Monday, December 31, 2007

A Hot Date with Maitreya

I was feeling a bit blue about facing the obligatory SL New Year's Eve parties dateless... because apparently, watching Clemson play in the Chick-fil-a Bowl is a big deal. And then Onyx LeShelle smiled down at me from shoe heaven, and sent me not one, but two, hot dates for New Year's Eve. Introducing the Slinky Stilettos from Maitreya a really fantastic looking sculpted stiletto with a perfectly pointed toe and delightful optional heel detail - a gold coloured steel accent (comes with and without heel sounds). You get both options for a great price, and I can't wait to see what delightful colours and textures Onyx does next with this great looking offering.

Happy New Year everyone!

Review Copy provided.

Also wearing; Minnu Skin, COIF Hair, Tart Dress, Accessories by Second Mirage and Caroline's.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Ringing in the New Year

Tomorrow is the big night! Time to say fond farewell to 2007 and open your arms to 2008. Why not have a little fun with your outfit? Take a looksie over at She's So Unusual Shoes and pick up a pair of the 2008 Heels in gold and silver!

Whimsical and fun, what you expect to see from Rowan Carroll, these shoes are a steal for only $L50!

What's even more fun is that included is a touch poofer that will poof confetti when you click on the right shoe! You also can choose to wear the without poof right shoe if you aren't the poofing type. Check out Rowan's blog for more details.

She's So Unusual Shoes

Friday, December 28, 2007

All That Glitters

With so many Holiday and New Year's Parties in SL it is a great time to throw on that LBD (Little Black Dress) and then add that touch of glamour with a great pair of glitzy shoes. I scoured my closet, and the closets of some of SL's shoe magicians to pull together some of my favorite golden footwear. Enjoy!

My Top Faves;

1. TESLA - Shiny Vixens -GOLD

2. Storm Schmooz - Carat - 24


4. Armidi Gisaci - Vidalia Pump - Metallic Gold

More Golden Girls;



8. Tekilah Elytis - Crisis Pumps I - Color Change, Set to Gold.



11. TESLA - 'Diva' Heels - GOLD

12. G.L.A.M. - Color Scripted Metallic Pumps - Set to Gold.

With Great Gold Accents;

13. Stiletto Moody - Foxy Slingback - Litchi White

14. Sylfie's Prim Seduction - *SM* "Embraced" - Gold/White (4th Series)

15. Digit Darkes- Mary Janes - SEQUIN GOLD (1L Item)

16. Sylfie's Prim Seduction - *SM* "Wicked" - Gold/Black (3rd Series)

Review copies provided by ZHAO, Storm Schmooz & TESLA.

Also Wearing; Armidi Hair, Minnu Skin, Accessories by UnTone and Second Mirage, Clothing by Armidi and LAST CALL.

Monday, December 24, 2007

What Real Men Wear

There are some things that women don't totally understand about men. For instance, women don't think men seriously want to be the Marlboro Man. What they don't realize is that most of us think we already are the Marlboro Man. There are just some things that we identify with, and that cowboy image complete with worn, brown leather (you gotta have the worn, brown leather or else it doesn't work) is who we think we are.

Eponymous Trenchmouth's Olso boots (available at Jeepers Creepers) help men like me who think that, deep down, we're really just cowboys take a step closer to realizing our true selves. These sculpted, worn boots are not full-on "wild west" but they have a weathered look that stops well ahead of the "over-doing it" mark while still giving them an ample, rich character. As it is with the Devil, he is always in the details: Great stitching, buckles, straps, and soles give the Olsos a character so thick that you can almost imagine running your fingers over them and feeling both the grit and the softness of the suede.

What makes these boots particularly attractive to me is that they are a worn boot; not a caricature of one. Trenchmouth could have gone for dirtier, scratched-up, and scuffed-to-hell but, instead, created something that can be worn in a variety of ways. The colors (black, tan, grey, and brown) make it a clear choice with jeans, but they can easily pull off an authentic cowboy look with chaps (if that's your thing) and I've even seen them worn with an Italian suit. At the core, however, the Oslos are always going to bring a refined sense of casual "adultness" to an outfit, and it's the sort of shoe which separates the grown-ups from the boys. You won't see the Olsos on the blinging club kids; this is Daniel Craig's American boot... not Justin Long's.

I have no real issue with the Oslo except that I wish Trenchmouth would make more of this sort of thing; footwear right in that sweet spot that's too old for teens and too young for baby boomers... a boot so male that it should come with a prim cigarette (yeah, anti-smoking lobbyists... I said it).

Oslo boots at Jeepers Creepers.

Other stuff:
Drifter coat and sweater from Etch'd
Glasses from Shibooi
Jeans from Redgrave
Hair from Petrelli

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Bax Boot-a-Rama

Shopping with Joel and wearing Bax Coen's Boots in Chocolate Suede

So I drug Joel out to look at some boots from Bax Coen Designs the other night, I'm not sure how much fun he had, but he did help me get these pretties on my feet properly. I actually had been in a show for Serijane Loon a few weeks back and was fortunate enough to receive copies of some of the Bax Coen Designs.

These boots come in a number of textures and in 3 styles; overknee, calf-length, and under long pants. They also have sound that you can turn off if you'd like and a walking ao. I personally love how you can color change the metal parts on all of the boots from gold to silver and Bax even throws in a matching purse with each set! This is definitely a shoe store to keep your eye on!

Shown above: Bax Boots in Sand, Red Cat, Snakeskin, and Black Lizard.

In world Location for Bax Coen Boots

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Orchid Dreams

I personally love fashion and style with an Asian design and/or influence. From gardens and furniture to clothing and shoes, I find the creations beautiful and intricate.

Imagine my pleasure when Emeriselle Theas sent me a sample of some of her shoe designs from Orchid Dreams. Emeriselle describes her shop as traditional Asian fashions, but adds some modern touches which keep it fresh and appealing to a variety of people.

The shoes I have chosen to feature are the Opulence in Red Geta, and I really love these shoes! The Geta are a traditional Japanese shoe, and are created with a combination of sculpted prims and flexi prims. The Geta impressed me so much because they are very very detailed (now if only my toes were not so ugly). As you look at the close up pictures (click to see a full sized version) you will see the delicate tassels hanging down. These beauties are flexified and sway as you move, a very intricate detail (I thought I told you not to look at my ugly toes).

As shown in my first pictures, theses shoes look great with the traditional Asian look as well as dressed down with pants. Lets not forget this is SL and even though a shoe like this would kill my feet in RL, it is a look that I can walk without missing a beat in SL. Now if I could just manage to find some good toes!

Orchid Dreams is found HERE Asagao (53, 37, 22)

Monday, December 17, 2007


I am a detail person, might be another one of the side effects of being born Virgo, but I have always appreciated small things like doll house furniture and finger puppets... ok, back on task. I recently spied some great looking sculpted heels and after learning they were from a shop I had never heard of, I ran right over to take a look for myself. And yes, they looked spectacular with their nice platform base and yummy range of shades. But it was another shoe that got my heart thumping, the pret-a sortir from Storm Schmooz.

A lovely shape, exquisite texturing and the clincher... a darling sculpted bow adorning the toe. It is sold in a fat pack only, meaning you get the black, gold, pink and blue versions all at once... and who wouldn't want that? I dashed over to Ivalde and found the perfect compliment, the Rigmor Dress in all it's shades... It is pure magic I tell you, the way these just 'go'. I am a bit of a chicken and egger with shoes, sometimes the dress sends me looking for the perfect shoes, sometimes the shoes scream to be mated with the perfect ensemble. Oh Happy Day!

Also wearing; RaC Hair, Minnu Skin, Second Mirage Jewellery.

Seen in world, review copy.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

The Red Shoe

Erpla Prieto of Periquita Shoes was generous enough to send over a folder of the cutest footwear to me last week. I have to admit, as soon as I opened it I went straight for the item called Super Dolly - Red. I love and adore red shoes! To quote Hans Christian Andersen, "There is really nothing in the world that can be compared to red shoes!"

These darlings are easily described as cute and sassy. The rounded toe, black heel, and subtle stripes make the Super Dolly a new staple to my inventory and Perquita Shoes a new stop on my shopping route. Periquita Shoes can be found at Lame Designs Shopping Center.

Other stuff: Coat from Armidi, Socks from TaP, Gloves from Saavy, Hat & Hair from ETD, Skin Celestial Studio, and Scarf from Artilleri.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

But Wait There is More!

I know I know...who blogs on the same thing twice? Within the same week no less? But I couldn't help it, Fallingwater Cellardoor of Shiny Things was so generous and surprised me by sending 2 sets of her newest Ribbon Boots my way....a new variation that she herself says that she likes better. The Chunky Ribbon Boots are everything the regulars are, but with a lil more soul...I mean sole! :)

Literally you can see from the pictures one of the main differences is the thickness of the sole, which I personally love. Another change is there are no ribbons wrapping around the ankle, for a cleaner look. Fallingwater describes the changes on her blog:

"I also changed the grommets, enlarged the bow loops, improved the joint between foot and calf, and made subtle texture improvements. You can see (or maybe you can’t) here how ambient occlusion (the slight shadowing) around the grommets gives the calf more depth"

I also read that she will be making subtle improvements to the current Ribbon Boots and be sending updated versions to all who have purchased so far!

These boots work with the same color huds as the original ribbon boots and come in blue, black, white and pink. Once again boots will run you $L500, huds are $L100 each (for 15 extra lace colors) and demos are available! It should be noted that the huds allow right and left ribbon control so that you can mix and match your ribbons in whatever way you see fit!

Shiny Things Blog

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lace Me Up & Color Me Happy!

Fallingwater Cellardoor never ceases to amaze me with her talents, and she never disappoints. Her newest release at Shiny Things is not only a wonder to look at, but now she has included interactivity!

The Ribbon Boots are prime sculpty perfection with silver eyelets, a cute kiltie, and 2 sets of wrap around ribbons at the thigh and ankle. The boots also thankfully come with 4 different sizes for the top portion to help fit around the calves correctly.

Not that the worksmanship isn't enough, but the Ribbon Boots also come with an added perk. Wearable as a hud is a color changing system for the laces. As you can see in the pictures there are several colors to choose from.

With the purchase of the boots themselves, you will have 6 basic color changing choices. But the possibilities don't stop there! Available is 2 additional boot lace huds with 15 more color options each.

The boots themselves will run you $L500 and the extra huds are $L100 each. You have your choice of black or white and demos are available. So go check them out! You will not be disappointed!

**Update** I'm such a flake I forgot to mention that the hud allows you control over the left and right foot seperate from each other! So if you'd like a pink lace on the right and a blue on the left you have that control!!! (TY Georgette for your great comment!).

Shiny Things Blog
Shiny Things InWorld

Other Stuff:
Skin: Celestial Studios, ETD Hair, Armidi Sweater, ETD Jeans

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Faithful Loafer

The introduction of "sculpties" into Second Life has made the shoe-lover's life a lot more joyous, as the natural curves and precise shapes make footwear look more realistic than ever. That being the case, there are still some shoes from the dark ages ("pre-sculptie", in other words) that will never leave my inventory. One of those is Shiny Things' City Walk loafer.

Shiny Things is a perennial, enduring stop on a shoe-lover's tour of Second Life... and for good reason; their range of shoes and the quality thereof is right in the sweet spot of a lot of buyers' sensibilities. Neither too boring (which, granted, is a rare descriptor in the Second Life shoe world) nor too trashy/fetishy/slutty (which, conversely, is very common)... Shiny Things continues to offer great products for high-but-still-reasonable prices. Their men's section is modest, with one wall standing out among acres of women's footwear... but what they offer is consistently high-quality.

Loafer are interesting because, despite the name, they're actually rather formal and are second only to tuxedo shoes in terms of pomp and circumstance. It's not that you can't wear them with jeans or khakis, but you're likely to end up looking like That Uptight Guy (you know... the type who iron their Levis? That guy). Instead, get a good suit and wear your City Walks with it, creating a professional but not too formal image which is appropriate to business events where you are performing in some official capacity.

What makes the City Walk loafer such a good choice is its simple contours and lines; spare on accents and doo-dads (save for a little ornamentation on the strap), it shows how a good shoe is about the shape first and foremost. The curves of the vamp and the welt are classic and elegant and, as I think the photos will illustrate, create the perfect accent for a well-cut suit. Renowned shoe-designer Fallingwater Cellardoor also includes large, medium, and small sizes with every purchase, along with a pair of black socks... which gives you the flexibility to get the perfect match --not just the "close enough" match-- for your height and size.

My only real issue with the City Walk shoe is that it doesn't come in a wide-enough range of colors. "Take No Risks Black" and "Play It Safe Brown" are good staples, but I would have liked to see a tan, a burgundy, and maybe even a "Herb Tarlek White". Never the less, this is a very solid addition to your "big boy" wardrobe and the L$300 price tag is worth the investment. I've had mine for almost a year now. City Walk Loafers at Shiny Things.

Other stuff:
Suit and Tie from Armidi
Glasses from Prim-optics
Hair from Petrelli

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Wham Bam Thank You Glam!

What a fantastic day for fashion! Yesterday marked the much awaited re-opening of Glam World and Glam World 2, the powerful alliance of Minnu Model Skins and Maitreya, it was full of the usual rush and excitement, fashion shows and lag. But underneath all that is a respect for the talent of these creators, and the new offerings to be found surely did not disappoint. I came upon these lovely suede Limelights Booties, and went for the gold. A dress, a new skin, and possibly my favorite freebie hair ever... I was off to put my new look together.

I just love the height of these booties, and the almost clog-like way the wrap the shape of the foot... a really super casual look. They come in both suede and leather finishes, so be sure to look at all the great shades and textures before you buy. Maitreya's footwear continues to impress me, the small details, in this case the buckles... really make the Limelights ankle boots a standout.

Wearing; Minnu Model Skin, Maitreya Hair & Clothes, Necklace by Miam Miam.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Art of Casual: Sculpted Sneakers

Unlike women, men don't usually build up large collections of shoes, so every pair has to be something a staple, whereas women can mix in some haute couture to diversify their collection It's for this reason that several of my posts here at On Your Toes are going to be for men who aren't sure what the "must have" items are. First and foremost? A good... no... a great pair of running shoes.

Guys seem to finally "come into their own" in Second Life once they have a solid casual look that is both versatile and unified... and that look will depend largely on their footwear. With that in mind, you can hardly do better for a clean, casual look than to invest in a pair of these Sculpted Runners from Redgrave for Men. Made in the style of a modern-generation Puma (check this photo to see what I mean), this shoe is loaded with realistic detail and is very versatile. More than just laces and stitching (both of which are excellent), the texture shading and highlighting show off the muted low-gloss leather surface. To look at them, you can almost feel the material under your fingertips.

I personally recommend them with Redgrave's Dark Blue Jeans or Khaki Cargo Pants and a a beaten leather, suede coat, or sportscoat. Brave souls may try these shoes with a quality suit, as their clean lines and unscuffed surface will keep you looking professional, but they're best shown off when you look like you just pulled them on as you went out the doo. They come in red, white, brown, blue, and black and ring in at L$450 apiece (L$2000 for a fat pack of all five colors). Go grab 'em here: Sculpted Sneakers at Redgrave Men's Fashion

Other stuff:
Long Tar Jacket from Form
Brown short-sleeved shirt and khaki cargo pants from Redgrave
Glasses from Shibooi
Hair from Petrelli
Compass Bag from Shiny Things

Cuteness Prevails.

I am not a big fan of flats, generally speaking they make my funny looking SL feet look even more flipper like. Usually it is a graceful heel with a perfect shape that makes my toes tingle. But a random TP landed me at Slow Tempo an adorable little shop, and my eyes lit up when i saw these... dare I say he cutest flats ever! Okay, so technically it's a kitten heel... baby steps Anessa, baby steps.

I couldn't decide between the 8 colors available, so i ended up with 2 pair. Here I am wearing the Garage Pumps! in pearl pink and dark glay (grey). Incidentally, the adorable hat & wig combo are also from Slow Tempo, who is a participating retailer in the CSR 2007 Winter Event , click through for more info. Happy Shopping!

also wearing; Skin by Minnu Model Skins, Clothes by Armidi, Frustrated Inc., Socks by Shiny Things.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Call Them What You Will...

Stiletto Moody was birthed into the SL fashion scene not long ago, and certainly stirred up it's share of attention with some impressive shoes and some healty prices. All that aside, when I managed to get inside the unique shop during it's pre-opening sale period my little avatar feet couldn't carry me to the back of the shop fast enough to scoop up these gems.

The sculpty work is top notch, the attention to detail amazing. You can almost still see the lipstick marks I left on the giant version in store if you look closely enough on the shiny patent toes. So why in the heck did they go and call them 'Bitch Booties'? This shoe by any other name would still be as sweet.

Also wearing; Hair by ETD, Skin By Minnu Model Skins, Outfit by Armidi, Veschi & Paper Couture.

Ho Ho Ho...Have I Been a Good Girl!

"He's making a list, checking it twice, he's gonna find out whose naughty or nice!"

Lyra Muse has been VERY nice this year and I am hoping she will put in a good word with Santa for me regarding gifts from Vamp (in case you were wondering Santa...I wear a size 0).

Part of my glee is because now on display at Last Call are the Sugar and Spice calf and ankle boots. These are divine and only available till Christmas you still have time, but you'll want to shop soon to take full advantage of these beauties for the holiday season!

Last Call: Blog & SLURL

Other Items:

Hair from ETD, Skin from Celestial Studios & Outfit from Last Call

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Keeping you on your toes...

Welcome to the blog dedicated to searching the grid and beyond for the most stylish, fashionable, eye catching, and even traffic stopping foot wear in Second Life! From stilettos to combat boots or hush puppies to flip flops, it all will be featured and reviewed here! Stay tuned for introductions and let the shoe fetish begin!