Monday, November 30, 2009

StyleCard: Snow Bunny Baby!

I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw this item come up on the fashion feed, needless to say I hopped (pun intended) over to Bare Rose to get it lickety split. The Bare Rose Super Yukiusa Sisters set is a complete head to toe look, no wait, make that two head to toe looks, all cute and cozy and bunny girl fantastic! You get a pink and a white version of the outfit and it includes the boots! Yep two pairs of these adorable and cuddly boots, for only, wait for it, 180 L$! And for that price even if you don't have any intention of getting into a snow bunny outfit, the boots are worth the trip to Bare Rose.. so grab these up!

Are you still sitting there? Get over to Bare Rose, now!

The stuff;

Outfit (Including Boots): Bare Rose, Super Yukiusa Sisters.

Skin: Curio, Moonbeam, Winter, Snow Angel 2 (Dark).

Hair:, Deena, Melancholy White.

(click on image to expand.)

StyleCard: YS&YS BigSur Boots

More boots worthy of attention at Footwear Expo, YS & YS bring us the BigSur Boots. These tall suede lovelies have really nice texturing and a great cuffed top. Available in 8 colors, you can also get a very special blue version in support of Toys for Tots at Expo. Visit YS & YS at Expo to get these boots, or the main store for a great selection of footwear.

The stuff;

Boots: YS & YS, BigSur Boots, Goblin.

Skin: Curio, June Sundust FREX, Doe 1.

Hair: TRUTH, Grace, Toffee.

Outfit: So Many Styles, Button Shirt, Green. & Elephant Outfitters (Armidi), Andi Denim Vest, Sand and Journey Tweed Slacks Coal.

Accessories: Donna Flora, Viola Set. & Redgrave, Driving Gloves, Mustard. & LeLutka, 100% Plastic Bag, Goldenrod (Group Gift).

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Footwear Expo Update!

If you haven't hit the Footwear Expo yet, what are you waiting for? Not only is the Expo home to several amazing new releases, and a great way to discover some new designers, but it is also a great way to support a good cause, Toys for Tots!

One exciting way to contribute is to buy 2009 Footwear Expo Raffle Tickets! Locate the giant green ornaments scattered around the expo grounds and for your 1000 L$ contribution you will be entered into a draw for some amazing prizes! 2 Grand Prizes will be awarded, including prizes furnished by:

The Loft
Reel Expression
*HD* Haven Designs
G Field
Sable Rose
Olive Juice poses
Callie Cline
Tiny Bird
Striking Poses
Shoe Fly
Heart & Soul
aDORKable poses
Miau Haus

Winners will be drawn at the end of the Expo, Contact Rosie Shark for more information!

StyleCard: Periquita Kulturtant Flats

Erpla Prieto has a great new pair of flats at Footwear Expo, the Kulturtant Flats are an almost chubby little flat with the added interest of a band around the toes and a strap loosely around the ankle in a contrast color. The Kulturtant Flats are color change, allowing you to mix and match the base of the shoe and the trim, and they are resize scripted. Visit Periquita at Expo or the Main Store to pick up these cuties.

The stuff;

Shoes: Periquita, Kulturtant Flats.

Skin: Belleza, Jesse, Sunkiss 8 HB.

Hair: TRUTH, Wilma, Chocolate.

Outfit: Muism, VSL Damaged Jeans, Washed. &, Ballet Sweater, Hot Pink. & COCO, FringeVest, Dark Brown.

Accessories: Maitreya, Coin Necklace.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

StyleCard: Kookie Pomski Boots

More cute boot love! If for some reason the Pomski Boots from Kookie have escaped your notice, I will enlighten you as to their many charms. I have to say one of my favorite times in SL is winter and all the great knit wear, scarves and coats we get to shop for, these Pomski Boots are definitely worth grabbing to go with all of the cozy stuff. They are a modern take on a classic snowboot, great texturing and leather laces are capped off with a bit of fur and a pair of sweet pom poms. Pure winter fun!

Visit Kookie at Footwear Expo or the Main Store Location to find these.

The stuff;

Boots: Kookie, Pomski Boots, Light Kelp (White Fur).

Skin: Curio, June Sundust FREX, Dark Swan 1.

Hair/Hat: ::69::, Escape 2, Faded Brown.

Outfit: Muism, Yeti Jacket, White. & DP Yum Yum, Leggings, Brown. & Mischief, Spring Chill Sweater, Camel. & Maitreya, RB Tank, Fuchsia Red.

Necklace: Second Mirage, Khione Necklace.

(click on images to expand.)

StyleCard: Kitties Lair Zara

Babette Ultsch's footwear is always sexy, always well made, and often irresistible. Kitties Lair introduces these Zara Sandals at Footwear Expo, and they should be on your must have list. Zara is a double t-strap sandal with signature heart buckle and baked shine finish. The shoes are available in a number of colors and a few yummy metallic, the shoes come with a HUD for skin color matching, which is pretty easy to use, multiple nail polish options, and even the choice of making the heel and sole of the shoe colored or chrome. There are multiple fat-pack options available, and you can try a demo before you buy.

Visit Kitties Lair at Footwear Expo or at the Main Store Location.

The stuff;

Shoes: Kitties Lair, Zara Sandals, Red.

Skin: Rockberry, Uma, Natural C.

Hair: Foam, The Melody 2, Brown A.

Dress: Donna Flora, Licia Dress.

Accessories: U&R Dogs, Rocksteady Bracelet and Earrings. & Candy Nail, Basic Prim Nails Red05.

(click on images to expand.)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Help Wanted

Though Flutter Memel's Flowey Poses are not officially part of Footwear Expo, I couldn't help but giggle when she posted on plurk that she had created a special set of poses as a way to make a few extra L$ to spend at the shoe fair! The set is called 'I need money for ShoeFair'.

You can help Flutter fulfill her footwear dreams by doing some shopping at Flowey Poses.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kalnins Gives Back!

A hot tip for fans of Kalnins Footwear today... Maris Kanto, Designer of Kalnins, will be thanking those of you who have already signed up for the store InfoChannel with a little Thanksgiving bonus! If you are signed up before November 25th, you will receive a gift card that will entitle you to an additional 45% off on all Kalnins purchases between November 25th -28th, combined with the 5% InfoChannel Subscriber discount that brings your total savings to 50% off!

Be sure and visit Kalnins to sign up today!

UPDATE: The gift card will only be effective between November 25th and 27th, Kalnins apologizes for any inconveinience.

Monday, November 23, 2009

StyleCard: On My Tiny Toes

I have to admit this one was a bit of a challenge for me, I have serious affection for footwear that has realistic proportion and photorealstic texturing, that I rarely step into shoes like the ones created by 2408 Alekseev of 24Shoo Shoes. The best way for me to classify the Wow! No. 19 shoe is fantasy, or surreality, they distort the foot somewhere reminiscent of Chinese foot binding. They are constructed of loops and florettes of plastic with barely a heel to speak of, and they wrap a very unique and dainty foot on a float of sculpted platform.

The design is meant to extend the leg, and since I have always prided my avatar as having a sexy leg without any external help, perhaps the super slim leg and petite foot were not really designed with me in mind. If however you are a fan of the trend for SL fashion models to have legs set to 100 and next to no body fat then these are likely a very elegant and soaring slice of fashion well suited to you. Visit 24Shoo Shoes at Expo or the Main Store to see more!

The stuff;

Shoes: 24Shoo Shoes, Wow! No.19, Black.

Skin: Belleza, Jesse Sunkiss, 1 HB.

Hair: DejaVu, Mademoiselle, Black (hand tinted bands).

Dress: Beauty Avatar, Bayonne Dress.

Accessories: UZURI, Zamani, Silver Bangle. & Creamshop, Glam Earrings, Red.

(click on image to expand.)

StyleCard: A Little Bit of Heart & Sole

Footwear Expo is host to shoe designers of all types and experience, another name that was new-to-me is that of Heart & Sole, which boasts a collection of sexy sandals and strappy concoctions that have some nice touches of detail. Designer Bijoux Lefavre has a number of fun shoes at Expo, I am focusing on two of them, the Broken and Drops styles, both are foot-in-shoe sandals. The Broken shoes look simple at first glance, but the dangling broken heart charm on a delicate pewter chain add interest and a hint of back story. They are available in a number of colors and as a fatpack.

Heart & Sole proudly promises reasonable prices on their footwear, and they deliver, the Drops shoes have the look of a decadent jewel embellished sandal but the ticket price is very affordable. Pulled together with linked pieces of leather, the shoe has a pair of dangling jewels on chains that have a slight glimmer from the texture change gems. Visit Heart & Sole at Expo or at the main store location to see more!

The stuff;

Look 1 -

Shoes: Heart & Sole, Broken, Purple.

Skin: Curio, June - Sundust FREX, Dark Allium 2.

Hair: DP Yum Yum, BarberYumYum 19, Brown.

Outfit: Bijou, Nightmare, Dark Purple.

Accessories: COCO, Long Gloves, Black. & Donna Flora, Dolores, Purple (Earrings from Set).

Look 2 -

Shoes: Heart & Sole, Drops, Black.

Skin: Curio, June - Sundust FREX, Dark Daylily 2.

Hair: DP Yum Yum, BarberYumYum 17, Brown.

Outfit: Bijou, Phantom Dance.

Accessories: CHLOE, Black Night Bracelet & Necklace.

(click on images to expand.)

StyleCard:C'est Magnifico!

New to me designer Magnifico Miggins of Magnifico Shoes offers up some great styles at Footwear Expo. Taking a closer look at two of them, the Cage Boots and the Envy Boots, reveals some nice design and great bold color. The Cage Boots have a fetish meets fashion feel to them, and come complete with a prim foot inside these open leather weave boots. Available in multiple colors or fatpack with color change HUD.

The Envy Boots fall into the oh-so-popular knee high boot category, with very detailed crinkled polished leather calves. Also available in some bold bright colors, and full color set, these are equally nice in monochromatic grey or black. Visit Magnifico at Footwear Expo or at their Main Location!

The stuff;

Look 1 -

Boots: Magnifico Shoes, Cage Boots, All Color Set.

Skin: Curio, June - Sundust FREX, Dark Swan 2.

Hair:, Rashelle, Timid Brown.

Outfit: Luck Inc., Sweater Dress, Bulgarian Rose. & Armidi Limited, Metallic Tights, Black.

Accessories: M * A * ii * K * I, High Waisted Belt, Patent Black.

Look 2 -

Boots: Magnifico Shoes, Envy Boots, All Color Set.

Skin: Curio, June - Sundust FREX, Dark Doe 1.

Hair:, Deena, Scornful Red.

Outfit: Snatch, Cashmere Sweater and Scarf (Multicolor Set). & Armidi, Grace Jeans, Bleached.

Accessories: Argyle, Autumn Bangles, Fushia.

(click on images to expand.)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

StyleCard: G Field at Footwear Expo

I have to admit to a little bit of boot love for G Field. Designer Cerberus Noel has offered up two completely new styles for the fair, one of which is the Long Fur Cuff Boot, a boot which I admit I thought was cute on the vendor, but once I got it on it was much much more. It seems to be a perfect combination of soft scrunched suede and fluffy fur topper, accented with a delicate wisp of ribbon. The boot sits on a great chunky platform sole, and is available in a number of color choices.

Not a new release, but newly released in this fun houndstooth pattern, the Figure Pumps, also from G Field, are a classic looking little pump. I really love the little knotted bow on the toe and other smart details. These are very affordable and well worth grabbing a pair (or two). Visit G Field at the Footwear Expo to see all the available colors and patterns. Also keep an eye out for an additional new release, a Ribbon Slingback!

G Field at Expo, or Main Store Location.

The stuff;
Look 1 -
Boot: G Field, Long Fur Cuff Boot, Black/Night.

Skin: Curio, June Sundust FREX, Dark Racoon 2.

Hair: TRUTH, Talullah, Mocha.

Outfit: So Many Styles, Tartan Skirt, Grey. & En Svale, Cardigan, Charcoal. & Maitreya, RB Tank, Black.

Accessories: TAP (5th & Oxford), Gloves, Short Grey. & Armidi, Sweater Scarf, Faded Chic. & Artileri, Knit Earmuffs, Black.

Look 2 -

Shoes: G Field, Figure Pumps, Hound Tooth Red.

Skin: Curio, June Sundust FREX, Dark Doe 1.

Hair: TRUTH, Lizzie, Toffee.

Outfit: Armidi Gisaci, Lima Trenchcoat, Nero. & GLAM, Solid Tintable Lycra Tights.

Accessories: Argrace, Long Stole, Paisley Red.

(click on images to expand.)

StyleCard: Double Dose of Nardcotix

Nardcotix has a number of releases planned for the Footwear Expo, here are two, the Cerra Booties and the Eva Slingbacks. Nardya Rousselot has certainly been busy getting these ready for us, she has a great sensibility for making the type of shoes I would happily wear in first life! The Cerra Booties for example are an ankle height boot in rich leather with the addition of studs and zippers to give them a bit of spirit. Ever practical Nardya offers up this boot with multiple wear options to accommodate pant legs, or spare an attachment point.

The Eva Slingback is a great retro shoe updated in several attractive snakeskin options. The shoe is set upon a stacked wood heel and buckles attractively at the ankle. The real charm of this otherwise classically styled shoe is the sculpted bow wrap of the toe, another really special must have sort of shoe that bares an exotic mix of texture and practical style!

Find both of these styles and more at Footwear Expo, and later at the Nardcotix Main Store.

The stuff;

Look 1 -
Shoes: Nardcotix, Cerra Bootie, Brown Leather.

Skin: Curio, Sundust FREX, Dark - Pure 4.

Hair: MiraiStyle, Gran, Cream.

Outfit: Fishy Strawberry, Oversized Cardigan & Socks, Brown. & Persona, Woolen Tights, Pink. & LeLutka Lingerie, Nicola Lingerie Set, Pink Bra.

Necklace & Earrings: Mezzo, Bear & Cupcake Necklace and Soft Ice Cream Earrings.

Look 2 -

Shoes: Nardcotix, Eva Slingback, Beige.

Skin: Curio, Sundust FREX, Dark - Doe 2.

Hair: MiraiStyle, Bana, Latte.

Outfit: Donna Flora, Karen (Cream Skirt).

Accessories: Donna Flora, Dolores Set, Gold.

(click Images to expand.)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

StyleCard: YS&YS Cala Saona

Your Shape & Your Skin is much more than it's name suggests, branching out into some amazing footwear and accessories of late. With incredible sense of style and fun details that a fashionista will find hard to resist, the latest footwear collection, Cala Saona 1 & 2, are sure to please. Designer and Co-Owner, Monyka Benelli, brings us a great platform style pump with classic rounded toe. Available in colorful suedes and exciting animal prints, the Cala Saona is a perfect shoe to pump up your style.

Visit YS&YS to see the complete selection.

The Stuff;

Shoes: YS&YS, Cala Saona, Brunella.

Skin: Belleza, Jesse, Sunkiss 8 HB.

Hair: Ingenue, Senorita (No Snood), Natural Black.

Outfit: Mimikri Haute Couture, Joy Sequin Skirt & Blouse, Lilac.

Hat: Ingenue Millinery, Loretta, Plum.

Earrings: Donna Flora, Dolores, Purple (Part of Set).

(click on image to expand.)

StyleCard: Kalnins Shoes Dragoness

Hot, Hot Release! Just out today (or any minute now) at Kalnins Shoes, the Dragoness Sandal with prim feet. This sandal comes complete with multi-function HUD that allows to mix and match shoe parts from 12 colors, 2 metals, multiple nail polish shades and skin tones. Maris Kanto has outdone himself on some of the small details of this shoe, I really love the look at shape of the sole on these, the great stitch and stud accents and the updated nail polish choices, for the most realistic colored nails from Kalnins to date, good things!

Visit Kalnins today!

**Special Note: For those of you not familiar with the Kalnins new release special, run over to Kalnins now because the first 300 Pairs are sold at 50% (yeah, 50%) off the regular pricing. What a great way to thank your loyal customers! Hurry on over!

The stuff;

Shoes: Kalnins, Dragoness Shoes, Customizable.

Skin: Curio, Sundust FREX, Dark - Doe 1.

Hair: TRUTH, Micah, Toffee.

Outfit: Armidi Gisaci, Milla Milla, Ajan Creme.

Accessories: Jewelry Set - Miel, Cue Set. & League, Wide Belt, Brown (on Jacket Layer). & YS&YS, Saona Bag, Ocelot.

(click on image to expand.)

'Twas The Night Before Expo!

Having just 'skated' around the sims of the 2009 SL® Footwear Expo, I am happy to report that the setting is not only fun and festive but very easy to navigate! The build is very prim conscious and although it is only an early supposition, I expect the lag of shopping the expo during it's peak attendance times will be less than other large scale events of this type. The stores participating are an impressive list, and I am most excited to see the addition of pose designers to this year's expo, after all, once you buy all those gorgeous shoes you will want to show them off!

Things get started tomorrow, so start thinking happy shoe thoughts!

Don't forget about the 2009 SL® Footwear Expo flickr Photo Contest! Still plenty of time to get your entries in!

Here are the important details:

Anyone may enter the Flickr Contest, with as many pictures as they like, wearing any shoes that they like.The prize package for one lucky winner includes items from Tillie Ariantho, Dove Swanson [LAP], and Serenity Mercier’s AMS PhotoStage.

- Only photos submitted between 11/18/09 and 12/02/09 at midnight slt will be considered eligible.
- Deadline for entry is midnight on 12/02/09
- You may enter as many photos as you’d like
- One photo will be selected by a panel of Footwear Expo staff
- Winner will be announced on 12/06/09 during the final day of the Expo
- Please include SL avatar name in the description of the photo
- Photos should reflect both themes: shoes + winter wonderland/holiday

I can't wait to see your creative shots, and post the winning photo here on 'On Your Toes'!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Are You Ready?

The time has almost come for the 2009 SL® Footwear Expo! While the vendors are getting busy with their final preparations, I am getting ready for a marathon of blogging that will hopefully bring you a look at many of the new releases, and what to look out for at the Expo!

Don't forget to participate in the 2009 SL® Footwear Expo Flickr Contest!!

Here are the important details:

Anyone may enter the Flickr Contest, with as many pictures as they like, wearing any shoes that they like.

The prize package for one lucky winner includes items from Tillie Ariantho, Dove Swanson [LAP], and Serenity Mercier’s AMS PhotoStage.

- Only photos submitted between 11/18/09 and 12/02/09 at midnight slt will be considered eligible.
- Deadline for entry is midnight on 12/02/09
- You may enter as many photos as you’d like
- One photo will be selected by a panel of Footwear Expo staff
- Winner will be announced on 12/06/09 during the final day of the Expo
- Please include SL avatar name in the description of the photo
- Photos should reflect both themes: shoes + winter wonderland/holiday

Have fun! Kick it with some fabulous shoes and show us your photo skills!

StyleCard: Enkythings Heels on Wheels

Sometimes a shoe is just too much fun to pass up, as is the case with these Heels on Wheels from Enktan Gully, Enkythings. More than just a well crafted non sculpty shoe, the Heels on Wheels take a page from Steampunk mechanicals with the addition of spoked wheels. Not only do these look pretty darn cool, they also come complete with a skating animation that will have you gliding through your Second Life.

Visit Enkythings to pick up a pair!

The stuff;

Shoes: Enkythings, Heels on Wheels, Wicker Brown.

Skin: League, Kate Medium, Golden Glow (Hair).

Hair: Atelier AM, Kristine Flower, Umber (Hand Tinted Flower).

Outfit: League, Asuka Steam Outfit, Skirt Version.

(click image to expand.)

StyleCard: SLink Sydney Boots

Another fantastic boot release! The Sydney Overknee Boots from SLink are everything a great boot should be; great heel height, sexy calf hugging shape, fantastic detail, and appealing design. Siddean Munro offers us nine shades of the Sydney Boots, and with convenient resize HUD they will suit many wearers.

Grab a demo at SLink today!

Update: It seems that the very generous Siddean is offering a limited edition gold version of the Sydney Boot as part of the 50 Linden Fridays event this week! Don't miss a chance to collect this great boot for a price that is out of this world! Get them HERE!

The stuff;

Boots: SLink, Sydney Overknee Boots, White.

Skin: Curio, Sundust FREX, Winter, Coal.

Hat/Hair: Argrace, Knit Beret - Flare Curl, Dark Brown.

Sweater/Shirt: Skin Flicks, Cassy Cascade Sweater Grey.

Pants: Persona, High Waist Pants, Black.

Earring: Violet Voltaire, Doll Face Cameo Earrings, Chola.

Purse: YS&YS, Cala Saona Bag, Night.

Gloves: TAP, Short Gloves, Black. (5th & Oxford)

Monday, November 16, 2009

StyleCard: Courtisane La Vivien

It is so nice to see something new from Courtisane, the partnership of LeeZu Baxter and Enktan Gully. The new La Vivien boots are a whimsical and appealing creation, with unique combinations of texture and color. The shoes are sold in color groupings of 3; reds, blue, pinks, and so on, and the Fatpack version which gives you access to all the colours and the ability to mix and match to your hearts content.

Visit Courtisane to see the full color range, and try a demo.

The Stuff;

Shoes: Courtisane, La Vivien, Royalblue.

Skin: Curio, Sundust Light, Battle Royale, Pure 1.

Hair: ::69::, AMK2, Umber.

Coat/Sweater: Gbberish, Isabeau Coat Dress, Claret.

Tights: So Many Styles, Shiny Tights, Rusty.

Earrings: Atelier AM, Cube earrings, red.

Purse: Bare Rose, Nadeshiko Kinchaku, Red w/o Lace.

(click on image to expand.)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

StyleCard: JCS Vader's Sneakers

It is a shoe you kind of have to have in your wardrobe, that retro sport sneaker that seems to keep showing up all over the grid. I do like the Jeepers Creepers Shoes version by Eponymous Trenchmouth, besides being reasonably priced, the shoes are unisex and can be sized to suit both male and female avies. The Vader's come in multiple white/color combos, and an all black pair, which I especially like. Grab a pair here.

The Stuff;

On him:

Shoes: JCS, Vader's, All Black.

Skin: Belleza Jonas Tan 3

Hair: Uncleweb Studio/7R Robin Hair, Meteoric Swan.

Clothing: ARAI Sumi Jeans & Armidi Limited, Basic V-Neck, Black.

On me:

Shoes: JCS, Vader's, Gray.

Skin: Curio, Sundust FREX, Dark/Doe 1.

Hair: Maitreya, Green, Caramel.

Clothing: Maitreya, Boyfriend Jeans, #08 & Maitreya, RB Tank, Slate.

(click on image to expand.)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Big 5-0-0 & More!

Yep, another 'On Your Toes' Milestone. Hard to believe it has been 500 posts already! Once again I will take this opportunity to thank the incredible content creators of Second Life, who continue to create all those wonderful shoes, boots, and feet, that make my passion for shoe blogging endlessly rewarding. Despite all the negative forces that seem to get in the way of business in today's virtual marketplace, the footwear designers of SL are responsible for great leaps in innovation and remarkable creativity. I couldn't take a single stylish step without you!

Great appreciation to the other contributors, readers and followers of 'On Your Toes', I value the time you give to chase my feet around the grid, your feedback, and your great tips and finds. From the start of my journey on this blog way back in December of 2007, with my dear friend Graciana McMillan, I have never gotten tired of showing off the fantastic fashions of Second Life. If you are interested in more information about how this blog got started you can find that here.

As I look ahead to the upcoming '2009 SL® Footwear Expo' , starting on November 22nd and running until December 6th, I expect we will be sharing many more special shoe moments together in the future!

Thanks for keeping us On Your Toes!

There is something else to celebrate for loyal shoe fanatics, and in this case membership does have it's privileges! It seems that Stiletto Moody has decided to celebrate the 2 Year Anniversary of their Grand Opening with a very special gift for existing group members, that means that if you are not in the group already you won't be able to join up and grab this goody.

For the rest of us it's this red hot, Badseed Red in fact, pair of the new BARE Lana shoe in a limited gift edition, complete with all the features of the regular BARE footwear line, and featuring the very special Gold Heart Anniversary Logo on the sole. A shoe that will inspire love!

Stiletto Moody group members can pick this gift up for the next few days here & here.

StyleCard: Kalnins Shoes Boudoir

Another great shoe from Maris Kanto of Kalnins Shoes. The Boudoir Shoes are a great crossover between a bootie and an open toed pump, they feature a zipper closure and contrast sole. Besides the realistic texturing the Boudoir is customizable including three parts of the shoe, metal color, skin tone and nail color. My only minor issue with the shoe is the nail color options, which are matte colors, the addition of shine is an option, but the shininess almost obscures the color of the nail, so it is flat color or high shine, and I might prefer something in between like a nail texture with a baked shine finish. The shoes are at a very friendly price point for the options included, so they are well worth grabbing.

Visit Kalnins for these and other great styles.

The Stuff;

Shoes - Kalnins Shoes, Boudoir, Color Change.

Skin - Curio, June, Sundust FREX-Dark-Doe 1.

Hair -, Allison, Timid Brown.

Jacket - So Many Styles, Vintage Jacket, Black-Gold.

Pants - Baiastice, Polish Pants, Gold.

Bra & Corset - Armidi - Intimizzio, Kensington Notte, Black.

Accessories - Donna Flora, Dolores Earrings, Gold & Love Soul Prim Nails, Devil/Gold.

(click on image to expand.)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Moody Romance

Lingerie and stilettos have a tendency to gravitate toward one another, and in the virtual world, where certain luxuries are hard to live without, pairing sexy footwear with lingerie usually leads to the taking of pictures. Perhaps it was only natural then that a very special piece of furniture find it's way into the mix, setting the mood and creating some of my favorite blog snaps in recent memory.

Stiletto Moody has released some additional and enticing new textures for my favorite BARE Lauren shoes, a second color set full of punchy brights and hot rich shades, a trio of metallic flecked 'Diamante' finishes, and even a series of remarkable animal inspired textures, Alligator and Leopard, a visit to the SM Boutique will be filled with high-heeled eye candy and difficult decisions. Another new style in the BARE Collection is the Elizabeth shoe, similar in flavor to the Lauren but with a wide zippered ankle 'cuff' instead of the more demure ribbon wrapping of the Lauren.

Here is just a taste of these latest looks, from top to bottom, BARE Elizabeth in Silver Diamante, BARE Lauren in Green Alligator, and finally the red hot BARE Lauren in Blood Leopard (that includes 3 clever variations). Worn with these delicious treats is a taste of the latest lingerie from Blacklace, accessories from Donna Flora, hair from Exile, prim perfect Long Gloves from COCO, and last but not least the very gorgeous skin, Jesse from Belleza.

Making all of it come together so beautifully can almost always be credited to the inspiration of the opposite sex, and in this case he would be the creator of this most incredible animated chaise, Rogan Diesel, whose Diesel Works Debutante Chaise (shown here in black), is just filled with sexy, sweet, and very alluring poses. I have owned pose filled modeling chaises before, this by far is my favorite, both for the quality and variety of the poses and the simplicity of use. It is also pretty attractive as a piece of furniture, and comes in a few very appealing colors.

Visit these retailers to complete your 'Romantic' shopping list:

Stiletto Moody Boutique

Diesel Works Animations

Blacklace Lingerie

Donna Flora



(click on images to expand.)

Footwear Expo Collector Card #3

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Almost Time!

The shoe creators of Second Life, and the team behind the coming Footwear Expo, are hard at work preparing for the November 22nd launch of this much anticipated event! Starting just in time for the holiday shopping season, the 2009 Footwear Expo will take place across 2 sims and will feature the best in virtual footwear and exciting new releases to make us all a bit giddy. This year the Expo will be raising funds in Support of Toys for Tots.

I am happy to be participating in the 2009 Footwear Expo as a guest blogger, I will be featuring some great footwear in a fun 'Collector Card' format leading up to and during the Expo, which runs until December 6th! You can 'collect' my posts at both 'On Your Toes' and the '2009 SL® Footwear Expo!' blogs.

Stay tuned for more information!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Just Because

I finally found some time to make something new for Pin Up Dolls! You can find these cute VaVoom Dresses at my main store Here! (And pick up the spanking new Holiday Dollarbie while you are there) This is my first attempt at a prim mini style dress, hope you like it. Ciao for now! ~ Ness.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

StyleCard: NX Kurvy Pumps & T-Straps

Oh, how I love my Retro. The new Kurvy Pumps from Nardya Rousselot's Nardcotix, NX, instantly give off a super sexy retro vibe. In my favorite color, red, it's easy to see why. Satiny red shoes wrapped in black trim and bow accents that have a sweet rounded toe and a perfectly sculpted heel. Whether you favour the pump version or the more elaborate T-Strap Mary Janes, the Kurvy shoes are an instant classic!

I paired mine with the recent releases from Ingenue, the Secretary Skirt in Ebon and Stenno Blouse in Ruby. The Secretary skirt can be worn a number of ways, with or without the peplum attachments (there are 2 options), a fantastic high waisted pencil skirt. The Stenno Blouse is a perfect partner to the skirt, I love the sculpted cuffs that are perfectly shaped, and the pretty prim collar.

Look for these Kurvy Shoes at Nardcotix.

The Stuff;

Shoes: NX Kurvy Pumps & Kurvy T-Strap Mary Janes, Red.

Skin: Minnu Model Skins Gift 'Old Hollywood' (No longer available.)

Hair: Ingenue, The Grable, Natural Black.

Blouse & Skirt: Ingenue, Stenno Blouse, Ruby & Ingenue, Secretary Skirt, Ebon.

Stockings: Battered Boudoir, Vintage Stockings, Black Seamed.

Earrings: Donna Flora, Venus, Ruby.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

StyleCard: LeLutka Chloe Ankle Boots

Minnu Palen's recent footwear release, the Chloe Ankle Boot, is one of my favorite ankle boots so far this season. Simply put, I have always been a sucker for detail, and with every release from the LeLutka collection I see more and more of the eye catching detail and sense of style that a shoe lover finds hard to resist. The boots are great high heeled ankle booties, that combine rhinestone trim and even a teeny LeLutka zipper pull, to make them all sorts of fantastic. Look for these at LeLutka in multiple colors including solids and delicious tone on tone brights.

The Stuff;

Shoes: LeLutka, Chloe Ankle Boots, Black.

Skin: Gala Phoenix, Sundust FREX, Dark, Doe 1.

Hair: Lamb, Say, Butterfinger.

Dress: Madsy, Anna MiniDress, Black.

Tights: So Many Styles (SMS), Shiny Tights, Olive.

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