Sunday, November 30, 2008

StyleCard: J's Thigh Highs

There are certain areas of SL fashion where I rarely venture... these would include the fetish gear, latex, rubber, etc. But sometimes an item can crossover into the other areas of virtual fashion, and be unexpected treats for the occasional RP or themed party. When JB Gazov of J's Boots sent me 2 variations of his latest Thigh High Boots, I wasn't really sure what to make of them. They are sexy, they are high, and they really show how far the clever use of the 'system shoe' has come in the past couple years. With a beautifully shaped foot piece and wrinkled ankle prim these hardly look like any system shoe I have ever seen, but the great texturing of the leg portion which is part of that system shoe and the added bow make these a nice pair of sexies.

The boots come in 2 variation as previously mentioned, a Lace-up and Non-laced version. Though I expect this type of boot lends itself well to the fetish fashion world, I chose to take mine in the direction of 'Future Sexy' . The great corset and mini skirt from Mekanoize Labs (hey, where did they go?) and the upper part of the Bare Rose Decadence Maia Silver Jacket were just the thing. I added my new favorite hair, Shirley from Zero Style and headed to INSILICO for a few pics.

Visit J's Boots to pick up a pair.

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, Zero Style Hair, Bare Rose Jacket, Corset and Mini from Mekanoize Labs.

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Auntykuro said...

OMG ! I absolutely love J's boots, and these thigh-highs are super plus awesome. Great job bloggin!