Monday, November 30, 2009

StyleCard: Snow Bunny Baby!

I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw this item come up on the fashion feed, needless to say I hopped (pun intended) over to Bare Rose to get it lickety split. The Bare Rose Super Yukiusa Sisters set is a complete head to toe look, no wait, make that two head to toe looks, all cute and cozy and bunny girl fantastic! You get a pink and a white version of the outfit and it includes the boots! Yep two pairs of these adorable and cuddly boots, for only, wait for it, 180 L$! And for that price even if you don't have any intention of getting into a snow bunny outfit, the boots are worth the trip to Bare Rose.. so grab these up!

Are you still sitting there? Get over to Bare Rose, now!

The stuff;

Outfit (Including Boots): Bare Rose, Super Yukiusa Sisters.

Skin: Curio, Moonbeam, Winter, Snow Angel 2 (Dark).

Hair:, Deena, Melancholy White.

(click on image to expand.)