Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tripping Over My Shoelaces

Sometimes the simplest things are the best, like the simplicity of a great pair of sandals tied up with shoelaces, in great summer colors, that will inspire your trip to the shore. The recently released Shoelace Sandals from Sand Shack Surf Co. by Emma Gilmour are a perfect combination of casual and cute, they are just as comfy with a bikini as they are with more refined cruisewear. The added feature of color change laces on these will extend their wearability even more.

In any combination of my favorite shades of coral, teal and beige my looks to accompany these shoes were a win win situation, loving the new hats and bags from LeLutka, and great accessories from Earthstones. The shoes come in so many great colors that it will be easy for you to find a shade (or three) that suit your summer style.

Visit Surf Co. to get your laces tied up!

The stuff;

Look 1

Shoes: Surf Co., Shoelace Sandals, Beige.

Skin: LeLutka, IFE SunTan, Make-up 2D (hb).

Hair: 69, Me, Light Chestnut.

Outfit: Surf Co., Hermana Tank (Feather Blue) and Cafe Shorts (Coral).

Accessories: Belt from COCO Ankle Pants (Nougat), Earthstones Zahra Bracelet (Turquoise/Coral), LOTTA Straw Totebag (White).

Look 2

Shoes: Surf Co., Shoelace Sandals, Teal.

Skin: LeLutka, IFE SunTan, Make-up 3D (hb).

Hair: 69, Moa 01, Ash Brown.

Outfit: Surf Co. Coastal Tank (Light Brown), Armidi Gisaci Buone Vacanze Shorts (Marrone), Armidi Inspired Sweater (Tank Top Only) from Chocolat Sweater - hand tinted.

Accessories: Surf Co. Straw Cowboy Hat (Faded Dune), Earthstones Kolo Necklace (Mother of Pearl), LeLutka BOEL Bag (Forrest), Veschi 'Jump Her' Belt from Outfit.

Look 3

Shoes: Surf Co., Shoelace Sandals, Coral.

Skin: LeLutka, IFE SunTan, Make-up 1D (hb).

Hair: n/a

Outfit: Surf Co. Seaside One Piece Swimsuit (Peach), COCO Ankle Pants (Nougat).

Accessories: Earthstones Kolo Earrings (Mother of Pearl) & Jharna Bracelet (Emotion), LeLutka BORGHILD Hat (Sand) & BLENDA Bag (Oceans).

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Pumped Up Primary

Back to basics for me, and what could be more basic than mix and match primary colors? You really can't go wrong when combining these shades, for casual denim fun, perky party looks and lazy weekend shopping trips. The objects of my affection for each of these styles are the newly released Pow Pumps from LeLutka. Minnu does it again, cute platform Maryjanes in three distinctly punchy variations.
The Pow Pumps come in a pop-art reminiscent Print version, a Neutral version that has great tone on tone color appeal, and a Two Tone pump with accent colors for the trim and platform base. Any way you look at these the result is pure deliciousness, applause on the well styled strap and buckle that does an awesome job of camouflaging that otherwise unattractive ankle dimple. Your weekend will not be complete without a trip to LeLutka to get a closer look at the range of colors these come in, and be sure to check out the rest of the Summer 2010 Collection of clothing and amazing accessories.

Limo to LeLutka here.

The Stuff;

Look 1

Shoes: LeLutka, Pow Pumps, Print (Black/Yellow).

Skin: LeLutka, IFE, SunTan Makeup 7D (hb).

Hair: !lamb, Cherry, Kit Kat.

Outfit: LeLutka - NORA Jeans - Sea, C.Smit - Satin Sexy Top - Red.

Accessories: Baiastice - Pop Bag - SugarDaddy, Ume Mode - Color Change Necklaces, Cashmere - Red Bracelets.

Look 2

Shoes: LeLutka, Pow Pumps, Neutrals (Red).

Skin: LeLutka, IFE, SunTan Makeup 6D (hb).

Hair: !lamb, Ambrosia, Kit Kat.

Outfit: LeLutka - ZAREAH Dress NY (Top Only) , C.Smit - Satin High Waist Skirt - Red.

Accessories: Emery - Belt Double (Yellow), CreamShop - Silent Bamboo Earrings (Yellow), Armidi - Healing Koi Bangle (Dandelion).

Look 3

Shoes: LeLutka, Pow Pumps, Two Tone (Yellow/Gray).

Skin: LeLutka, IFE, SunTan Makeup 4D (hb).

Hair: !lamb, Breeze, Kit Kat.

Outfit: LeLutka - VALLEDUPAR Top - Yellow, C.Smit - Satin High Waist Skirt - Darkblue.

Accessories: LeLutka - CIRCACIA Glasses (Yellow), UZURI - Gumu Bangle - Red, Jennifer by DMZ - Grey Double Stranded pearls.

Poses by aDORKable Poses.

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Like MANA From Fashion Heaven : Part 2

A little more NX Nardcotix MANA love to hold you over till the launch of this fantastic shoe line this weekend. Two more styles worthy of some shoe blog lovin' from yours truly, the first is a great flat foot-in-shoe sandal called Dezi Flat Sandals (Canvas). I just love the earthy feel of these, great leather details and a really great foot for a flat style. These are available in many shades for the ankle wrap portion, and you get access to some beautiful included toe nail options. You can expand your manicure cache to include several styles of nail art, these incorporate into your shoe HUD and become available on all your MANA footwear.

Ready for another blast of summer shoe fun? The Chelo Wedges in the denim variation are just too yummy for words. You simply cannot go wrong with a shoe like this. Shown here in faded denim with adorable dotted yellow trim, the Chelo Wedges have sweet details like the looped bow accents and woven soles. These come in multiple shades and even a leather version, for a foot-in-shoe wedge these are my hands down faves!

Don't forget about the big MANA Launch and Nardcotix Main Store Re-Opening Event this weekend, be sure to hop over to the Nardcotix Blog and read up on all the details. Check out all the MANA shoe blog coverage, and participate in the Blogger Challenge to win some of these pretties. Details are here, and don't miss Part 1 of my MANA review, the Anessa Cork Heels. And some important info about the shoes.

Coming soon to the NEW Nardcotix Main Store on Xalapa!

Look 1;

Shoes: NX Nardcotix, MANA Dezi Flat Sandals (Canvas) (All Color Set w/ Custom Manicures).

Skin: Redgrave, ZURI Tan, 'Nude' Makeup 03B (hb).

Hair: Love Soul, 043-A, Ash Brown (includes cap).

Outfit: Armidi (Gisaci) Buone Vacanze Shorts- Marrone Scuro, Armidi, Sheer Ribbed Tank - Dark Olive & Maitreya RB Tank Top (Brown).

Accessories: Zaara, Panchali Earrings (Gold) & Maitreya, Coin Belt (Olive) & Love Soul Prim Nails.

Look 2;

Shoes: NX Nardcotix, MANA Chelo Wedge (Denim) (All Color Set w/ Custom Manicures).

Skin: Redgrave, ZURI Tan, 'Blue Smoke' Makeup 15B (hb).

Hair:, Amelia, Timid Brown.

Outfit: LeLutka GERA Pants (Hotness) & Aoharu, Front Knot Shirt (Washed) & Zanzo, Bikini (Witching Hour).

Accessories: M.R.M., Wooden Bangles (Color Change).

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Like MANA From Fashion Heaven : Part 1

And so the tease begins... pay attention to some of your very favorite blogs as the launch of Nardya Rousselot's latest creations, the MANA Footwear Collection, for NX Nardcotix is set to hit stores this weekend, in grand style. Not only will this release be the first foot-in-shoe foray for Nardya, but it also signals the re-opening of the Nardcotix Main Store on the Xalapa Sim. Click through to the Nardcotix blog for more details about the opening, and the blogger challenge contest along with it! (Three (3) lucky winners of this challenge will receive the MANA color pack of their choice.)

Part 1 of my MANA blog post is all about Anessa, not me, the Anessa Cork Heels that are part of the new collection. Nardya was kind enough to honor me with a very special namesake in these shoes, they are styled after one of my favorite real life designs, and they are unique in their combining of comfy cork, sleek metal, and sexy shape... a bit like me ;-) The shoes come in many beautiful shades (as you can see a sample of below), with the choice of gold or silver platform base, and a completely new manicure system that I just adore.

Things worth noting about the MANA Collection; There are different meanings for the name MANA, but for Nardya it's a combination of her faith and the spanish translation which is slang for 'sister'. Hence many of the shoes are named after her closest friends. The creation of these shoes and the features they offer, some I have never seen before, was one of the most well thought out and carefully planned creations yet worn, they have really incorporated the feedback of more than a few shoe lovers to ensure that they will be a favorite for many.

Coming soon to the NEW Nardcotix Main Store on Xalapa!

This look;

Shoes: NX Nardcotix, MANA Anessa Cork Heels (All Color Set w/ Custom Manicures).

Skin: Redgrave, ZURI Tan, 'Magenta' Makeup 09B (hb).

Hair: Love Soul, 036-B, Ash Brown.

Outfit: LeLutka Darda Dress (Black) & Maitreya Bra Top (White).

Accessories: Detour Nails, Metallic Fuchsia.

Poses: Exposeur.

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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Zippy Madonna

A fun style with that extra zip... err zippers, from Redgrave, have just hit the shelves. The Madonna shoes are a hot little bootie style shoe with an almost metallic sheen and a choice of gold and silver zipper accents. Affordable and easy to wear, no prim foot here, the Madonna Shoes from Viola Leigh come in a nice assortment of basic shades to compliment your wardrobe. I am also wearing ZURI, the latest skin release from Redgrave.

Visit Redgrave to get these!

The Stuff;

Shoes: Redgrave, Madonna Shoes. (shown are Red and Nacre)

Skin: Redgrave, ZURI Tan, Smoky (hb). (& Natural Blessed Cleavage Enhancer)

Hair: W & Y, Model Hair 20, Better.

Outfit: Diram, Beyonce R.T.A., Red.

Accessories: Atelier AM, Red Cube Earrings. & chicoco, Red Plastic Rings Necklace. & LoveSoul, Prim Nails.

Poses: EverGlow Poses.

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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Wrapped Up

Maitreya Gold has released something extra special this week, the Aequus Heels are by far the most elegant stiletto we've seen from this amazing line of shoes. A sleek design with a sexy as heck shape, that beautiful prim foot, and slender heel, these shoes have a great texture with just the right amount of sheen. The Aequus feature a suede ankle wrap that can match closely the tone of the shoe, or contrast with a bit of color to enhance your outfit, I have shown the shoes both ways here. As always Onyx LeShelle has selected some beautiful colors and combinations, making these very hard to resist, and combined with the spectacular LeLutka Summer 2010 Collection you just can't go wrong.

Visit Maitreya to see all the colors of the Aequus.

The Stuff;

Look 1

Shoes: Maitreya Gold, Aequus. (All Color Set)

Skin: Redgrave, ZURI Tan, Evening (hb). (& Natural Blessed Cleavage Enhancer)

Hair: Maitreya, Sasha Hair, Kala Jeera.

Outfit: Maitreya, Bra Top (Black), & LeLutka, GETHER Jacket (Grass) and JUNIA Jeans (Midnight)..

Accessories: Zaara, Anaya Onyx Earrings (Silver). & CIHUAE, Silver Creole Bangle. & Veschi, Beggar Bag.

Look 2

Shoes: Maitreya Gold, Aequus. (All Color Set)

Skin: Redgrave, ZURI Tan, SoftPink (hb). (& Natural Blessed Cleavage Enhancer)

Hair: Maitreya, Malou Hair, Kala Jeera.

Dress: LeLutka, LAISH Dress (Pink).

Accessories: Mandala, SHAKA Earrings & Necklace (Purple).

Poses: EverGlow.

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Being Shallow

Shoe sweetheart Erpla Prieto has surfaced again, this time she brings us some chubby little pumps, the Periquitta Shallow Pumps. Jam packed with great customizable colors, you can change the main shoe, the heel and even the trim to one of the many options included. I love the bright shades and chunky heels, this is definitely a fun looking pump!

Visit Periquita for the Shallow Pumps!

The Stuff;

Shoes: Periquita, Shallow Pumps. (Includes All Colors)

Skin: Redgrave, ZURI Tan, Natural (hb). (& Natural Blessed Cleavage Enhancer)

Hair: LoveSoul, Hair/Hat 040, Ash Brown.

Outfit: Action, Women's Thong Bikini (Yellow Top & Blue Bottom), & Action, Prep Skirt, Blue.

Accessories: Armidi, Towanda Quintet Bangles (White), & Violet Voltaire, Lollipop Guild Bracelet, Rainbow.

Poses: EverGlow.

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