Saturday, May 31, 2008

Claudia & Roxy

Siddean Munro's footwear line took a nice leap forward this past week with the release of two new styles, the Claudia Ballet Flats and the Roxy Mules. SLink is busily establishing itself as a place where you can find not only shoes, but clothing and skins as well - all seemingly executed with great care and attention to detail.

The Claudia Ballet Flats are a nicely pointed variation of this ever popular inventory item, a healthy sized sculpted bow adorns the toe... and we all know how I feel about my bows! There are a wide range of colour options and combinations available, here are just a sampling of some of my favorites.

These Roxy Mules are a fun style, and I really love what Siddean has done here - allowing for a nice assortment of animal print, textile and solid options. They have a nice height and attractive shape, also, some great texturing to achieve a wrinkled look on the upper. Shown below are only a few of the designs available. Another winner in my book.

Be sure and add SLink to your weekend shopping trip.

Also wearing; with Claudia - Minnu Skin, Dernier Cri Hair, Artilleri Dress, Usagui Hair Flower, DECO Jewelry Necklace, Fresh Baked Goods & Calla Bracelets. with Roxy - PXL Skin, Dernier Cri Hair & Complete Outfit, DECO Jewelry Necklace. Flowers by Mej & Mau's.

Friday, May 30, 2008

New Jeepers Creepers shoes!!

Well it is not everyday that my favorite shoemaker decides to release some new shoes so when he does you can be sure I have to check them out. There were 2 new releases, the Toltec and the Sebastian. The ones featured in this blog though are the Toltec. So anyway, while trying to help Mui find the best 25 dresses in SL the other day we ended up going to see Raven Pennyfeather from house of Rfyre, and Raven told me about these shoes and how she planned on making an outfit inspired by them. So I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of the outfit and I must say that the Castaneda costume from House of Rfyre accompanys the Jeepers Toltec release perfectly.
I have to be honest and say that I love the way that these designers of the highest order are inspired by each other and make such wonderful things for us all to wear. The texturing in this release by Eponymous continues to be work of the highest order, as we have come to expect from all Jeepers Creepers releases. As you can see from the pictures, these shoes are a solid loafer style shoe that give an assertion of elegance and class.
One thing I like about the Jeepers Creepers shoe range is that each new release is so different to the last yet they are all such high quality. And the fact that some of the releases are more obscure only adds to their appeal in my mind. You know that if you want to stand out in the crowd and not adhere to the mainstream then these are the shoes for you, as they allow you to differentiate yourself as well as any item of clothing that I have seen.
The Castaneda costume from the House Of Rfyre has first rate highly detailed texturing as does every outfit I have ever worn or seen from Raven. The House of Rfyre is renowned amongst the SL community for having some of the best texturing ever seen, and this is for good reason. Everytime I have tried on an outfit from Raven I have spent a long time just camming around admiring the detail with which she applys to all her creations. Every piece is truly a work of art, but I must say another thing, the options with which she provides are one of the most appealing things in my mind.

The Castaneda outfits come with the option of a prim jacket and belt or just a prim belt and pocketwatch. Personally I prefer the jackettails as I love to watch my clothing move around in SL. There is also options of a collared jacket, non collared jacket, and vest in the jacket layers. The jackets have sculpted prim sleeves that refine the outfit further, and there is a prim collar to top it off.

There is also 2 different coloured shirts in the Earth coloured pack, whereas the Noir colour has 4 different coloured shirts so there is plenty of variety to be had.
Clothing featured in this post includes

House of Rfyre:

RFYRE Castaneda Earth
RFYRE Castaneda Noir

Jeepers Creepers:

Toltec: Black/Red
Toltec: Brown/Lizard


Cheesy title, hawt shoes... 'tis the way of the world my friends. And where have I been lately? Waiting for some shoe-tastic thing to show y'all. I won't be the first or the last blogger to tell you just how fantastic these Racers from FNKY are, but I might just be the only one who can actually claim boyfriend abuse in the process. That's just how I roll.

I managed to get Caelen Mata to agree to help me with this post, guy can't even go on vacation without me finding ways to make him work. Being the awesome professional that he is, he was actually more than happy to go along with the plan especially after seeing the shoes in question. The unisex Racer Sneakers come in 12 colors, 2 sizes in each box - customizable further by touch - and 2 laces options... tied and without the knot thingy which would be preferable if they are showing through your cuffs.

They are sexy and stylish, and a nice sneaker that manages to escape the grunge of so many out there at the moment... they can easily crossover to more upscale casual with the right outfit. Creator Funk Schnook manages to amaze my toes once again, and his pricing is bang on at 500 LaLas a pair, and all 12 pairs for only 2000 LaLas...who's complaining?

Go be gettin' yourself some of these soon @ FNKY!
Also wearing;
Picture 1 - Anessa, PXL Skin, Dernier Cri Hair, Maitreya Tank, G.L.A.M. Shorts and Bracelet by Fresh Baked Goods. On Caelen, Damiani Skin, Dernier Cri Hair, B-Side Couture Shirt, Redgrave Jeans, Alphamale Cuff.

Picture 2 - Anessa, PXL Skin, Dernier Cri Hair, Surf Couture Polo, Armidi Leggings and Bracelet by Fresh Baked Goods. On Caelen, Damiani Skin, Dernier Cri Hair, B-Side Couture Shirt, Emery Shorts.

All poses by [LAP]. Shot at Killing Moon Records, Retrology Sim.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Lining the Sky

Have you seen them? I mean have you really looked close? If not you must run, not walk to see the newest by Fallingwater Cellardoor of Shiny Things. The Skyliners are not just a cute shoe, but a piece of art, with mini skyscrapers adorning the top. As always, the shoe itself is the quality that we come to expect from Shiny Things, just with a twist. Visit Shiny Things Inworld and Online.

Other Stuff: Hair by Magika, Skin by Lion Skins, Dress by Sy Designs

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Undeniably LeeZu

I was tipped off in the wee hours of the morning by fellow model and friend Francesca Balogh, a LeeZu Baxter Designs employee, that she had awoken to some of the most fabulous shoes created by LeeZu Baxter herself... and asked if I had seen them. Well I had not, but after receiving some 16 pairs and a demo pair from LeeZu just a short while later, I can tell you that I am sure glad I have now.

The Klara Stilettos are really true to LeeZu's style with a uniquely organic feel, textures that give the effect of painterly brush strokes and spectacular sculpted ornamentation. The shoes can be worn with or without a leg attachment that combines soft transparent shapes, beads and a delicate bow it comes in 3 sizes for accurate fitting. They look great either way, and with 16 colors on offer I am confident you will fall in love with one or all of them!

Top image I am wearing the babypink, also above are; yellow, red, darkblue, brown, champagnegold, turquoise, black and pink . Look for these, and try a demo at LBD's home sim, 'To the Nines'.

Also wearing; PXL Skin, Laqroki Hair, Dress by Elate!, Gloves by TaP (now Fleur), Earrings by Paper Couture, Necklace by +plus, Bracelets by Fresh Baked Goods. Poses by [LAP]. Shot at Chouchou.

Friday, May 23, 2008

She's So Unusual...and Cute too!

Rowan Carroll from She's So Unusual makes unusual shoes...hence the name. She also makes cute shoes! Case in point is her newest creations...the Crystal Clear Pumps the Back Bow Pumps. Check out Rowan's web site if you want to take a gander at all the fun new shoes, there are a LOT! All cute and full of whimsy! Visit SSUS Online and Inworld.

Other Stuff: Back Bow photo: dress by Redgrave, hair by Magika, skin by Abyss. Crystal Clear photo: Dress by *DG* Innovations, Hair by DeJaVu, skin by Abyss

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Beary Cute Sneaks

Ran into these Poo Bear CHUX the other night while shopping and just couldn't resist sharing them with you all. High-tops are all over the grid right now, and the amazing ones by Coke Dreadlow's UBU have garnered some well deserved attention. These likewise, created by Severely Ltd. under the names Juwan Lane and Maruko Sakigake, use sculpties made by Coke. The ones I am showing off come complete with an adorable Teddy Bear lashed to the side of the right shoe and a cute hand scribbled flower on the left one, they are scripted for size change too. There are 4 women's styles available in the JuJu's Closet shop at 'The Cube', and one that I presume to be unisex available in WMD (Weird Monkey Designs) just across the way. I have included the in-store displays so you can get an idea of these other looks.

Look for these cuties at JuJu's Closet!

***UPDATE! I was informed after this post that 3 additional content creators have added to the CHUX Collection, more man friendly looks and an great music themed sneak too. You can find all of them here! Thanks Juwan. :-))

Also wearing; PXL Skin, Laqroki Hair, Tanks by Artilleri (white) and Cami Cooper (blue), Denim Capris by Untone Quilt, Necklace by Artilleri.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Simply Duckies

I adore these cute moderate height Duckies just released by Adam & Eve. They gave my sweet feets a nice break from the pointy toes and super high heels, and they manage to look great with a nice shape, lovely texturing and that all important in-between height. Here I am wearing the Satin Blue which I found to be a lovely periwinkle shade. Damen Gorilla, the A&E shoe man, informs me that they do come in 14 great colours and there is even a bonus colour if you buy the 'Super Fetish' Pack! Shown below are Fuchsia, Sage, Mellow (Yellow) and White.

Visit Adam & Eve and check them all out.

Also wearing; PXL Skin, *SHOP SEU* Hair, 'heart' Cupcakes Dress, Necklace by Swallowtail & Bracelets by Fresh Baked Goods. Poses by KoumB.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Yes, Virginia, There is a Gladiator.

I have been relentless in my search to bring all you die hard shoe lovers the latest news and supporting evidence on this highly anticipated release from the impossibly perfect workshop of Stiletto Moody. I had a real break in the case very early Sunday morning when I was teleported to a top-secret location and tempted with the sights you see here.

Although these pairs are still in the beta stage, I can tell you as a girl who knows her shoes, there has never been anything like them to date. I will let these snapshots tell the rest of the story, my apologies if they are not up to standard - I am not even sure I am allowed to share these...hehe! The wearers of these Gladiator Sandals, had to return them shortly after these shots were taken... myself included - I was overwhelmed when I got those red ones on my toes!

That's all for now... I promise more news as soon as I have it.

Your faithful shoe sleuth,
Anessa Stine.

Being a Member has its privileges...

A few days ago I posted about the cute free shoes in the Pixel Mode group, well and here is another example of why membership does have privileges! :) I know, I know, it's not a shoe..but it's a necklace with an adorable heel charm...and best of all is that it's free. If you need info. on how to find this gem please see here.
Other stuff: Hair by Aden, Skin by Abyss, Top by Pixel Mode.

Vivid Venus

Last month, Anessa scooped us all with a great find from JH and Jessie Gervasi of *HUB*. If you are like us here at On Your Toes, and liked that first installment, you will love the new updated Venus sandals. Available now in more colors, the Lights (top row) and the Brights (bottom and top picture). What a great addition to our summer wardrobes! Visit *HUB* InWorld.

Other stuff: Skin from Abyss, Hair from Shop Seu, Dress from Mimi Coral, pose from Reel Expression, and sandals provided to Graci as a review item.

A Trip for Dolly

Another great release from DeLa today, this time Kuranosuke Kamachi brings us a sandal with modern appeal and a retro heel. This stacked wedge of a sandal takes the cake for fun shaped wedges. I just know that the inspiration for these must have come from some of those crazy high platform wedges of the Disco Era. The Dolly Sandal is delicious with nice wide straps, metal rivets and loads of style.

I was given these 4 amazing shades to share with you; Maroon, DeepForest, Black and a juicy Orange. I waltzed my Dollys through the sim of the moment, Emvee Cuba on Metaversatility.

Be sure and look them up at the new Main Store for DeLa.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, Maitreya Hair & Cut-offs, TULI Jacket, Accessories by Calla and Earthtones. All poses are by KoumB.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Color Therapy

Sometimes it is necessary to inject some color into your day. Days like that call for fun shoes that are whimsical and come in punched up bright shades. Erpla Prieto of Periquita Shoes does that better than anyone, and it is a no-brainer to reach for some of her fun footwear whenever that need arises. Her latest release, the Mary Squares, are a sweet chunky MaryJane with an adorable upturned toe and button detail on the strap.

I am wearing the oh-so-happy Magenta. Also shown are; Mint, Purple and Yellow... but there are 9 equally fantastic colors in all. Check them out at Periquita Shoes.

I am also wearing PXL Skin, ETD Hair, Dress & Stockings from OAHARU, Necklace and Earrings by Atelier AM, Bracelets by FBG (Fresh Baked Goods).

All poses by KoumB.

Sasy Chic

Cute, cute, cute...that's the first thing that came to my mind when I saw these cuties from Aphrodite Outlander of Aphrodite Creations. the Sasy Chic is an adorable little heel available in several delightful colors. Visit Aphrodite Creations In World.

Other Items: Hair by Maitreya, Skin by MMS, Top by Kara Eagle, Jeans by Redgrave, Bracelets by Jenny Thielt. Pose by Luth Brodie.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Subscribing to Pixel Mode

Just stopping by for a quick freebie...These cute black leather sandals are from Pixel Mode and are available free to the Pixel Mode Subscribomatic members. Don't fret if you aren't subscribed yet, because you can tp yourself over to Pixel Mode, subscribe, then click the sign again and select history. These pretty little gems are still in there..and will be hand delivered to your door! Visit Pixel Mode Inworld and OnLine!

Other Stuff: Dress from <3>, Skin from MMS, Hair from Aden.

It's Tesla Two

Oh yes, I have returned... and I have brought the shoes. The cute, pearly, pastel, in all their vixen-like goodness, latest from Tesla Miles of... what else... Tesla. The Vixen 2 was released over the weekend, and for those like me who really loved the Vinyl Vixens, along with all the other goodies TESLA serves up, there is no denying how much I like these.

The range of soft pastel colors and the amazing pearlescent finish are unique and really pretty. There are 10 shades available in all - Slate shown above - an below are; Purple, Alizarin, Asparagus, Azure, TeaRose, Emerald, Fallow, Mauve and Violet.

Get to Tesla to get your Vixens on!

Also wearing; PXL Skin, ETD Hair, Draconic Kiss Dress, Refuge Candy Necklace, and Mahjong Bracelet from Fresh Baked Goods.

All poses by KoumB.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Twice as Nice

Tangerine dreams and leopard printed maryjanes were the perfect way to start my weekend. A stop into Kitties Lair netted me quite a thrill as I quickly discovered Babette Ultsch had recently released 2 new styles. Previously we have reviewed her Peep Toed Pumps and Venice Boots... these are just another example of what she does so well - cute sexy shoes, perfectly textured.

These Francine Mary-Janes are yummy, I love the amazing chunk heel and the beautiful shine textures as only Babette can do, but I am a sucker for animal prints and the leopard are just so great - I adore the little ties with metal accents at the ends. A nice escape from the typical buckled maryjanes.

The Peep Toed Mules Kewt! as she calls them certainly are that, nice moderate platform mules with metallic soles in gold and silver - the creamsicle colored orange where my must have... but they are all pretty fantastic as you can see in the store display shot below.

Add Kitties Lair to your weekend shopping list, demos in store - grab some!

Also wearing; with Francine - PXL Skin, Detour Hair, Armidi Jeans, /artilleri/ Tank, Bag by Celestial Studios, Bracelets byArmidi, Necklace by Earthtones, Earrings by Diamonde. with Kewt! Mules - PXL Skin, Detour Hair, Armidi Denim Mini, Elephant Outfitters Top, Bracelets by FBG (Fresh Baked Goods).

All poses by KoumB.


Greek mythology tells us that Athena was the goddess of wisdom, war, the arts, industry, justice and skill. It is a fitting name then for the latest creation of Tesla Miles, a creator who continues to excel at making products of high quality, ingenuity and in my opinion some of the most unique footwear around. She is also fiercely committed to fighting against content theft/copybot use and I certainly think Tesla is a talented little shoemaker. I just had no idea she had something this darn sexy up her sleeve.

The Athena combines all the stunning quality of her previously released Ziggy Boots, which were a great success and one of the treasures of my footwear wardrobe, with stiletto height and open toes. They are really well textured with a lighter looking fabric and happily for the non stick-legged amongst us they come equipped with scripted resizable parts. I love the 5 available color combos, something for everyone - and quite possible a need to have them all!

Visit Tesla soon and get the Athena open toed stiletto ankle boot!

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, Abyss Hair, Thimbles Dress, Japancakes Petal Scarf, TaP (Fleur) Gloves, Calla Pearl Wrap Bracelet & FBG (Fresh Baked Goods) Bangle, Earrings by Second Mirage.

All poses by KoumB.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Shall We Dance?

Not my typical afternoon when I received a surprise folder from Spirit owner SavannahAnn McMillan. It's content... Ballet Boots, this I have to see. I do have some recollection of the Spirit name, likely I was looking for the wardrobe essential cheerleader costume at the time, but boots? OK - so here they are and I get the name, they are pretty and bow wrapped and yeah, a bit ballet like... but also really fun for a casual look. There is also a cute dangly little Spirit charm on the heel. What can I say, I am a sucker for girly stuff, sometimes.

I also noted the cute ballet slippers that come with the Spring Ballet Class Set and the Corset/Tutu Set, so naturally I had to show them off too... yup super cute. So here I am doing my best Ballerina impression... please excuse the fact that I have little to no natural talent... I blame it on the fact that at 3 years of age my ballet career was stolen from me when my dance teacher ran off with someone else's husband after 2 lessons, no lie.

I believe I have now fully achieved my dancer potential. If you crave the same vicarious fun, or want to grab your self some boots that are sure to make you feel feminine, visit Spirit.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, Maitreya Hair (Loose Bun with amazing NEW textures... so great!), Jeans and Embellishments by G.L.A.M., Green Shimmer Tank by Camie Cooper, Shrug from Spirit Ballet Class Set, Diamonde Earrings, Necklace by Miam Miam.

All poses by KoumB.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Getting to the Point!

..and that point being, that here is a flat with a point! The newest from Periquita is the Funny Girl Flats. With all the style of a pump, but without the height. Just what the tall fashion models need to wear on a date with a shorter man! These would be nice when you want to look classy, but not too overdone. Visit Periquita In World!

Other Stuff: Skin from MMS, Hair from Aden, Jewelry from Paper Couture, Dress from MG Fashion, Shoes: review copy (no short male AV's were harmed in the making of this post ((see if anyone reads this))).

Monday, May 5, 2008

Brilliant Decoy

Ooooh you talented SL™ content creators... will you stop at nothing to temp the Linden™ dollars out of my virtual wallet! Although I cannot complain all that much, in cases like the Francisco Wedge the creator and owner of [Decoy], Annette Voight, was kind enough to send these delightful new wedges over at my request. Which only means I will have a more to spend next time I shop at her store. I have been a fan of her dresses and casuals since I discovered her shop few months back, and now she's making shoes too... love it!

Back to business!The Francisco Wedges are cute as can be and come in 13 shades, each pack comes with the white and the black trimmed options, smart! The slingback strap is well sized so it doesn't cut the ankle during typical AO movements and poses... something I always appreciate. And the criss-crossed lace detail on the front gives the shoe a nice casual character.
I have chosen to show the Navy (with black trim) and the Orange (with white) as they happen to be 2 of my favorite shoe shades, and ones that seem harder to find. It's a really great first shoe release from Decoy, my toes can't wait to see more!

Also wearing; NEW Minnu Gen 4 Diva Skin (which I love!), Hair by Jolie Femme. Navy Suit by *amerie's NAUGHTY*, Tank by /artilleri/, !Finc! Leggings, Belt by [Random]. Accessories by Earthtones, FBG (Fresh Baked Goods), /artilleri/, and Armidi. Note: Third Image is a direct photo of store display created by Annette Voight.

Poses by KoumB.