Sunday, February 3, 2008

On the CourtX...

My old friend Zach has a special eye for shoes...I think his wife, Lilee might just be one of the luckiest girls in SL. So when Zach let me know he saw some shoes I might like, I tp'd right over. He was as always, right. The CourtX pumps are shiny and sexy, and full of fire. I grabbed the venetian red, but they are also come in a glossy black. The CourtX are made by Adrina Welders of AW Design and run $415L a pair. Her shop has a lot of various items for sale and when I spoke to her she plans on releasing more shoes in the future. Visit AW Design In World.

Other Items:
Dress from Last Call, Skin from Celestial Studios, Hair by Tukinowaguma, shoes purchased by Graci at AW Design

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Anessa Stine said...

dang sexy things these! Nice post Graci.