Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Call Them What You Will...

Stiletto Moody was birthed into the SL fashion scene not long ago, and certainly stirred up it's share of attention with some impressive shoes and some healty prices. All that aside, when I managed to get inside the unique shop during it's pre-opening sale period my little avatar feet couldn't carry me to the back of the shop fast enough to scoop up these gems.

The sculpty work is top notch, the attention to detail amazing. You can almost still see the lipstick marks I left on the giant version in store if you look closely enough on the shiny patent toes. So why in the heck did they go and call them 'Bitch Booties'? This shoe by any other name would still be as sweet.

Also wearing; Hair by ETD, Skin By Minnu Model Skins, Outfit by Armidi, Veschi & Paper Couture.

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