Tuesday, November 4, 2008

StyleCard: DeLa Lulu

Kuranosuke Kamachi is on a roll, her ever growing line of shoes and clothing never fail to impress. Today marks the opening of her own sim, and so I felt it appropriate to share a little more of what I love about DeLa. The Lulu dress and boots are full of color, texture and shape, and oh yes, bows! This sculpted mini-dress has a delicious bubble of a skirt, and a fun dimensional bow on the chest. The texture is of a multi-colour flecked wool knit, and so it lends itself well to a great pair of tights worn underneath, these are the tintable freebies from VG Republic (G.L.A.M.).

The Lulu boots are a fun leg-warmer inspired pair, all slouchy and shapely, and yes a couple more bows here for good measure (an un-bowed version is included in the pack). I like the black sole and heel, really completes the look. As for my accessories, the color change fabulousness from Fresh Baked Goods is perfect here. Earrings are 'aya V' and the hair is ETD, and yes get to that sale!

Visit DeLa at it's new home sim opening today, and take in the wonderful Fashion Show presented by Timeless Agency that kicks off at 10 am SLT!


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