Sunday, December 9, 2007

Wham Bam Thank You Glam!

What a fantastic day for fashion! Yesterday marked the much awaited re-opening of Glam World and Glam World 2, the powerful alliance of Minnu Model Skins and Maitreya, it was full of the usual rush and excitement, fashion shows and lag. But underneath all that is a respect for the talent of these creators, and the new offerings to be found surely did not disappoint. I came upon these lovely suede Limelights Booties, and went for the gold. A dress, a new skin, and possibly my favorite freebie hair ever... I was off to put my new look together.

I just love the height of these booties, and the almost clog-like way the wrap the shape of the foot... a really super casual look. They come in both suede and leather finishes, so be sure to look at all the great shades and textures before you buy. Maitreya's footwear continues to impress me, the small details, in this case the buckles... really make the Limelights ankle boots a standout.

Wearing; Minnu Model Skin, Maitreya Hair & Clothes, Necklace by Miam Miam.

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Ketsy said...

You look stunning here Ness, the shoes and dress make perfection. I want em!

~ Ketsy