frex - Pure 2, Gala Phoenix

Hair - Halo - Choco, Glitter Hair.

Accessories - Diamond Star Earrings - Silver, Kitties Lair, & S-DOUBLE BANGLE AMEACRYL - silvergray, Mezzo & Baiastice Silver Bangles.

Look 2:

Shoes - Yuki Supreme Socks - Ink Black, Kookie

Outfit - Bo Lace Back Top - Ebony & Ro Plaid Shorts - Ebony, Miel

Skin - June Sundust Frex - Pure 2, Gala Phoenix

Hair - Hair Fair 1, WAKA & yuki.

Accessories - Anaya Onyx Earrings - Zaara, M.R.M. Triple Wood Bangles, S-DOUBLE BANGLE AMEACRYL - silvergray, Mezzo.

(click on images to expand.)

Monday, August 3, 2009

StyleCard: Adam n Eve Tia Boots

More Summer Boots! These hot looking boots from Adam n Eve can transcend the conventional Fall and Winter pairings when worn with a more boho casual style. The sensuous high heel and ample fitting zipped leg with suede texture, make for another sexy style from creator Damon Gorilla.

Summer Casuals and Denims are effortless and fun, here the Jean Shorts, Sarong Top and Belt (borrowed from Maitreya Boyfriend Jeans) are playful and comfy. Accessories like the new Sarayi Painted Hoops from Zaara, and other hits of hot color round out my StyleCard.

The Stuff;

Boots - Tia Boots - Crimson, Adam n Eve Footwear

Outfit - Jean Shorts - Sunbleached, Sarong Top - Dark Cherry, BF Jeans Belt, Maitreya

Skin - June Sundust Frex - Pure 2, Gala Phoenix

Hair - Madeline - Brown, Dernier Cri.

Accessories - Sarayi Painted Hoops - Zaara, M.R.M. Earth Stone Turquiose Bracelet & Triple Wood Bangles .

(click on image to expand.)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

StyleCard: Atomic Amour Heels

Sometimes I just cannot resist a hint of Gothic Lolita, and on a trip to Atomic I stumbled upon what are seemingly simple decorated black heels, worn with the right dress they become a perfect compliment to this more theatrical fashion diversion. Which came first, the dress or the shoes? In this case it was the dress, but occasionally you get lucky and find the perfect shoe after the fact, as was the case here. The Amour Heels by Atomic Footwear are a great rounded toe chunky heel with wonderful texturing and great attention to prim extras. A touch of lace around the foot opening, and the bead and bow decoration on the ankle add a ton of personality to these pumps.

The EXIA Gothic Dress is a find on it's own, I can barely remember finding it, the poofy ballerina skirt and leather buttoned corset with lace accent, are just one wearing option for the set, which comes with stockings, prim bow garters and sleeves. Simplifying the look makes it less costumey and more mainstream in my opinion. Some stunning jewelry from Donna Flora and a bright red lip compliment the sculptural hair from JE*REPUBLIC, to complete my StyleCard.

The Stuff;

Shoes - Amour Heels - Black, ATOMIC Footwear

Dress - Gothic Dress - Black, EXIA

Skin - June Sundust Frex - Swan 2, Gala Phoenix

Hair - Garam Smoky, JE*REPUBLIC

Accessories - Venus Ruby Set, Donna Flora & Basic Prim Nails - Red 05, Candy Nail.

(click on image to expand.)

Saturday, August 1, 2009

StyleCard: Rebel Hope Milan Boots

Sure it's Summer, but what the heck... let's wear us some boots!

Rebel Hope Designs released some really nice ones recently, the Milan Suede Scrunch Boots. The boots come in a great range of hot and neutral shades, and they have a nice look and easy fit. My favorite little detail is the dangling heart charms on the ankle, very sweet. Inspired to take mine out dancing, I threw on the Selfish Dress from Bijou, in a monochromatic Python print. Simple black accessories like the wrist band from ETD and the Boho Leather Necklace from (luc) play an understated role next to a mane of wild curls from Analogue Dog.

Visit Rebel Hope Designs to take a look at these sweet boots!

The Stuff;

Shoes - Milan Boots - Black, Rebel Hope Designs

Dress - Selfish Innner Python, Bijou

Skin - June Sundust Frex - Doe 1, Gala Phoenix

Hair - Lua - Cinnamon (no bright, tinted), Analogue Dog

Accessories - Leather Ring Wristband, ETD & Boho Necklace Black (Earthtones), (luc).

(click on image to expand.)