Monday, November 23, 2009

StyleCard: On My Tiny Toes

I have to admit this one was a bit of a challenge for me, I have serious affection for footwear that has realistic proportion and photorealstic texturing, that I rarely step into shoes like the ones created by 2408 Alekseev of 24Shoo Shoes. The best way for me to classify the Wow! No. 19 shoe is fantasy, or surreality, they distort the foot somewhere reminiscent of Chinese foot binding. They are constructed of loops and florettes of plastic with barely a heel to speak of, and they wrap a very unique and dainty foot on a float of sculpted platform.

The design is meant to extend the leg, and since I have always prided my avatar as having a sexy leg without any external help, perhaps the super slim leg and petite foot were not really designed with me in mind. If however you are a fan of the trend for SL fashion models to have legs set to 100 and next to no body fat then these are likely a very elegant and soaring slice of fashion well suited to you. Visit 24Shoo Shoes at Expo or the Main Store to see more!

The stuff;

Shoes: 24Shoo Shoes, Wow! No.19, Black.

Skin: Belleza, Jesse Sunkiss, 1 HB.

Hair: DejaVu, Mademoiselle, Black (hand tinted bands).

Dress: Beauty Avatar, Bayonne Dress.

Accessories: UZURI, Zamani, Silver Bangle. & Creamshop, Glam Earrings, Red.

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