Monday, November 10, 2008

StyleCard: Tuli

When beloved content creators expand their lines of clothing to include footwear it is always worth a look, and is just the kind of thing that I feel is worthy of sharing with 'On Your Toes' readers. Tuli Asturias' shop was one of my first real fashion finds in SL, I instantly loved her bright colored tops and great jeans. She is a master of skins and of beautifully textured garments, and it seems she has tried her hands at shoes with pleasant results. To be fair, and by Tuli's own admission, these shoes are a melange of sculpts she has collected from multiple sources and combined into her own uniquely styled and textured footwear. I see absolutely nothing improper with that method of creating footwear, provided that the sculpts are from 'clean' sources and the creator takes steps to create something uniquely styled from the resources.

The recent release of the adorable pop art inspired mini-dress named Coco (available in 3 shades; Amethyst, Cerulean, and Pink.) was accompanied by the release of the TULI Strap Pumps in matching colors. Tuli makes it easy on those of us who want the perfect shoe for a given look, and I like the look of the separately attached ankle strap. I wore mine with this great new hair from ETD... note the scripted headband that conveniently was equipped with more of that great purple. One simple bangle set from Cashmere and the silver spike earrings from Paper Couture were enough eye candy for me with this look.

Visit Tuli soon to check out the goods firsthand.

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