Monday, December 17, 2007


I am a detail person, might be another one of the side effects of being born Virgo, but I have always appreciated small things like doll house furniture and finger puppets... ok, back on task. I recently spied some great looking sculpted heels and after learning they were from a shop I had never heard of, I ran right over to take a look for myself. And yes, they looked spectacular with their nice platform base and yummy range of shades. But it was another shoe that got my heart thumping, the pret-a sortir from Storm Schmooz.

A lovely shape, exquisite texturing and the clincher... a darling sculpted bow adorning the toe. It is sold in a fat pack only, meaning you get the black, gold, pink and blue versions all at once... and who wouldn't want that? I dashed over to Ivalde and found the perfect compliment, the Rigmor Dress in all it's shades... It is pure magic I tell you, the way these just 'go'. I am a bit of a chicken and egger with shoes, sometimes the dress sends me looking for the perfect shoes, sometimes the shoes scream to be mated with the perfect ensemble. Oh Happy Day!

Also wearing; RaC Hair, Minnu Skin, Second Mirage Jewellery.

Seen in world, review copy.

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Graciana McMillan said...

I just have to say I was dying to get my hands on these shoes! I now have some in my inventory and they are soooooo nice....