Friday, February 29, 2008

Feeling Lucky?

This just in... Tesla Miles has released a new candy red version of her Elise Mary Janes, the catch - they are only available in the new lucky chair located in her just revamped flagship store. As always the original black version are still available for free. Tesla has also placed a second lucky chair that contains a variety of shades of the adorable Jane shoes with ankle straps.

L-R; Red Elise, Black Elise, Jane Pumps. Get your 'lucky on' at TESLA.

Also wearing; BettiePage Voyager Lucky Chair Hair, Another Fundraiser Ingenue Skin, Ingenue Valentine Freebie Dress, Bossa Nova Choker and House of Nyla White Eyelet Socks.

Shiny Newness...

Just taking a break from your regular scheduled programing to highlight the newest-ness from Shiny Things. It's not a secret that I'm an addict...yes it's true. You might be one too! So if that is the case you know all about the Brocattos (shown above), the Glossy Ribbon boots (shown below), and the fact that Fallingwater has some great discount shoes for only $100L a pop (check out the $100L ballet flats at the bottom of this post)! Visit Shiny things InWorld and OnLine just incase you aren't as far gone as I am!

Other items:

Photo 1: Jeans & Skin from Celestial Studios, Top free valentine's gift from Celestial Studios, Hair by Armidi

Photo 2: Jeans and Skin from Celestial Studios, Top from Dutch Touch, Hair by Mirai Shan

Photo 3: Dress free valentine's gift from Celestial Studios, Skin by Tuli, hair by Paule Tamale, and bangs by ETD.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

T-Strap Happy

Sandy Cleghorn of FUEL dropped her fresh new release on me last night, previously we have featured her Bella Pumps, Dolly Slippers, and Tainted Boots. The Bambee Wedges are a cute cork soled wedge with a buckled T-strap upper. The shoes have a neat organic feel to the sculpties and come in a variety of 9 neutrals and brights. I liked the look of the cork and the variety of textures that range from a linen look to suedes and reptile skin. My Favorite are the 'Milk', show below.

Also Available; Apple Fizz, Lemon, Fizzy Geko, Strawbs, Fizzy Sand, Milk (Dirty), BlueBerry and a Liquorice not shown here.

The Bambee Wedges are available at FUEL.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, ETD Hair, MUISM Top, INGENUE Pencil Skirt, JCNY Earrings & Alyssa Bijoux Bracelet.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Finland in the Spring

Storm Schmooz doesn't need my help when it comes to reputation, his shoes are wonderful - every pair carefully crafted to exacting specifications, the quality and workmanship speak for themselves. But being that I admire his creations so much I couldn't resist sharing with you the latest in his collection of great footwear, the Suomi Pumps. The Suomi are an attractive stacked wooden platform heel, and the name suits it well - the natural colors and texture of the wood reminds me of the vast forests of Finland.

The shades are muted, but the styling speaks volumes. The Suomi is available in 4 shades; the Pistache and Cognac shown above, and the dark Brown and attractive Naturel shown in the store posters below. Demos provided in store.

The Suomi is available in the flagship store, at Viva La Glam.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, ETD Hair, Paper Couture Dress, G.L.A.M. Tights. (review copies requested)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Congrats to Solaesta Kilian our On You Toes Photo Winner!

Thank you so much to all our Readers that voted for our first On Your Toes Photo contest! Congrats to both Zoe Demar and Solaesta Kilian for making it to the final round and special congratulations go to Solaesta for roping in the grand prize. Those boots and outfit are AMAZING!

Outfit Credits:
Solaesta Kilian in Kyoto boots by Armidi
Hat: freebie fedora by Tesla
Jacket: decadence by BareRose
Leather Pants: by Cytranized
Belt: Suede Double Belt by Studio Sidhe
Navel Stud: Solaesta Kilian
Hair: Party Girl I in Black Pearl by Naughty Designs
Skin: Retired predecessor of Alina, by Naughty Designs

Winged Things

Just when I thought I would have to go another day without sharing some sweet treats for feets... yah I know, I am actually just that cheesy... Damen Gorilla of Adam n Eve informed me that he was on the verge of releasing the adorable Volar Heels in Black. The Volar is a classic looking sculpted pump with the added surprise of a pair of doves dangling off of the heel.

Previously released shades include; Bisque, Flame, Grey, Saffron, Salmon and Silver - and there are many lovely shades available in store sold in 2 packs, demos are available.

The Volar Heels in all shades are available at Adam n Eve.

Also wearing; RaC Hair, Minnu Skin, LAST CALL Dress, Accessories by Diamonde & Calla, Hosiery by Battered Boudoir.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Funky Fresh

DeLa creator Kuranosuke Kamachi dropped these great new opened toed clogs on me the other day and at the time I was in a high fashion stiletto mood so they sat unattended in my inventory until this morning. Today I wanted to wear something comfy and casual, and with some well worn color - so out they came, and they feel just great.

I really like the funky 70's appeal of the Polina Sandal, they have the look of worked in suede with stitching and a neat buckle on a shapely platform base... platform everything is popping up all over second life, looks like they are the hot trend for spring shoes at the moment. There are 2 variations of the shoes, with contrasting red flowers on the sole or with flowers that match the upper part - a nice option, in 6 colors. I paired them with the ever fabulous Toeless Slouch Socks from Maitreya, both the toeless and the closed toed versions of these are on my list of great socks and hosiery!

Get the Polina Sandal at DeLa.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, ETD Hair/Hat, Armidi Sweater, Denim Mini by League, Earrings by /artilleri/.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

FREE Shoe Alert...

Just a quickie...Tesla is giving away the updated Mary Jane's for FREE!!!! These are very cute and clever shoes and more than worth the effort to go grab a pair. Visit Tesla Online or In world!

Speaking of FREE!!!! Maitreya is also giving out the slinky stilettos. Now the reason why is a stinky one...(I'll just say 1 word: Thievery) but this is your chance to get an original and quality design for your inventory! Visit Maitreya Online or In World!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Shoes For My Sweet Tooth

Some days you just need a little 'pick me up'. Things get you down, and you need that afternoon sugar rush to give you a little lift. Today was a day like that for me, and thankfully Tesla Miles of TESLA had just the treat I needed... shoes! Not just any shoes either, the Estella Platform Pumps are an ingenious combo of retro funky styling, scrumptious bright colour and sweet details. As soon as she dropped them on me I had to get them on my feet, and I couldn't be happier about them.

The sweet Mary Jane buckles, the darling black ribbon on the back... and the super chunky platforms make these a really satisfying snack. Grab them in the following flavors; Black, Brown, Blue, Green, Honey, Pink, Red, White and Yellow. Personally I would grab the 9 pack... you never know when you might be in the mood for some serious snacking!

Get the Estella Platforms at Tesla World.
Also wearing; Minnu Skin, RaC Hair, [lilolOops] Dress, Dutch Touch Socks/Fishnets, Accessories by Big Boob.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Simply Put

I just had to share with you some shoes that I think are truly an example of the kind of future sculpted shoes can have in SL. The Simply Me shoes by Ella Ireton are anything but simple, they are a pumped up pump… complete with rivets, tassels and buckles. Available at COPYKAT (DONT GET IT TWISTED) and hidden amongst some super creative boots that are really worth a look on their own, these shoes are a funky addition to your footwear inventory.

The Simply Me comes in 6 great shades; Red, Purple, Blue, Pink, a basic Tan-like shade & a Light Purple. I like the rounded toe and the darker contrasting accents, such as the heel and small metal details. My favorite shade was the Light Purple which I paired with the great ‘Toronto’ jacket by Valenttina Carfagno of Frozen Turquoise Valentine.

These shoes are worth a look, you can get them at COPYKAT.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, RaC Hair, LAST CALL Blouse, Shai Pants, Acessories by /artilleri/, Second Mirage & hand tinted bangles from [Amaretto]. (review copies reqested)

Voting for the On Your Toes Contest...

Voting is open until Friday for the On Your Toes $2000L shoe shopping spree photo contest. Just click on the name you would like to vote for at the top of the On Your Toes webpage. For details on the items in the photographs please check out the original post here.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Oh Bella!

If you like a black gloss look paired with the shine of diamonds, Sandy Cleghorn of Fuel has something just for you! Take a look at the Bella Court shoes. These are a platform heel with some substance, but you don't have to just take my word for it...Visit Fuel InWorld.

Other stuff:
Dress by Punch Drunk, Jacket by LastCall, Skin by Celestial Studios, Hair by KateForster Akina, Hat by ::69::

Sexy Results

I love that song, by Death From Above 1979… it’s just sexy, ya know? And so are these, the Daphne Platform high heels from SIN Shoes. Creator Lyanis Sin dropped these on me today while I was at the PhotoStage Launch at the amazing Atrium Building of the Alexander Beach Sim, and I was so in awe of the building (by SL Architect Scope Cleaver) that I shot my photos right there. I was also very lucky to be selected as the winner of a PhotoStage of my own for participating in a little photo contest at the event… what a great honor! OK, now back to the sexy!

The height on these babies is astounding, but Lyanis has a pretty petit avatar – so I can understand why! They are darn sexy – ankle breakingly daring! They come in Black, Silver and Red. They are great for completing that rockstar look, or doing that sexy club crawl… or even wearing with a pair of great jeans. The results will always be very sexy!

Check out the Daphne Platform high heels at SIN Shoes. Oh, and for the curious, here was my winning photo of stunning model Payton Heron wearing LeeZu Baxter, naturally!

I am wearing; TaP skin, Cake hair, Abyss choker, Paper Couture earrings, bracelets by Caroline’s, Punch Drunk Glam Rock dress & Savvy? leggings.

A Sweet Tooth for Sixty Nine

Well, you know I love me some red shoes, but I am happy that all the Valentine’s red shoe-ness is done for now… because frankly I was ready for some fun with color again. So as it happens I have been stalking Kumii Yoshikawa since I first blogged her adorable Succubus Pumps, just before they took they grid by storm. I am happy to say that my innocent stalkery paid off this morning when I found Kumii in her shop at Honmoku putting these adorable babies on the shelves.

The Candy Pumps are a sweet combination of dots and bows, fun color and great shape… and it doesn’t hurt that she has made adorable coordinating hats for every pair this time. Colors are; Black/Green. Black/Pink, Black/White, Black/Red, White/Pink, White/Purple, White/Black & White/Blue. Ooh... I can just taste spring right around the corner… can’t you?

Candy Pumps are available from ::69:: (Sixty Nine).

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, ETD Hair, Dress by Frangipani Designs, Coat by Veschi, Denim Capri Overalls by UnTone Quilt. (review copies requested.)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

On Your Toes...the voting is OPEN

I have our two finalists for the On Your Toes $2000L show shopping spree that was a mouthful! The Poll at the top of our page will be there until next Friday (Feb. 22nd) and closes at noon. So pick your fav pic and give them a click! I'd like to thank all the wonderful people who entered, there were many great pictures! I'd also like to apologize for dragging this out so long. We plan on doing another contest in the next month that won't take nearly as long! ;)

So here are our 2 finalists....

Solaesta Kilian in Kyoto boots by Armidi
Hat: freebie fedora by Tesla
Jacket: decadence by BareRose
Leather Pants: by Cytranized
Belt: Suede Double Belt by Studio Sidhe
Navel Stud: Solaesta Kilian
Hair: Party Girl I in Black Pearl by Naughty Designs
Skin: Retired predecessor of Alina, by Naughty Designs

Zoe Demar in Yellow Rain Boots by ETD
Hair: * 0 Style * Beth *(Biscuit)_M
Hat: TESLA 'Gabrielle' Hat
Umbrella: Poppins' Umbrella
Dress: (NO) Black Party Dress
Skin: KM- Sandflower Skin MediumS
Stockings: Canimal Ripped stockings - tan

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Love for Sale

Cupid’s arrow struck me this morning when I awoke to find some happy shoe news on my doorstep. Stiletto Moody, responding to the popularity of the newly released Elegant Slingback, has released a very special Ruby Red Elegant Slingback (haute couture) for Valentine’s Day and with it a 40% discount until midnight SL time on the 14th of February for her beloved group members. So if you wanted to get a hold of the new style at an amazing price, this is your chance. Also hitting the shelves today are a Pink Twinkle and a Black Twinkle version of the Elegant Slingback, but the sale price is on the Ruby Red version only, be sure and wear your group tag to get the special rebate when purchasing. (Gift purchases not eligible for discount.)
The Elegant Slingback is available at Stiletto Moody Shoes in Deauville.
Also wearing; Minnu skin, RaC hair, Simone Costume, Violet Voltaire crown & /artilleri/ necklace.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Made by Hand, with Love.

If you knock on the door at the House of Nyla surely it will open to reveal a busy little workshop filled with amazing textiles, feathers, sequins and beads. Real life fashion designer Nyla Cheeky is one of the few that I could really say creates items akin to couture in SL. Most of what you find in her shop at Starax are recreations of garments she has made by hand - for red carpets, runways, and fashion lovers that share her love of color and attention to detail.

I am always impressed when a designer makes something unique and something that works so well with their clothing. Nyla has had in store for a while a small collection of footwear designed to match her fun frisky fashions. With her SL Birthday falling on Valentine’s Day, Nyla has released some adorable new lingerie sets (see I told you, I can’t keep my clothes on this week), called Candy Heart Fairies and Love Fairies. I saw her post on the new releases and I was reminded about her adorable shoes.

Now anyone who has been reading On Your Toes is well aware of my love of sculpted stilettos, but there is something to be said for cute shoes of any kind. And these Beaded Platforms have a wonderfully hand crafted quality to them, as if I can see Nyla working away with a bowl of crystal beads in front of her, assembling the hearts on the toe one at a time. They remind me of the homemade Valentine cards that somehow stick around on the fridge longer than the store bought variety, and I mean that in the best possible way. They do have a hint of bling, and some optional heel clicks… but they are costume pieces, so I think they are worthy of the extra sparkle. Pairs shown are; Cinnamon Heart Beaded Platforms, Blackened Heart Beaded Platforms & Sour Heart Beaded Platforms.

If you are looking to get your ‘cupid on’ with a little character this Valentines Day, take your feet to House of Nyla.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, Maitreya Hair (Lime is hand tinted), House of Nyla Lingerie. (review copies requested.)

Monday, February 11, 2008

ChiChi, Yes Yes...Yes!

It feels like I have been living in lingerie for the past week or so, but really what better reason to take off your clothes is there… than lounging about in great shoes like these. When I first caught sight of the new ChiChi shoes from Maitreya it was at the GLAM Magazine launch fashion show. My heart skipped at least a beat, maybe two, my camera zoomed – I was in bliss. These shoes are like a little Valentine’s gift to all female feet across the grid.

Onyx LeShelle has really outdone herself, the styling of this shoe is spectacular and inspired by a real life shoe that she fell in love with on sight – no I won’t name names… but feel free to do some research! The amazing shape is a shoe lovers dream, and the details are completely ingenious, she even went so far at to have the inside textured to give the illusion of a shadow created by the straps and ties… I mean – nobody sees that unless they are rezzing them to take a photograph, but there it is, small gold logo embossed on the sole and all.

You really can’t go wrong with these shoes – my advice is fatpack these babies, but even if you can decide on one or two pairs – you get so much value here. The shoes are scripted – NO, not for bling or clicking! –so that you can change the color of the trim. There are 14 shoe colors, and 16 changeable trim colors… my math is rusty, but I think that gives you approx. 224 options… far too many to list here. And knowing how Maitreya continually experiments with new and exciting textures I am sure that it won’t be long before they introduce variations of the ChiChi. The ChiChi has just hit the shelves – make sure a visit to GLAM WORLD 2 is on your Valentine’s ‘to do’ list. Now please… I need some alone time with my shoes!

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, Artilleri lingerie and hair. The amazing cushions are by Neil Protagonist and are available at Fluff n Stuff.

Mighty Aphrodite...

This weekend was full of fashion events and show, enough to make a fashionista dizzy with delight. On Sunday I attended the New Shoots II show presented by Metro Modeling Agency and Second Style. Featured were the designs of GHOST!'s Triangle Caudron and Aphrodite Outlander of Aphrodite Creations.

This is the part of the story where I have to admit what a flake I can be at times. I know that I've seen the Aphrodite shoes previously, because they looked so familiar to me, but as I was looking on which pairs I wanted to buy, I did a quick inventory check. I always do this when buying things anymore; because honestly there is so much stuff in there I'm afraid I'll buy a duplicate item. Well wouldn't you know, in my *GRACI REVIEW THIS* folder there were shoes from Aphrodite!!! What a heal I am! No pun intended. Yes, it's true a couple weeks ago Aphrodite dropped some styles on me and I dropped the shoe on this one.

So without further ado, I'd like to show off 3 of Aphrodite's classy creations. Very reasonably priced and a delight to look down at, which is always a bonus! Visit Aphrodite Creations In World.

Aphrodite Creations Serenity Shoes in Red

Aphrodite Creations Rosette in Tealmix

Aphrodite Creations Vintish Shoes - free gift from New Shoots Show

Other: Hair by Topaw Jewell (JADE), Dresses by Triangle Caudron (GHOST!) Short Skirt bySaeya Nyanda (Kyoot Army), Skin by Tuli Asturias (::Tuli::). Red Serinity shoes received as a review item, Rosette purchased by Graci, and Vintish received as a free gift from New Shoots II.

Shoes for Cute Girls Who Drink

Pssst... I think TESLA has been hitting the party circuit again! Yesterday she launched an adorable collection of pumps entitled the Lori Collection, they are named after alcoholic beverages and speckled with a fizzy rush of polka dots. When I received them from creator Tesla Miles this morning I couldn't help but giggle. Tesla always seems to inject that something extra into her delightfully sculpted pumps, this time the extra is the fun factor - and the 'punch' of color.

They are a nice looking shoe with a slightly squarer toe than we have seen from Tesla before, and they have a neat almost triangular moderate height heel.

Colors are named; Black Magic, Blue Heaven, Chocolate Mint Martini, Pink Champagne, Summer Wine Punch, and Tequila Sunrise. If you are looking for a few new drinking buddies, grab the Lori Collection at TESLA. Just remember...wear these responsibly, let a friend TP you home.

Also Wearing; Another Fundraiser/Another Geisha Skin (Iris Seale), Cake Hair, LBD LeeZu Baxter Dress, Boudoir Legs Hosiery, PC Earrings.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Glamourous Tease

I was one of the fortunate few invited guests at the much anticipated launch of GLAM Magazine this afternoon. I have to say that the event was a fantastic production from start to finish, and I credit the hard work of all those involved. The crowd of SL press personalities and some of SLs top designers were treated to a musical performance by the lovely Eliz Watanabe and a fashion show featuring the stunning works of GHOST, Artilleri, LeeZu Baxter Designs, Muism, Lookr, Serene Sensations, Cubic Effect, Designing Nicky Ree, Paper Couture and a spellbinding clothing line from Thora Charron/Minnu Model Skins accompanied by some exciting new shoes from Maitreya, all following a press conference. I haven't managed to get my hands on them yet, but here is a teaser of the new footwear 'Chi Chi' straight off the runway! I'll tell you more about the new styles as soon as I have them - on my toes!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Catalyst Boots at Abyss

I have a secret, I look at your feet. Everywhere I go I inspect the feet of others. It's only natural, I mean... you never can tell where you will see great shoes, and with so many releases every week I am bound to miss something. So happily today I inspected the feet of some poor unknowing shopper and saw these. Now I must say I do have one pair of over the knee boots in my inventory, I like them, and I wear them for costume purposes mainly. But I saw these, and had to admit to myself that I liked the sleekness of them. So I introduce you to my find of the day, the new Catalyst Boots from Abyss.

They are smooth, so smooth - like buttah! And though I am usually a sucker for detail, the simplicity and great shape of this boot was the clincher for me. They are completely monochromatic, and deliciously rubbery looking - with a nice sheen to them. I was amazed at the fit - I did not have to touch my shape for these - and I barely had to adjust the upper boot piece (for height only) to get a fantastic seamless appearance. Colors are; Black, Hot Pink, Red, Cyber Blue, Silver, Pale Pink, Ice (Pale Blue), Poison (Purple). My RL sister, and SL Fashion Addict, Jhuzen Ketsugo came along for the ride - and agreed to pose with me. Thanks Sis!

The Catalyst Boots are available at Abyss.

Also wearing;
On Me (Silver Boots) - Minnu Skin, CAKE Hair, Cami Cooper Tank & Refuge Leather Pants (Shortened).
On Kets (Black Boots) - Celestial Skin, Abyss Hair and Jacket, Fashionably Dead Leggings.
On Kets (Red Boots) - Celestial Skin & Hair, Abyss Clothing & WRONG Suspenders.

Red Shoe Diaries

It was bound to happen. Valentine’s Day is the perfect reason to get the red out, so as I did with Gold Shoes not so long ago… I present to you some of my favorite red shoes. These are in no particular order, and I love all of them. I hope your Valentine’s Day is full of romance and passion, and if that fails, go shoe shopping! OK, on with the shoes…

Group A, Shoes 1-4; 1. 69 (Sixty Nine) Succubus pumps – Blood, 2. Storm Schmooz -LAQUE – Red, 3. Shiny Things - Dare pumps – Red, 4. Periquita - Super Dolly- Metallic Red.

Group B, Shoes 5-8; 5. TESLA - Natasha Shiny Stilettos – Red, 6. Stiletto Moody - Silver StudSides Pump – Red Patent, 7. Maitreya Slinky Stilettos - Patent – Red, 8. Kitties Lair – Platform High Heels Kiss - Red.

Group C, Shoes 9 – 12; 9. Stiletto Moody - Foxy Wedge – Merlot, 10. DeLa - Pumps Helia – Red, 11. Armidi Gisaci - Barcelona Slingback – Falu, 12. TESLA - Diva Heels – Red.

Group D, Shoes 13-16; 13. Shiny Things - MaryGeos – Red, 14. Maitreya - Enchant Squiggle, 15. 1-800-Bettie’s – Slipper Pumps – Red , 16. ZHAO Shoes - BETTY- Black/Red.

Also Wearing;
A - Surf Couture - Lily Cole Dress - Cherry Pop, SiniStyle Hair Rose - Skull N Bones, Second Mirage - Elise - black pearl set.
B – Intimizzio (Armidi) - Kawaii Flower Mesh Lace Bra & Panties - Sexy Red, Stockings from Valerie Red Set by TULI.
C – Jeans & Red Halter Top from SWA - ZippedUP-Jean JacketSet – Charcoal, Second Mirage - Alidar – Gold Earrings, Bracelet by CASHMERE.
D - ICING Carmen Dress with Hair Flowers, Knotted Pearl Necklace by ENCORE.All hair by
MIRAI STYLE, Skin by Minnu.