Thursday, December 20, 2007

Orchid Dreams

I personally love fashion and style with an Asian design and/or influence. From gardens and furniture to clothing and shoes, I find the creations beautiful and intricate.

Imagine my pleasure when Emeriselle Theas sent me a sample of some of her shoe designs from Orchid Dreams. Emeriselle describes her shop as traditional Asian fashions, but adds some modern touches which keep it fresh and appealing to a variety of people.

The shoes I have chosen to feature are the Opulence in Red Geta, and I really love these shoes! The Geta are a traditional Japanese shoe, and are created with a combination of sculpted prims and flexi prims. The Geta impressed me so much because they are very very detailed (now if only my toes were not so ugly). As you look at the close up pictures (click to see a full sized version) you will see the delicate tassels hanging down. These beauties are flexified and sway as you move, a very intricate detail (I thought I told you not to look at my ugly toes).

As shown in my first pictures, theses shoes look great with the traditional Asian look as well as dressed down with pants. Lets not forget this is SL and even though a shoe like this would kill my feet in RL, it is a look that I can walk without missing a beat in SL. Now if I could just manage to find some good toes!

Orchid Dreams is found HERE Asagao (53, 37, 22)

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Graciana McMillan said...

Of course now that I think about it I should of worn white socks to hide those toes of mine!!