Monday, February 14, 2011

This Is Love.

I believe in love. No matter how many times love chews you up and spits you out, I firmly believe that there is someone out there for everyone... maybe more than one, or in Second Life... at least a clean half dozen in the average SLifespan. So what does one do when they are faced with the possibility of Valentine's Day alone, or lonely, or both? You go back to what you love, and for me that is blogging shoes, and great fashion and beautiful skins. One of my first loves in SL were the Linda skins from PXL, and Mr. Hart Larsson, that talented and very charming fellow has won me over again with the stunning PXL Linda G3. There is something to be said about a man that can make a woman feel beautiful, and my first gift to myself today was this beautiful skin.

I also love rediscovering old favorite stores, and things that have been sitting in my 'to wear' folder for months and months. This past weekend I happened upon a small shop named CentoPallini, it was new to me and I instantly loved the Valentino Hat, which looks to be molded from dark chocolate and is festooned with bows, gems, more chocolate in a heart shaped box, and cupids arrow skewering the whole works. Easy peasy, gift number two for myself is settled upon. I dug the rest of my outfit out of my many folders of clothing, with a beautiful Veschi Jacket, Maitreya Bodysuit and accessories from Donna Flora. But you know me, and my outfit is never complete without something 'on my toes'.

It was really very hard for me to find something newish to blog, as I have been away for a little while and missed some great things, and it seems that there haven't been many new releases this week (I suspect most of my favorites are gearing up for the next Shoe Fair... more on that soon.) So I started TPing around for some inspiration... I found them at SLink, and yes they have been out for a while, but they are completely gorgeous and I never managed to grab a pair before today, gift number three for me, the beautiful Paloma Pointe Ballet Slippers. Now it seems I am ready to dance my way into the next unsuspecting heart, and I didn't have to wear loads of pink or bright red to do it.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone, treat yourself to something special today!

The Stuff;
Footwear - SLink, Paloma Pointe Ballet Slippers (Red).

Skin - [PXL] Linda G3 Tan, Red Lips & Full Body Freckles.
Hair - LeLutka Eclat Hair_02/dark (Suntan).
Eyes - [PXL] Eyes Glow - GreyGold (Medium).

Hat - CentoPallini, Valentino Hat.
Jacket - Veschi (could not find current SLurl), No Strings Attached, Dark Brown (Strings set to Red.)
Bodysuit - Maitreya, Bodysuit de la Ruche - SilverBlue
Accessories - Donna Flora, Linda Earrings, Lucia Ring (Right Hand), Rose Ring (Left Hand).

Poses - Everglow.