Monday, November 24, 2008

The Business of Sexy

Yes, she did it again. That Siren of Stilettos, Stiletto Moody, has released more tantalizing footwear to make us drool. This time it is a fabulous variation on the Patent Pinup featuring a new selection of Fall colors, and two optional bows (heel and toe), along with the other customizable features mentioned in my previous post.

I absolutely love the sweet sexy styling of the Pinup, and the added yumminess of bows... hello! One thing I was very happy to see it the Blacker Black of the new release, the previous had a fairly blue-black hue to it that made it a tricky match on some occasions. The colors are available individually or as a full set of the five with a colorchange menu, and in my opinion the Chocolate, Burgundy and Blacker Black make this a fantastic option.

So while Monday is hardly my favorite day of the week, today is a little bit brighter thanks to shoes this pretty. Here is a look at Stiletto Moody's Ad showing the full fall color range (thanks Dancer!), but you can get a closer look at the shades in-world at Stiletto Moody Headquarters.

Also wearing; Redgrave Skin, Maitreya Hair, Outfit by Apple May Designs (cuffs are from another garment), Stockings by Jaywalk, Glasses by Sinful Shades. Photos taken at [Kunst] Furniture.

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