Sunday, November 30, 2008

StyleCard: J's Thigh Highs

There are certain areas of SL fashion where I rarely venture... these would include the fetish gear, latex, rubber, etc. But sometimes an item can crossover into the other areas of virtual fashion, and be unexpected treats for the occasional RP or themed party. When JB Gazov of J's Boots sent me 2 variations of his latest Thigh High Boots, I wasn't really sure what to make of them. They are sexy, they are high, and they really show how far the clever use of the 'system shoe' has come in the past couple years. With a beautifully shaped foot piece and wrinkled ankle prim these hardly look like any system shoe I have ever seen, but the great texturing of the leg portion which is part of that system shoe and the added bow make these a nice pair of sexies.

The boots come in 2 variation as previously mentioned, a Lace-up and Non-laced version. Though I expect this type of boot lends itself well to the fetish fashion world, I chose to take mine in the direction of 'Future Sexy' . The great corset and mini skirt from Mekanoize Labs (hey, where did they go?) and the upper part of the Bare Rose Decadence Maia Silver Jacket were just the thing. I added my new favorite hair, Shirley from Zero Style and headed to INSILICO for a few pics.

Visit J's Boots to pick up a pair.

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, Zero Style Hair, Bare Rose Jacket, Corset and Mini from Mekanoize Labs.

Friday, November 28, 2008

What A Slouch!

It's official, the boot loving public at large now has ample reason to curse my name for tempting them to spend even more dough this week. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I hope that at least they can hold off on the public stoning long enough to appreciate this very worthy addition to Stiletto Moody's Fall Release, the Slouch Boot. One look at these will tell you that these are a variation on the previously released SMG2 Tall Boots, but with the look of a slouchy soft leather upper and some great Fall inspired shades, the Slouch Boots have a very special flavor all their own.

The full colour range on these is already available, and features some fantastic new shades L-R; Russet, Beige, Tan, Taupe, Black and my personal favorite the Aubergine which I am wearing . The boots come in a small and a larger 'super slouchy' version (worn), which can accommodate a bigger leg or just add a fuller boot look. A superbly detailed chunky ankle chain with signature heart charm that can be gold or silver is a great final touch, or can be removed. It seems that this will be the last of the Stiletto Moody temptations for Fall, so we can begin saving up for her next releases which should come in plenty of time for Holiday gift giving.

Shop for these at Stiletto Moody.

Also wearing; Redgrave Skin, ::69:: Hair, Bare Rose Nachtmusik worn without skirt and with tinted underwear layer to create pants, Necklace is by Luc. Photo taken at Stiletto Moody and altered in photoshop, SM Ad courtesy Stiletto Moody.

/ NoLabel /: Cowboys and Lace

My lovely friend Celebrity and I were chatting last night, and she told me I must get my shoe blogging bootie over to komeko Shinn's store / NoLabel / and check out the cute cowboy boots and lace stilettos that are for sale. So today, after laying on the couch after over eating, I went and checked out the goods. As always, Celeb was right. I was very pleased, not just by the shoes but by the cute clothes as well. There isn't a lot of selection, but I hope to see more of komeko's creations in the future. Check out the Laced Plaid Stiletto, Cowboy Love boot, Rainbow Stiletto, and the regular cowboy boots over at / NoLabel / which is in the Magika Mall InWorld.

Other Stuff: Top: Hair by Truth, Skin by Redgrave, Top by Magika, Pants by / NoLabel /. Bottom: Hair by Truth, Skin by Redgrave, Top and pants by / NoLabel /.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

These Booties Rock!

The little elves over at Redgrave have been working overtime to bring us more incredible shoe releases. Miss Viola Leigh is the head elf, and these yummy Icerock Booties have her combining wood, leather, metal details and fur. Available in 5 standard shades; Black, White, Brown, Caramel, and Lilac... and a very special Santa Red pair only available until Christmas, and for a very special price. I marched myself over to Tim Horton's to grab some Hot Chocolate and then stepped out rink-side on Retrology. These perfectly sweet booties are a fun way to kick the holiday season off in style.

Visit Redgrave soon!

Also wearing; Redgrave Skin, MMS Hair, Argrace Dress, Maitreya Belt and Leggings, Caroline's Earrings. Photo taken on Retrology.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Unique Needs: Pretty and Punk

Ann Otoole of Unique Needs recently came out with these Pretty and Punk Mary Janes, and they are glam and glitz with a little fierce mixed in. I mean com'on, they are gold and shiny with diamonds and spikes. Yeah, they might not be for everyone out there, but for me, it's a win win! Visit Unique Needs Inworld.

Other stuff: Hair by Truth, Skin by Redgrave, Dress by Punch Drunk, Hair and Glasses by ETD.

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Business of Sexy

Yes, she did it again. That Siren of Stilettos, Stiletto Moody, has released more tantalizing footwear to make us drool. This time it is a fabulous variation on the Patent Pinup featuring a new selection of Fall colors, and two optional bows (heel and toe), along with the other customizable features mentioned in my previous post.

I absolutely love the sweet sexy styling of the Pinup, and the added yumminess of bows... hello! One thing I was very happy to see it the Blacker Black of the new release, the previous had a fairly blue-black hue to it that made it a tricky match on some occasions. The colors are available individually or as a full set of the five with a colorchange menu, and in my opinion the Chocolate, Burgundy and Blacker Black make this a fantastic option.

So while Monday is hardly my favorite day of the week, today is a little bit brighter thanks to shoes this pretty. Here is a look at Stiletto Moody's Ad showing the full fall color range (thanks Dancer!), but you can get a closer look at the shades in-world at Stiletto Moody Headquarters.

Also wearing; Redgrave Skin, Maitreya Hair, Outfit by Apple May Designs (cuffs are from another garment), Stockings by Jaywalk, Glasses by Sinful Shades. Photos taken at [Kunst] Furniture.

AOHARU: Winter Boots

Just popping in for a short but sweet posting to show off another goodie that I've had laying around, but that deserves a reminder. These cute boots from Aoharu have been available for some time, but now is the perfect opportunity to break out these cozy boots and tromp through the snow. Visit AOHARU In world!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Came Early

Ah yes, for the faithful fans of Stiletto Moody, Christmas cheer arrived a bit early yesterday in the form of the Red Tartan Pinup Spike. It's shiny and pretty and all wrapped up with a bow, just like any good holiday gift ought to be. Okay, so maybe it is a bit early, but it IS about the time for some holiday shopping. My recommendation, let the first gift you buy be something really special for yourself... and failing that, hand the Landmark for these beauties to your someone special and give them a very strong hint about what you hope to find under the tree this year. And don't worry, best of both worlds, grab up these so 'on trend' Tartan babies now and I can almost bet that Stiletto has more in store for us in the weeks to come.

Important details to note, there are 2 variations of the Pinup Spikes, one with full Tartan and one that adds another touch of black at the heel. Both are equipped with the superbly scripted options menu which, for those who may not be familiar, allows us to swap metals between silver and gold, add or remove the ankle chain, disable heel clicks, or wear the shoes at full bright if we desire. So now that the technical stuff is out of the way, I only have one question. Anyone want to help keep me warm? Apparently I went out in my short shorts again. :P

Head on over to Stiletto Moody and take a closer look.

Wearing: Redgrave Skin, ::69:: Hair, Fur Jacket by Digit Darkes, Top by Armidi, Shorts by Armidi Gisaci (part of Lima Trench Coat), Belt & Bracelets by UnTone. Photos taken at Cu Mara.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Polar boots from Rdgrave

So upon going to Redgrave with my beautiful girlfriend Cynthia, we went and had a look at the latest shoe and boot releases by Viola Leigh, some of which were recently shown by Anessa in these very pages. However, there was one pair that haven't been shown in this blog yet, and co-incedently, they were the pair that caught Cyn's eyes.

These were the Polar boots, and they are also available with matching arm cuffs as well. As it is coming into the cooler, Winter time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, these boots certainly will appeal to the girl after some footwear that is casual, seasonal and chic. I applaud Viola and her efficiency in releasing at an rapid rate, with each subsequent release being of a high quality which is what the Redgrave label is renowned for.

Upon wearing the boots and armcuffs (and nothing else), Cyn had an idea spring straight to her head and she decided to take a pic of her wearing the boots and Wristbands, and the result is what you see above. So if you like the boots and/or arm cuffs featured in the pic above, head over to redgrave now using the following SLURL.

Shoes, skin and Wristbands By Redgrave

Photography by Cynthia Smit (Star photography)

Monday, November 17, 2008

ESSENCE of Style

Could not resist sharing that the NEW issue of ESSENCE of Style is available, and this month my fellow shoe blogger, Graciana McMillan, joined me in some sexy lingerie for the photos accompanying my interview with Mariska Simons, the designer of Blacklace Lingerie.

This Month also look for:

- Iustinian Tomsen, Top Male Model & Style Star

- Vera Canning, InStyle Grad of the Month

- Couples Style for the Winter Season

- Plus Sized pointers from Rosie Barthelmess

- The Little Black Dress - not just for evening

- SL Relationships - Pros. Cons. The next level?

Here is a preview...

ESSENCE of Style Magazine is available at a number of kiosks throughout SL and at the InStyle Fashion Agency headquarters. Grab a copy and enjoy!

You can pick up your own copy in-world here.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Canimal - Gothdamn Stilettos

The Canimal Gothdamn Stilettos have been out for a while, but I was window shopping the other day, saw these, and wondered why in the world I didn't have these already. So consider yourself reminded if you are at all like me. You know, you see something on the feed or on someone in world and you think to yourself, "Hey, I need those!" But then you get distracted and you forget and then it's 2 months later and you are finally discovering what a great item it really was? Anyhoo - I'm forgetting the best part, these shoes are scripted for pattern changes. Meaning you can have plain black, striped, or spotted! Check out Canimal InWorld
Other Stuff: Skin by Redgrave, Earrings by Shiny Things, Necklace by Cachet, and Outfit by MichaMi - Agnes in Black & Fuchsia.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Digital Dragon: Callie Stilettos

Soooo fellow shoe shoppers, I'd like to share my latest footwear purchase, the Callie Stilettos from Digital Dragon. I saw these on the toes of the shoes namesake, Callie Cline and had instant shoe envy. There is a good variety of colors available which creates a two tone look with the buckle design. The white and black are super cute, but being my boring self I picked black. Someday I'm going to count all my black shoes, like boots, I just can't get enough. Check out Digital Dragon InWorld.

Other Stuff: Hair: Kyoot, Skin: Redgrave, Coat: :sey, Pants: Armidi, Scarf: Muism

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

StyleCard: Hoorenbeek & LBD

When I first heard the rumor that Hoorenbeek, purveyor of all things male fashion, had released a shoe for the ladies I was surprised to say the least. A quick dash over to Hoorenbeek confirmed that this was in fact a reality, here were the Hoorenbeek Stilettos. The shoes are a nice shape with a moderately high heel, the type of height that anyone would be comfortable wearing, thanks to creator Limer Fredriksson.

The shoe comes with a whole array of options, so you buy the one pair for a very reasonable cost and you get 6 shoe fabrications, 12 colour options for each fabrication, and customizable details like the strap and bow which can be removed, or the fact that you can style these up your own way deciding on the heel texture, bow and body separately. A fairly grand entrance onto the female footwear scene. One nice side note is that Hoorenbeek offers these with a gift option, so looking forward to the holidays you can pick up some for those footwear challenged friends or the good old 'Adopt a Newbie for Xmas' Program, OK I made up that last bit.

The rest of this look features LBD (LeeZu Baxter Designs), who has come out with a steady stream of interesting dresses and separates lately. I admit it had been a while since I visited her shop, but I was instantly drawn to these well textured high-waisted Lea Pants and Natascha Dress in Silver, which I am wearing the top portion of here. A sophisticated style without the need for multiple accessories, but I did manage to add my Bandit Diamonds Party Ring and the PC Silver Spike Earrings. Wearing the Hoorenbeek Stilettos in the black patent without the bow seemed like a perfect fit. Hair is ETD.

Visit Hoorenbeek and LBD (LeeZu Baxter Designs) for some sophisticated style.

Hot kicks at Hoorenbeek

OK, so having seen that Anessa and Graci had been busy today with the blogs for the girls out there, I couldn't let the guys down and made this post on the awesome shoes found at [hooreenbeek]. I first bought a pair of their initial sculpted shoes back in March or April and got to sample some of the newer pairsin the range thanks to Limer Frederiksson and I must say I was impressed with the level of detail in every pair I tried on. The pair in the above photo is the Slip on Checkers, and these shoes have a script that enables you to be able to change various facets of the shoes personality to fit your mood or outfit you are currently wearing. I donned them with the outfit I had on at the time and a simple tweak allowed me to match them up perfectly with what I was already wearing, and it is versatility such as this that adds to the value of the shoe. Being a more casual slip-on style shoe didn't impede me from wearing them with the more refined clothing I had on, and I think it kind of enhances the overall casual feel of the outfit, adding another dimension to it.

The next shoes featured are the ones which caught my eye the most and had been in my shoe wishlist for a while - the [hoorenbeek] Air Force, this time featured in Grey/Red. This classic style is pretty much a recreation of a RL Nike shoe, and I must say that the creator of this shoe has done the design great justice bringing them to SL (and I still wait patiently for a perfect recreation of a pair of Jordan VIs or XIs), hopefully this recreation is a sign of things to come.

The next style shown is the Superstar 2.0 in White. This style dons the famous Adidas 3 stripes and this homage to the classic Adidas sneakers harks me back to a time in my childhood when every young kid was wearing things like Adidas Romes around. This version of the sneakers however are a more modern style, with different tongue texturing in contrast to the leather sections of the shoe. As with every style featured in this blog today, the level of detail and craftsmenship is amazingly high and you can cam for ages taking in the detail.

The final style I am showing today is the Cowboy boot in Serpent. A perfect match to my Muism Snakeskin pants, these boots are highly detailed sculpts that give a look of audaciousness to the wearer. You fear nobody walking about in these badboys! They are also available in a variety of other colours, I just like this pair for the sheer outlandishness and my seemingly strange affinity to SL animal print clothing. If you are (most likely) a person more into tamer styles you should definitely check out some of the other available versions of these boots as they fit well and the quality is as high as any other pair in SL.

Overall I hope that this blog informs you out there in fashionland that there is a multitude of footwear available for guys and you are no longer stuck wearing the one pair of shoes everyone else seems to be wearing. With these designs I can see that the hard working designers at [hoorenbeek] have come a long way since their initial sculpted shoes and I look forward to what is to come in the future.

Shoes available at [hoorenbeek]

Clothing available from
Casa Del Shai (including the updated version of the Amorsolo shirt)

My apartment in Casablanca Boulevard Hotel

Truth: Trainers and Freebie

Yes, it is the truth! Truth Hawks just released some cute new trainers that fit both the male and female foot. The only hiccup is that you really should have the latest version of the SL viewer to see this shoe correctly. I'm technologically challenged, and can't explain why, but without the new viewer the shoe looks like it's missing some pieces. But let me tell you, once that is taken care of, what a cute cute shoe! Additionally, check out the free Balmoral pumps as previously blogged by Nessa. Yes, these lovelies are free and come in a nice selection of colors. Check out Truth InWorld and OnLine.

Freebie: Hair by Truth, Outfit by *Icing*, Skin by Redgrave. Trainers: Hair by ETD, Hoodie by Truth, Shorts by Armidi, Skin by Redgrave.

Monday, November 10, 2008

StyleCard: Tuli

When beloved content creators expand their lines of clothing to include footwear it is always worth a look, and is just the kind of thing that I feel is worthy of sharing with 'On Your Toes' readers. Tuli Asturias' shop was one of my first real fashion finds in SL, I instantly loved her bright colored tops and great jeans. She is a master of skins and of beautifully textured garments, and it seems she has tried her hands at shoes with pleasant results. To be fair, and by Tuli's own admission, these shoes are a melange of sculpts she has collected from multiple sources and combined into her own uniquely styled and textured footwear. I see absolutely nothing improper with that method of creating footwear, provided that the sculpts are from 'clean' sources and the creator takes steps to create something uniquely styled from the resources.

The recent release of the adorable pop art inspired mini-dress named Coco (available in 3 shades; Amethyst, Cerulean, and Pink.) was accompanied by the release of the TULI Strap Pumps in matching colors. Tuli makes it easy on those of us who want the perfect shoe for a given look, and I like the look of the separately attached ankle strap. I wore mine with this great new hair from ETD... note the scripted headband that conveniently was equipped with more of that great purple. One simple bangle set from Cashmere and the silver spike earrings from Paper Couture were enough eye candy for me with this look.

Visit Tuli soon to check out the goods firsthand.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

StyleCard: Sweetest Goodbye

Say Hello to my little friends, the completely astounding first shoe release from Sweetest Goodbye. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I first saw these, complete deliciousness of shape, colour, texture and realism. And why not... these are based on the real life shoes of SG creator Morphine Janick. The Wonder Bird lace up booties are eye catching to say the least, I love the sporty styling and contrast heel and laces, the rolled over ankle part and it's woolly lining. It comes in a few fabulous color combos, and I had a bunch of fun pulling this look together.(click image to enlarge)

My EtchD Brisk Black Jacket with its furry trim and hood fits nicely over Canimal's Devil Candy Dress, which comes with the white stockings. The Bow Garter came with a set of stockings from GirlKultur, originally in red... but tintable... yays! Gloves are my faves from Cachet, and the diamond skull necklace was a recent find from Jewelry Expo, by Prinny's Prims. The hair is ETD, and I love this relaxed pony style, did I mention they are having a sale?

Visit Sweetest Goodbye to get these great Boots.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

NIVEN - Green Lizard Stilettos

Scarlett Niven of NiVEN sent me over her latest Green Lizard ensemble and I just love the color and the scaly texture. As with most of the outfits available from NiVEN, a matching pair of shoes comes with your purchase, which is every girls dream. Even if you don't wear the shoes with the outfit, what a great accessory to add to your inventory. Along with the Green Lizard Stilettos, I threw on the top from the outfit and grabbed the clutch for a more casual look with that green pop. Simple and clean in design, and vibrant in color, these will be shoes I pair up with other outfits often. Visit NiVEN InWorld.
Other Items: Hair by Truth, Skin by Redgrave, Pants by Cachet, Bangles by Armidi.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

StyleCard: DeLa Lulu

Kuranosuke Kamachi is on a roll, her ever growing line of shoes and clothing never fail to impress. Today marks the opening of her own sim, and so I felt it appropriate to share a little more of what I love about DeLa. The Lulu dress and boots are full of color, texture and shape, and oh yes, bows! This sculpted mini-dress has a delicious bubble of a skirt, and a fun dimensional bow on the chest. The texture is of a multi-colour flecked wool knit, and so it lends itself well to a great pair of tights worn underneath, these are the tintable freebies from VG Republic (G.L.A.M.).

The Lulu boots are a fun leg-warmer inspired pair, all slouchy and shapely, and yes a couple more bows here for good measure (an un-bowed version is included in the pack). I like the black sole and heel, really completes the look. As for my accessories, the color change fabulousness from Fresh Baked Goods is perfect here. Earrings are 'aya V' and the hair is ETD, and yes get to that sale!

Visit DeLa at it's new home sim opening today, and take in the wonderful Fashion Show presented by Timeless Agency that kicks off at 10 am SLT!

Monday, November 3, 2008

StyleCard: Redgrave & PC

Birds of a feather flock together, and shoes of a feather are just plain fabulous. How timely the release from Redgrave of these Feather Heels at the exact moment that Paper Couture launched it's aviary themed Fall 2008 collection. This Night Heron Dress somehow eluded me on my first visit to PC, but as soon as I saw it I knew just what shoes I would wear with this sweet feathered frock.

Viola Leigh does it again, and this time with a bit of sparkle as a bright gold chain and 'V' signature charm adorn the feathery ankle. The heels come in a nice assortment of shades and they are an elegantly shaped shoe that combines sculpted and traditional prims seamlessly. My accessories are also from Redgrave, the Hanging Chain set which includes earrings, rings for each hand and a necklace (not worn here). The hair is ETD, and the price is irresistible with the current sale going on.

If you have plans to pick up some of the new Paper Couture be sure and also pay a visit to Redgrave for some of these heels, after all, Holiday party season is right around the corner!

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, ETD Hair, Paper Couture Dress, Redrave Accessories and Footwear. (click image to enlarge)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

StyleCard: J's Boots

Well boot season has officially begun, and despite the fact that I am more often in stilettos, it's hard not to fall for these amazing boots from J's. The 'real toes' of the summer have made their way into some funky laced up boots. The J's Real Toe 2-Way Boots are JB Gazov's most recent release, and they can be worn a variety of ways, all of which are pretty irresistible. Not only do these come with the adorable prim toes that can be tinted to match your skin, you can select from an assortment of toenail polish options too, but these clever boots do double duty with a closed version of the boot, and a version without the prim toes if you are attached to showing off those sexy avatar feet instead.

I decided to go with a simple but stylish monochromatic look for this style, starting with Maitreya's Jade hair with color changing knit hat. The scarf also has a color change option and comes in 2 lengths from :sey. The Mirli sweater is from Maitreya, and it's open back is a nice compliment to the open toed boots. Some simple Armidi rolled capri jeans, some bangles from Armidi and Caroline's seal the deal.

And now for a little preview, these are the boots that every little cowgirl and cowgirl wannabe has to have. These J's Fringe Cowgirl Boots are soon to be released, and I really love these... moving flexi fringes that echo your every move, line dancing or otherwise, too adorable! I am so digging with my new vintage jeans from Muism, and this asymmetric and totally wonderful jacket from M&R Cupcakes. Hair/Hat is ETD on sale now! (click on images to enlarge)

Be sure and visit J's soon!

Biddle Boots - Pirate Boots

Just can never have enough boots, especially ones that have the nifty resizer script that makes editing challenged people like myself spend less time shrinking and destroying shoe shapes :).
Valentine Biddle of Biddle Boots is up to her tricks again and gives us the Pirate boots, available as an ankle and full sized boot. Check out Biddle Boots InWorld.

Other stuff: Pirate Ankle Boots - leggings, sweater, and skin from Celestial Studios, skirt from Sand Shack Surf Co. Hair from ETD. Pirate boots - Celestial Studios sweater dress and skin, hair from ETD.