Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Truth: Trainers and Freebie

Yes, it is the truth! Truth Hawks just released some cute new trainers that fit both the male and female foot. The only hiccup is that you really should have the latest version of the SL viewer to see this shoe correctly. I'm technologically challenged, and can't explain why, but without the new viewer the shoe looks like it's missing some pieces. But let me tell you, once that is taken care of, what a cute cute shoe! Additionally, check out the free Balmoral pumps as previously blogged by Nessa. Yes, these lovelies are free and come in a nice selection of colors. Check out Truth InWorld and OnLine.

Freebie: Hair by Truth, Outfit by *Icing*, Skin by Redgrave. Trainers: Hair by ETD, Hoodie by Truth, Shorts by Armidi, Skin by Redgrave.


Unknown said...

The reason you need the 1.21 viewer for these shoes (and some of the recent hair as well) is that LL built in a magnificent new scultpie feature, mirroring, which is a great building help. The downside is that sculpties being mirrored, will not be properly rendered in versions of SL that do not have the mirroring option. In this case, anything older than 1.21.Wich poses a new problem, because the 1.21 will render the mirrored sculpted prims well, but the prim attachments are likely to disappear when you hop on a pose or modeling stand.

Graciana McMillan said...

Grazia, you are a smart cookie! Thank you so much for the rundown...I knew there were people who would know the how and why. I will say that the shoes came with a notecard telling the buyer that the new version of SL was required. So far it seems to run ok on my old machine ;)

Allegory Malaprop said...

One of the AWESOME bonuses with the new mirroring is the fact that you're loading left and right sculpt textures _once_, instead of having to load both separate as before. (And, I'm sure, is why Truth is pushing it even though the viewer with the capability hasn't been shoved to mandatory yet.)

Which means, less blobbing! It ups sculpt efficiency, and I really think it should have been implemented at the beginning to try to take some of that load off the system (since even with sculpts being "more" efficient than at launch, I get stuck with spheres for a while at times).

Graciana McMillan said...

Ohhhh Allegory, is that why sometimes we get blobs for sculpts? It never fails that my head looks like a clam attacked it when my sculptie hair is trying to rez :) ty!