Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oh Babii!

Adam n Eve's latest hit me right where it counts, a completely unique looking shoe that has the ability to finish off an outfit with flair. The Babii Pumps have an almost metallic shine baked into the textures. Impressive stitching and seaming details on an attractive black sole make these a hard pair to pass up.

As always they come in loads of fantastic shades, both light and dark, I am previewing the Azure (worn at top), Applecandy, Scarlett, Black and Candy Pink.

Visit Adam n Eve Shoes for the full selection!

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, Maitreya Hair, Dress by Simone, Belt by Fleur, Pearls by Encore, Purse from MM Luxe (Miam Miam), Hosiery by Battered Boudoir.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Plainer and Perfect

Graci usually does our Shiny Things posts, but RL has taken up a bit more of her time the past couple weeks... I miss you Graci girl, hurry back! I am trying my best to bring you those shoe posts, though there seems to be a lot fewer shoes being released lately... people likely gearing up for shoe expo (more on that to come!).

These are the new Plainers by Fallingwater Cellardoor, similar in style to the genius Skyliners previously reviewed. A nice sleek slide with a chunky heel. A dozen fabulous shades available, check out this snapshot from the in-store vendor to get an idea. Demos are available, come in sizes 0 and 10 - you get both.

You can find these at Shiny Things.

Also wearing; PXL Skin, ::69:: Hair, Outfit by Bijou, Earrings by Diamonde, Bracelet by Fresh Baked Goods.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Out of Africa

There seems to have been a small dry spell in the shoe making world lately, perhaps all those content creators are busy preparing for the upcoming 2008 SL Footwear Expo, now less than a month away. In any case, I decided to go on a bit of a Safari and seek out some hot new shoes for the readers of 'On Your Toes'. My trusty (and rather sexy) guide Caelen Mata, escorted me to Africa to help bring you the Anita Ankle Strap High Heels from Kitties Lair.

Babette Ultsch delivers her usual high quality, sexy styling and multiple color options for Anita. I am nuts about the oversized buckle and retro flair of this shoe. Metal accents are available in gold or silver. The shoe comes with a bling on/off option, so if you must bling you can get that sorted out. As for me, I marched all over Africa in these and found that they weathered the heat and sand extremely well!

Caelen has offered to show me where the really wild animals are at, so I have to run... but please visit Kitties Lair and get some hot shoes soon!

Also wearing; PXL Skin, Shop Seu Hair, Kungler's Dress (and Necklace), Bangles by Armidi Gisaci. On Caelen; PXL Skin, Dernier Cri Hair, Men's Safari Outfit by Blaze, Maitreya Desert Boots, Accessories by M.R.M. FACTORY.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Digital Dragon Steps It Up!

This is a post that's been due for a bit now. I have quietly been watching the feeds with keen interest to see the progression of shoe designs emanating from Digital Dragon Designs, by the prolific content creators Zoey Pinkdot and Ninja Petion. They have created quite the mega-mall of everything from poses and gifts, to tattoos and clothing... and tons more. When I caught sight of the Rianna Pump last night I felt it was time to get my hands on some pairs and do a review.

Zoey and Ninja were more than happy to oblige, and I scooped up these four pairs to share with you. All of the styles below come in ranges of 8 colors, some even have the option of more than one type of metal accent available. All these pairs are well constructed, and Digital Dragon offer loads of wedges, slides, platforms and pumps to suit many a taste. Well worth a look. (Clothing and Accessory notes are below each picture.)

With the Buckle Pump I am wearing; Minnu Skin, MIRAI Hair, Armidi Top & Tights, Belt by MAiiKI, Bracelet by Baiastice, Earrings by Random Calliope.

With Rianna Pump I am also wearing; Minnu Skin, Mirai Hair, Ibizarre Dress, Earthtones Earrings and Necklace, UnTone Bracelets.

With the Kellie Wedges I am also wearing; Minnu Skin, Mirai Hair, Ruffled Top & Belt by Ivalde, Skirt by Red Buttafly, Necklace by +Plus, Bangles by Baiastice and Fresh Baked Goods.

With Elaina Wedge I am also wearing; Minnu Skin, Mirai Hair, Top by Beauty Avatar, Capris by Ingenue (tinted), Belt from MAiiKI, Scarf by Muism, Earrings by KraftiKa, Bangles by Cashmere and Fresh Baked Goods.

Visit Digital Dragon Designs to get some too!

Monday, June 16, 2008

More Beauty

I haven't been able to get my 'blawg' on for a couple days, but I return today with the Amanda Boots by Beauty Avatar creator Spotorno Binder. The boots are just another facet of the Beauty Avatar line that has seemingly taken my wardrobe by storm lately, with all sorts of sexy jeans, tops and dresses.

Graci recently reviewed the Beauty Avatar Emma Wedges, and now it's my turn to showcase these slouch ankled stiletto boots. They have nicely wrinkled textures and an almost suede finish. The boots, shown here in Coffee, come in a nice array of colors - visit the store for full selection. I am wearing mine with the Topeka Outfit, also from Beauty Avatar - I really enjoy this look.

As with many longer stemmed boots I found I was faced with the choice of modifying the upper attachment, or shifting my shape slightly to suit the boots... neither of these things deter me if I really like the footwear, and I opted for the latter option.

You can find the Amanda Boots, the Emma Wedges, and so much more at Beauty Avatar.
Also wearing; PXL Skin, Argrace Hat/Hair, Accessories by UnTone, M.R.M. FACTORY, and Ume Mode.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Beauty all the way down to your Toes!

I im'd Anessa last night, and she happened to be at Beauty Avatar. So I ran over of course, ok tp'd really, to do some late night shopping with my best girl. Anyways, she took me over to the clothing section of the sim and we both were impressed with the shoe display. By the way, I swear that girl can smell shoes from 8 regions over. No matter for that, back to the subject...the Emma shoes! These cuties come in a ton of colors and have 2 sole options as you can see from the pics. The texturing on the colored portion is rich and deep, and I love the shine on the toe. Take a look when you get a chance, we are anxiously awaiting much more for our toes from Beauty Avatar! Visit Beauty Avatar InWorld and OnLine!

ther stuff: Purple Emma: Hair by Aden, Skin by Beauty Avatar, Top by Beauty Avatar, Pants by Muism, Belt by Armidi, Jewelry by Paper Couture. Green Emma: Hair by ETD, Skin by Beauty Avatar, Top by Beauty Avatar, Skirt (from an outfit) by Beauty Avatar, Jewelry by Paper Couture.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Glamorous Life

Well, SL™ isn't cooperating with me today, but I was able to take a look at the newly refurbished 'Viva La Glam' Sim this morning and collect a pair of the new [VG] Schmooz Jenne Slip-ons. Big title. It seems as though Storm Schmooz has rolled some of his footwear line under the GLAM Umbrella to create a cohesive color palate that makes the entire collection all the more wearable. The Jenne Slip-ons come in the colors shown above, and apparently there is a heel strap version included, though I couldn't attach or rez one to show you... let's just go on faith then, shall we?

Check out the Jenne and lots of nice shopping at VG Republic!

Also wearing; PXL Skin, Dernier Cri Hair, Beauty Avatar Jeans, and [VG] Republic Tee.

I Feel Pretty...

New releases from ZHAO can do that to a girl, and Melanie Zhao's latest, the Lovis Pumps are just that type of shoe. A classic ultra high heeled pump with sexy flair and adorned with a sculpted bow and rhinestone buckle. Perfectly sweet, and very wearable. I took mine for a little stroll through the lobby at the Bellagio Hotel.

Look for these and other nicely made items at ZHAO Shoes.

Also wearing; PXL Skin, Laqroki Hair, Beauty Avatar Dress, Earrings by Kraftika Jewelry, Necklace by Tickled Pink, Bracelet by Fresh Baked Goods.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Mistress, May I?

Oh yes, you may! I did my usual spot check at DETOUR this morning and was greeted by the sexy new Mistress Boots. I know what you are thinking, 'Anessa, it's summer already... save the boots for fall!', but really... these are worth the extra sweat. I am not as much of a boot fan as Graci is, but when I see boots this nice I just can't resist, so I snapped up the full color set.

As you can see the boots come in 6 colors, the pink is only available if you buy the full color change pair. But hey all you pink lovers, these are a great boot so don't be discouraged. Stop in and try the demo in-store, you will find it comes equipped with two different sizes, a small and a medium, so one should suit your calves. Be sure and click on the picture above for a nice close-up look at the amazing detail in the textures. A monochromatic boot on a black base, a great wardrobe staple.

Take a closer look for yourself at DETOUR.

I am also wearing; PXL Skin, Armidi Clothing, Laqroki Hair, and a Twinkleberry Bracelet.

Sasche Flats

Every new release from Armidi creates a stampede over to the store. Shoppers show up in droves and fight the lag with enthusiasm (ok maybe not really enthusiasm, but they tough it out none the less). So I, like so many others...ran over and had to get my hands on the new goodies. These Sasche flats are adorable, and great quality. Available in many colors, I picked up the pearl. These are another shoe that would be great dressed up and dressed down (as shown here). If you haven't picked them up, run on over. I bet the lag isn't as bad now (I'm an optimist). There are demos available. Visit Armidi InWorld!

Other Stuff: Skin by Abyss, Hair by ETD, Top by Vette's Boutique, and shorts by Armidi.

Oh and another thing....

In addition to the Paige is a little tease on Siddean Munro's soon to be released ankle and calf boot. Ta Ta for now! :) Visit SLink Inworld!

Other stuff: Hair by Maitreya, Pants by Armidi, Skin by Beauty Avatar, Top by Cachet (from a dress) Tights in inlays by G.L.A.M.

SLink Madness!

Wow Wow Wow! That is what I thought when I saw the newness from Siddean Munro of SLink. However, when she sent me a review pack I fell out of my rl seat (see the packs all rezed on my floor)! I present to you the Paige collection, available in SIX different variations with about 12 different colors. I say about, because honestly I got a little dizzy. So many options, so many colors....too much to show in one post, but be prepared, I did try! I'll keep my words at a minimum...these shoes are totally cute and fun. I have to say my fav are the tstraps both in the platform and regular. Visit SLink Inworld!

Other stuff: All photos are skin by Beauty Avatar and Jewelry by Paper Couture. TStrap Sandal Pic: Hair by ETD, Dress by PixelDolls. Paige Pumps: Hair by ETD, Outfit by Armidi. PeepToe Platform: Hair by Magika, Dress by Armidi. Platform Pumps: Hair by Aden, dress by Armidi. Platform Tstrap Sandal: Hair by ETD, Outfit by Armidi.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Toe Picking, Really.

JB Gazov, creator behind the amazingly well made J's line recently sent me his latest great release, and I have been sitting on this post for a couple days while my modelling career has had me very busy. But I have been wearing them around, these fantastic looking Real Toe Tassele Wedge Sandals, and getting loads of compliments on them. The most popular comment, well, question...'OMG, are those... toes?'. And, yeah kids, they sure are.

10 adorable little sculpted toes, 5 on each foot (clever), with toenails polished to perfection and itsy bitsy toe rings, they have it all. You can customize the flesh tone, the rings (2 options) or remove them on each foot, and a selection of nice toenail polish options too. Wedges are always a great summer shoe, and these are a great shape, nice details in the bead and tassel accessories, and you can wear with or without the upper leg attachment (which comes in 3 sizes), as you can see here.

6 Great colors offered; Beige, Black, Blue, Green, OrangeBrown, and Red. A very nice assortment. This is a pair I highly recommend, they sure are fun to walk around in and get asked about.

You can find them at J's, happy shopping!

I am wearing; PXL Linda Skin, Laqroki Fallen Hair, Ce Cubic effect Hooded knit, Carolines's Accessories.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

TESLA is a 2008 Fashion Expo Angel!

I was simply thrilled to learn I had been selected to model as part of the 2008 Fashion Expo RFL one-of-a-kind auction, I was given a list of talented designers and told to expect delivery of some special items in time for the event. Unfortunately in one case, the designer was not able to make the deadline due to RL concerns, leaving me one item short for my runway adventure. I have to say that I feel like the luckiest girl in SL on most days, and even more so when I approached Tesla Miles of TESLA to see if she thought she could help. She didn't hesitate, and went right to work creating these one-of-a-kind Athena Peep-Toed Stiletto Boots in amazing snakeskin that she calls Slither! So here is a sneak peak of the Slither Boots that will be auctioned and an additional RFL Item named Priscilla that will be available during the Expo in her shop space. Please join me in thanking Tesla for her overwhelming kindness and pulling all of this together in less than 6 hours! You can thank her by visiting her space at the Expo or her main store here.

Thanks again Tes, and all the other amazing Fashion Expo 2008 participants! Please do try and make time to visit the Expo over the next few days to check out all the amazing new and exclusive items from your favorite creators, or come see me walk the walk on Saturday morning at 11 am (slt) during the auction, Fashion Expo 2008 Top Model voting to follow, all for Relay for Life, a very worthy cause!

Also wearing; PXL Skin, Maitreya Hair, Shai Dress/Bikini, Accessories from Earthtones.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Enter the Gladiators!

It is with genuine glee that I can finally say to all those who have waited with baited breath to get your hands on these that the day has arrived... I have teased you mercilessly, I know, but for what it's worth, my instincts tell me that as soon as you get these on you will agree they have been well worth the wait. So dangling carrot removed, I present to you the Gladiator Sandals from Stiletto Moody.

The Gladiator Boots come in 10 variations as seen below, these were selected in part based on the many customer requests for specific colors and also some great new features. The boots are offered in two sizes for the calf, small and medium... these should easily fit 95% of avatars in my estimation... those who have larger calves may need to adjust a slider or two, but really not a lot to ask if the shoes are ones you covet. Another feature that I am thrilled with is the bright and non-bright options... it's another personal preference thing, but a nice value add from a consumer standpoint. The typical other options such as clicks and bling are present (though I don't recall seeing any bling), and walk options.

The colors are; Black with White trim, Black, White, White with Bronze trim, White with Yellow trim, Red with White trim, Cobalt Blue with Silver trim, Tan with Brown trim, Green with Gold trim, and Fuchsia with Cream trim.

There is a full 10 color-change pair available and naturally comes at a huge savings over the individual pairs, but those are available as well. This boot offers in my opinion some of the best quality and sculpt work seen to date, they are beyond real. I am impressed with the overall foot shape achieved for a sandal, it looks completely natural - even for these ridiculously odd looking avatar feet we are all blessed with. Please note as always these shoe images are not retouched in any way, they are as they will be when you see them close up, amazing!

Also released simultaneously are a Gladiator Sandal (sans the boot part), and some MaryJane Sandals that I am dying to get my hands on, they come in some great colors and textures. More on these other releases as soon as I get them, they were not ready in time for my post.

Release is scheduled for today at 4 pm (slt), and Stiletto hasn't forgotten about her loyal customers that have awaited this release with much anticipation. As she has done in the past she is offering amazing sale prices on all previous stock to coincide with today's release, and remember only group members wearing their tag when they buy, get the benefit of the 40% off on all previously released stock. Sale pricing will end Saturday, June 7th at Midnight (slt). Sale prices cannot be applied to gift purchases, I am told.

Please do try and get over to Stiletto Moody's Main Store to take advantage of the sale and try some demos for the new releases. You will love them!

I am also wearing; Minnu Skin, Maitreya Hair, Armidi Blouse and Pearls, /artilleri/ Skirt, Creamshop Earrings, Fresh Baked Goods Bracelets, and Purse by MM Luxe (Miam Miam).

Anessa's Scrapbook: ETD

We welcomed back Elikapeka Tiramisu this week after a noticeable absence from Second Life®. She managed to bring with her a huge footwear release; Heather Boots, Starley Pumps in dozens of variations, and the return of the Buckle Boots, now sculpted and better than ever! How to fit all of this amazing stuff into one post without clogging the fashion feeds for a full day? I decided to wear mine from morning to night and let you all have a peek into my scrapbook. Enjoy!

You can take a closer look at the new releases at ETD.

Also wearing; In all pictures Minnu Skin & ETD Hair, Heather Boots - Camie Cooper Tank (Tinted), Veschi Shorts, Corduroy Leggings. Starley Pumps (Pink) - Armidi Mini Trench, 'heart' Cupcakes Dress, TESLA Sunglasses, Purse by Bunny's Bags (Pampered Princess), Bangles by Fresh Baked Goods. Starley Printed Pumps - Dress by Ivalde, Jewellery by Second Mirage and JCNY. Buckle Boots - Dress by Kitties Lair, Tights by Armidi, Bangles by Fresh Baked Goods, Earrings by Creamshop. All close up product shots are direct snapshots of in-store vendors created by Elikapeka Tiramisu.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Cherry Picking

Just a quickie, but surely a cutie for a Monday morning! I popped into DETOUR this morning on a whim and saw these neat Mixflip Sneakers, since my inventory has been a bit sneaker rich of late, I opted to grab only one pair... and for me it had to be the cherry plaid. There are 5 looks available as single pairs, or a texture change set that includes a 6th look. Really great realism on these puppies!

If you are a sneaker fan these are well worth a look at DETOUR.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, /artilleri/ Hair, Top (from Jen set) and Bracelets, Gouchos by Crush Factory, Black Bangles from Caroline's. Second image is a direct snapshot of in-store vendor created by Detour Sideways.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

One Last Tease...

Any day now... and more good news, promise! :))

L-R; Graciana McMillan, Jhuzen Ketsugo and I. All wearing dresses from 'heart' cupcakes.

Bax Again!

SL's™ reigning queen of the pointed toe boot has emerged from whatever terrific place she's been hiding the past little while and invited us to fall in love with her new ankle boots. Bax Coen celebrated the opening of her new main store with a little bit of dancing, some great tunes from DJ SerinaJane Loon and some sexy ankle boots too.

The new release comes in 2 colors of sueded boot - red and black, that said these things come equipped with optional lace toppers, eyelets, laces, soles, heels and tips that are all color changeable to several great presets or you completely custom shades too. Metals can also quickly swap between gold and silver. There are AO options and walk sounds if you are in need... they have an easy switch off in the 'touch for' menu if they are not your thing.

I had a lot of fun playing with the options on these... possibilities are literally endless. You can find these at Bax Coen's NEW Main Store!

Also wearing; with Black boots - Minnu Skin, Dernier Cri Hair, 'heart' Cupcakes Dress, Battered Boudoir Hosiery, Lacet Gloves (White, hand tinted) from Draconic Kiss, Pearl Necklace by +plus. with Red boots - Minnu Skin, Exile Hair, Canimal Dress, Fresh Baked Goods Bangle.