Monday, June 9, 2008

Mistress, May I?

Oh yes, you may! I did my usual spot check at DETOUR this morning and was greeted by the sexy new Mistress Boots. I know what you are thinking, 'Anessa, it's summer already... save the boots for fall!', but really... these are worth the extra sweat. I am not as much of a boot fan as Graci is, but when I see boots this nice I just can't resist, so I snapped up the full color set.

As you can see the boots come in 6 colors, the pink is only available if you buy the full color change pair. But hey all you pink lovers, these are a great boot so don't be discouraged. Stop in and try the demo in-store, you will find it comes equipped with two different sizes, a small and a medium, so one should suit your calves. Be sure and click on the picture above for a nice close-up look at the amazing detail in the textures. A monochromatic boot on a black base, a great wardrobe staple.

Take a closer look for yourself at DETOUR.

I am also wearing; PXL Skin, Armidi Clothing, Laqroki Hair, and a Twinkleberry Bracelet.

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