Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Pixel Mode's Pretty Pixels

So, I saw these shoes on the feed yesterday I think, or maybe it was the day before. Anyways, I told Anessa that I thought they were adorable, so I was eager to get my grimy hands on them! And guess what!? I did! Here are the Tem Wedges by Tya Fallingbridge of Pixel Mode. There are a lot of cute shoes at Pixel Mode and these ones are one of many lovely styles to choose from. Take a look and visit Pixel Mode Inworld and OnLine!

Oh btw, Pixel Mode is moving this summer and will have a brand spanking new name...the best news is that it is going to be a contest with prizes to pick the name...and not just any prize either!!! The winner will get 10k and SHOES FOR LIFE (play fanfare music here)! Yes, that's right! Join the Pixel Mode group for contest rules and guidelines.

Other Stuff: Hair by Aden, Skin by MMS, Clothing by Armidi, Review copy shoes, Maitreya pose. Tem Wedges color option picture taken by Tya Fallingbridge and on display in her stores.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Kit Boots...

Don't let the warmer weather fool you! You still *can* wear boots in the summer! Here are some boots that fit that example perfectly! The Kit by Lyra Muse of Jaywalk. In addition to a wonderful design, one of the best parts about these darlings is: look at all the colors!!! So many little time! I must be off...these boots are made for walking!

Other Stuff: Hair by Cake, Skin by Tuli, Dress by Savvy, Jewelry by Paper Couture. Kit boots given as a review copy to Graci, color selection photo taken by Graci of Lyra Muse's store display. Pose by Maitreya.

Monday, April 28, 2008


I was pleased as punch to wake up this morning and see that Erpla Prieto of Periquita had dropped some beauties on my doorstop. the Sueshoo Sandals! Strappy and sweet, and another fabulous pick for your Spring/Summer wardrobe. Visit Periquita In World!

Other Items:
Skin by MMS, Hair by AOHARU, Top by Cachet, Shorts by Muism, Jewelry by Earthtones. Shoes a review copy from Periquita, pose by Maitreya.

5 Minutes Flat

I've been waiting for these flats, yeah... flats. My keen peepers spotted these as a work in progress inside the teeny 5 Minutes After shop located on niQue soil. I soon pestered owner Agathe Latte to find out when the release date might be... sadly they were not yet for sale. Today I visited again, and yes they were for sale, amazingly priced at 200 L per pair.

These sweet Ballet Shoes come in both pink and purple. They are an amazingly detailed leather slipper with elastic strap... just like my own had as a kid in ballet class. The texturing is really sensational, and I am glad I let Agathe finish these in her own time... these are really well done.

Dance on over to 5 Minutes After and grab a pair or a demo, and also check out her selection of neat boots and bags.

Also wearing; PXL Skin, ETD Hair, Dress by alafolie, Earring by UnTone.

Poses by KoumB.

More Artwork from Nyla

It's always a beautiful day when Nyla Cheeky releases more of her couture creations into Second Life®. Her latest releases come complete with shoes, so lucky me... I get to share them with all of you! Just visiting the House of Nyla it's easy to see what sets her work apart, there are only a handful of top designers in SL™ who can really boast that they design for both worlds. Nyla creates with an artists touch, her use of color and textiles is really spectacular.

The release of her Red Dragon Corset Gown and Jet Nymph Corset Cocktail Dress mark the arrival of the Empress Mules. These daintily beaded sandals are delicate works of art, the tiny prim work is remarkable. This go round at shoe making Nyla has revamped the shape of the shoe and the overall level of realism. I like the look of the stamped leather soles a lot. The overall look of the dresses and shoes is as usual, the stuff of fantasies.

Find the Empress Mules and these beautiful dresses at House of Nyla.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, Hair by CAKE and ETD, Accessories by Paper Couture.

Poses by KoumB.

The Truth and nothing but...

I love the summer, I mean adore it! So anything that reminds me of summer, surf and sand is right on my list of favs! On this list is Truth Hawks' new Iggy shoes. These casual slipons are perfect for taking a trip to the beach, or a walk on the boardwalk right as the sun is starting to set. Available in 3 different patterns, the bamboo, duo, and stitched. What is cool is these come as scripted shoes so by clicking on the right shoe, you can change the color instantly and have 5 choices (see below). These also are unisex shoes and come in sizes 0, 15, and 35.

On a side note the first picture in my post was taken in Windlight outdoors, while the close ups were taken inside, hence the color difference (I'm still struggling to figure it all out). None of the pictures were post processed other than cropping. Visit truth In World.

Other items: Hair: ETD, Skin: MMS, Top: AOHARU, Shorts: Jumbie.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Felicity from Tesla

Tesla Miles released these Shiny Felicity Slingback Stilettos this week, and you can't go wrong with cute shoes like these. Tesla's prices are very reasonable and her shoes are always fun! I paired these with a great new Bali frock from eLDee, and I plan to catch her fashion show put on by JM Models tonight at 6 pm SLT, her latest releases look fantastic!

Get the shoes at Tesla, and look for the dress at eLDee.

Also wearing; PXL Skin, Laqroki Hair, Yummy Bracelet, Artilleri Hair Flowers.

My pose by KoumB.

Friday, April 25, 2008

New Viniani at Armidi

...say that 10 times, fast!

Oh, what sets my heart a flutter more than release day at Armidi? Surely I do not know. And there I was thick with lag and determination, I needed to see the shoes. Yesterday's massive release included accessories, Men's and Women's Gisaci items... and these, the Viniani Heels.

Oh joy, what bliss - so many colors... possibly too many colors! It was near to impossible to decide, and even harder after I saw the new clothing and wanted them to all cooperate well. I am going to have to learn to browse then buy! But decisions were eventually made, my picks; Chocolate - those sneaky Armidites tried to make me choose between 3 equally awesome browns (tisk, tisk!), Eggplant - irresistible shade, and Reja Pink - because I'm a girl darn it!

As usual the shoes are great, nothing bad to say about them - they just keep getting better! Take a closer look at the Viniani Heels by trying a demo, and see all the new releases at Armidi. You can also visit the Armidi Blog for fancier pictures than I could ever take. :)

Wearing; PXL Skin, Aden Hair... and everything else NEW at Armidi! Note: Second photo is of store display created by Adian Armidi, photo by Anessa.

My pose by KoumB.

Nice Things

Kuranosuke Kamachi shared these great Mika Pumps (in Red Cherry, with cute straps!) with me today, and in addition to being up to the usual great quality I have always admired about her DeLa footwear, they are also being sold as a charity item 100% of the cost will go to support Wheelies.

Find these and other great items at DeLa.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, Old Gravy Hair (Yay! OG is back!), Persona Top, UnTone Quilt Capri Jeans,Bangles by Cashmere, Hair Rose by SiniStyle.

Thursday, April 24, 2008


I'm cross posting, so forgive my enthusiasm. But what do you do when two designers team up to bring us great clothing and shoes? Well, I don't know about you, but I let everyone I know hear about it!

Melanie Zhao of Zhao Shoes has paired up with Raven Pennyfeather to bring us some really edgy outfits and shoes. First it was the Black Dahlia and now the Tamaras in Durrante shades.

The Tamaras are available in noir, earth, and crimson and perfectly matches the clothing made by the House of RFyre. Melanie also created 3 other tones independent of the Durante collaboration that are equally as stylish. Let me tell you these are ankle boots with substance and details.

Check out Zhao Shoes and House of RFyre in world.

Other Stuff:
Skin by MMS and Hair by Aden


I have found a new obsession to add to all the others....strappy sandals! After my toes were cooped up all winter in fabulous boots they are dying to air out a bit, and so far my favorite SL designers are giving me just the beauties to do that in! New from Shiny Things are the Supernovas! Available in 9 colors, and priced at $350L, these shoes are full of fine detailing. Good height on the heel and surprisingly my foot doesn't look too bad inside. These are a staple for my summer wardrobe. Check out Shiny Things In World and On Line.

Other stuff:
Skin: Wax Poetic, Hair and dress AOHARU. Color sample picture taken at Shiny Things by Graci of a display created by Fallingwater Cellardoor.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Shooz I Would be Caught Dead In

I recently saw the giant glossy ads in Second Style Magazine for ShOOz!, and I realized I have never actually visited Xekollo Shilova's store on addiXion, or taken a look at her newest releases. I was pleased to find these fantastic Absynth Shoes in 2 different styles.

Yeah I know, not my usual style... but seriously there is a lot going on here that makes these worth a closer look. Firstly, the basic Absynth Shoes, a soft caramel brown platform style leather loafer with hand tooled details and stitching, capped off with dried peacock blue roses and faded greenery. The shoes come with matching woolen sock and more attachments with the roses and vines, a few small tassels are thrown in for good measure.

The Goth version of the Absynth Shoes takes wearable tiny skulls to a whole other level, these charcoal colored shoes also have matching socks and are adorned with strings of tiny bones. A great element of these are the smears of blood on various spots on the shoes, they are not simply mirrored from the left to the right shoe, so they have a very authentic feel... you know, if I am ever stomping around in blood and stuff. :)

Visit ShOOz! and step into some cute dead stuffs.

Also wearing; PXL Skin, Detour Hair, Kyoot Top, Bare Rose Dress and Gloves, SiniStyle Hair Rose with Skull, SiniStyle Jacket, Muism Tank, Kyoot Skirt. Review copies provided upon request.

All poses are KoumB.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Just passing by for a quickie! You know a quickie shoe update! :)
I wanted to post this Sunday, but my wireless went out and I was dead in the water, I have the worst luck! Anyhows, take a look at these adorable shoes from Tesla Miles. The Catalina Wedge comes in multiple colors and has a cute lil space in the sole that is too cool, and I can not forget the heart on the toe!! Priced at $349L, be sure to stop off at Tesla and check them out for yourself. Visit Tesla OnLine and InWorld.

other stuff:

Hair by MMS, Skin by Roberta Beauchamp , Necklace by Paper Courture, sunglasses by Vintage McMillan, top and shorts by Colleen Desmoulins of Jumbie.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Talithia Wedge from Jaywalk

More great wedge sandals from Lyra Muse at Jaywalk, these ones are named Talithia. They are pretty special in the way they combine the thin leather strap work of a great sandal with a painted solid wood wedge. The wedge itself is cut from a bleached wood and has the appearance of a painted on heel and color sole - giving these sandals a unique style.

As always Lyra has produced these in some great shades, 12 to be exact - a nice balance of colors and neutrals. Shown below are; Forest, Royal, Cream, Black, Lime, Burgandy, Henna and Magenta.

Get the Talithia wedges at Jaywalk.

Also wearing; PXL Skin, ETD Hair, Dutch Touch Top & Shorts, Bracelet from Argyle.

All poses are by KoumB.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Taking Sulaco for a Walk

Some newness to share from Enktan Gully of Enkythings, the Sulaco is a peep toed ankle strap pump, and the quality of these is exceptional. They are exceedingly well done, loads of detail from stitching to strap, a perfectly shaped heel and lovely thin sculpted leather parts.

As with many Enkythings releases there are many color options available to suit your wardrobe, check in store for full selection. The Sulaco also comes in a 'Simple' and a 'Shades' version which features a second color contrast piece and insole. My fave is the 'oh-so-white' White Simple version, which features additional white sole detail - perfect for spring weddings!

Shown above are; Simple in Burgundy, Umber and White - and the Shades in Cinnamon, Pink and Olive. Shop for the Sulaco at Enkythings.

Also wearing; PXL Skin, Detour Hair, 'heart' Cupcakes Dress, Paper Couture Earrings, Earthtones Bracelet.

My pose by KoumB.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


Sale Alert! Maybe it's just news to me, but yesterday I discovered that FNKY has marked down it's footwear collection by, as near as I can tell, as much as half price (if someone knows for sure I'd be happy to post the details). I've been eyeing the T Strap pumps for a good while now, and was happy to grab these pink ones up for the very reasonable sale price.

Also noteworthy, the great men's shoes - some of my favorite ever guy's casuals -have been marked down, along with the unisex Kicks, an all around great suede sneaker.

Shop the Sale at FNKY.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, Aden Hair, Kitties Lair Mini-dress. Armidi Tights, Creamshop Earrings, Bangles by Argyle, Bracelet by Yummy. Images are captures of store displays created by Funk Schnook.

My pose by KoumB.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

UBU: Update!

As I tend to do, I visit some of my favorite cobblers from time to time because I just hate to miss an exciting new release. Today it was UBU (Urban Bomb Unit)'s turn, and O-M-G there they were. More of those amazing rain boots I blogged way back at the beginning of March, and holy baked goods - Cupcakes! I think I sent pairs to all my friends as gifts... and forgot to get some for me. :(

In any case they are still fan-frippin-tabulous... and so are the 2 other new styles, Dots and Retro Stars. If you somehow were able to resist the call of the rain boots last go round... I double dare you to resist these adorable things again!

Get your puddle jumping selves to UBU, now!

Image captured in-store by Anessa of display created by Coke Dreadlow.

Truth Be Told

Oooh, goody goody gumdrops! Another new player in the shoe game... okay, I can't say for sure that Mr. Truth Hawks is a player, what I can say is that he announced the release of some shoes yesterday and they are darn cute. And here they be, 2 styles both alike in quality - but unique in style. We've got the Newtown Wedges and the Balmoral Pumps, creator credits go to Ignite Nightfire according to the TRUTH Blog - I would confirm this, but I just can't seem to get logged in tonight - what's that about?

In any case the ones I am showing off are the scripted full color set dealies, and they are amazingly priced for scripted and sculpted shoes, so don't hesitate to get that version if you are even tempted to grab these puppies up. These are a really nice option for those of you that flee from the super high and dangerously pointy stuff. The cork soled Newtons are always a great option for spring, but I really like the daintier stacked wood heels on the Balmorals.

I'd name off all these juicy colors for you, but since I can't seem to log - lets just call 'em; Purple, Blue, Brown, Fuchsia, Green, Black, Red and Slate. Go get some at TRUTH.

Also wearing; PXL Skin, Detour Hair, Tres Blah Top, Muism Tank, 'Heart' Cupcakes Pants, Orchid Dreams Belt, Bangles by Argyle and Caroline's, Necklace by Chicoco. Review copies provided upon request.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Rawwrr for Animal Prints

So awhile back I had featured some shoes from AW Designs, and I was very impressed. After I visited the store I sent off an IM to the designer, Adrina Welders and let her know that I loved the few shoes she had and to IM me when she had some new products. Well today was my lucky day. Not only did Adrina come out with some new shoes, but she dropped a pair on me to take a look at, and I really do enjoy these shoes.

I'm showing you the Schoo Cheetahs above and I just have to say I love animal prints! I actually want to get my hands on the zebra and giraffe prints as well. These cuties are worth a look for sure. The extra high heal with the ankle boot look is very sexy indeed!

Check out AW Designs InWorld.

Other Items:

Paper Couture Divinchi Outfit, La Sylphide Skin, and ETD Hair. Color display taken by Adrina Welders. Cheetahs given as a review copy to Graci.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Adam n Eve Seductress

Damen Gorilla over at Adam n Eve reached new heights this week with the release of these Seductress stilettos. I reached new heights too, dressing in sweet Ivalde Hlin a superb Harlequin inspired suit (worn here without the sweater), and climbing into a golden cage at the fabulous scene of yesterday's Ivalde/Elegance Hats show put on by Nex-Core.

The shoes are rich in hue and sport a mean spike - watch out fellas, these shoes are dangerous. The Seductress heels come in 14 shades, show above are; Indigo, Black, Crimson, Old Gold, Pewter and Purple. Available at Adam n Eve.

Also wearing; PXL Skin, MMS Hair, Ivalde Pantsuit, Collar & Tie from Indyra Originals: Couture Collection: Cultured, Elegance Valena Hat.

Poses by KoumB.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rainbow Brights

Miss Tesla Miles released some additional shades of the popular Elise 2 shoes, a collection of 6 super fun bright colors. They are right on trend with this seasons acid brights, and the cute Maryjane straps make these a kitschy cute shoe. Incredibly priced at $ 200L per pair and the fatpack of all 6 shades is an unbeatable *$ 500L. Happy Shopping!

Get these at the TESLA.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, ETD Hair, Thimbles POOFY Dress, Socks from Kitties Lair 'Call On Me' Set, Accessories by Paper Couture, Callie Cline, and Argyle.

Poses are by KoumB.
(*corrected from $600 L)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Tree of SL..Grows Flowers!

Nessa and Kets were nice enough to invite me shopping last night and I love to tag along, so of course I accepted. We had gone to a couple shops when Anessa disappeared, and then soon after Kets and I were tp'd to a place with a very, very large cupcake. Me, being a slow poke was goofing around with the frosting, when Kets shouts..."There here are the clothes...and cute shoes."

So off we went and yesss there were cute clothes and very cute shoes. The Flower Heels are 6 separate shoes covered with exotic flora. Available with the hardwood, hemp or leaf heel, these cuties are fun and whisper warm weather to all of us who are counting down the days for summer. So we stopped for a moment, shopped a lil, and I snapped a quick shot (ok it wasn't really quick, but Nessa kept shoving and then crashing).

Here is our loot (from left to right) Kets: Flower Heels - Tropics Hardwood which she paired with the Tiny Bubbles Provence Verte dress. Graci: Flower Heels - Tropics Hemp, matched with the Umbrella Liquid Sunshine dress. Anessa: Flower Heels - White Orchids Hardwood. Umbrella Old Hollywood dress.

One thing I will miss about the cold and all the boots, is that they so nicely hide misshapen SL feet. Urrg, I wish there was a way to fix the look of my feet other than wearing socks. Would someone get on that? Pretty Please?

Visit TOSL Inworld.

Other Items: Kets: Hair from Tickled Pink, Skin from Canimal, Bracellet from Shiny Things. Graci: Hair from ETD, Skin from Minnu Model Skins. Nessa: Skin from PXL, Hair from ETD, Earrings from Caroline, Bangle from TOSL. Picture of TOSL shoe display created by Quinlan Quimby, taken by Graci. Shoes purchased by the girls in question.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Another Detour

I haven't been a happy camper lately, Windlight is kicking my butt and making my usual hobby of snapping pictures left and right practically unbearable. The show must go on however, and the shoes must be blogged... not even the new viewer can keep me from enjoying finding great shoes.

My almost daily stops to Detour lately have netted some great hair, skins and lashes... and I had seen the great looking shoes Graci blogged yesterday, but when I arrived today I saw these Layback Flip Flops and had to grab a pair. It seems that I practically live in flip flops during the summer in RL (sorry folks, not many actual stilettos in my wardrobe), and I instantly needed to have these ones.

They come in 5 colors, and a scripted color change pair - all are equipped with male and female sizes in the pack. The textures and shape are great - and just look at the bottom! The toe strap actually landed between the toes on my skin - a definite plus. You can find these right inside the door over at Detour.

Also wearing; PXL Skin, ETD Hair, :sey Hat & Hip Bag Shorts, Muism Tank, !Finc! Sweater, Twinlkleberry Accessories. Store Composite capture taken by me from the display made by Detour Sideways.
All poses are by KoumB.

Before I was Detoured!

Wouldn't you know it that just as my laptop was dying I was finishing up some pictures of some uber cute sneaks? Sooo even though they are not new to most of you...if you haven't taken a look at the Detour Supersprint Sneakers by chance...I'm reminding you. The great thing about these shoes is that they are unisex and come in a small, medium and large, and in 5 colors.

I know some of you think sneakers make your feet look like boats, because....well they do, but these are some of the better pairs I've had on. I've also left you some snippets of the other sneakers from the creator of Detour, Detour Sideways, (offered at the time i was there before "the crash") and a pair of cute pumps. Detour can be found InWorld.

Other Stuff: Hair by Aden, Skin by Minnu Model Skins, Top by Canimal, Shorts by Detour, Socks by Detour. Shoes purchased by Graci at Detour. Supersprint color picture, Jaywalker, and Glamour pump pictures taken by Graci from displays made by Detour Sideways.