Saturday, December 8, 2007

Cuteness Prevails.

I am not a big fan of flats, generally speaking they make my funny looking SL feet look even more flipper like. Usually it is a graceful heel with a perfect shape that makes my toes tingle. But a random TP landed me at Slow Tempo an adorable little shop, and my eyes lit up when i saw these... dare I say he cutest flats ever! Okay, so technically it's a kitten heel... baby steps Anessa, baby steps.

I couldn't decide between the 8 colors available, so i ended up with 2 pair. Here I am wearing the Garage Pumps! in pearl pink and dark glay (grey). Incidentally, the adorable hat & wig combo are also from Slow Tempo, who is a participating retailer in the CSR 2007 Winter Event , click through for more info. Happy Shopping!

also wearing; Skin by Minnu Model Skins, Clothes by Armidi, Frustrated Inc., Socks by Shiny Things.

1 comment:

Graciana McMillan said...

"Meow" I need those shoes!