Sunday, January 31, 2010


TOO SEXY Magazine Launch

Pajama & Lingerie Party!

Sunday, January 31st 2010
1:00 PM slt


A Party So Big We Are Holding it on 2 Sims!

Primary Location: Benjaminz- TOO SEXY Magazine Launch Party
Secondary Location: SXY2ND Plaza Sim



1-2 PM slt: DJ Tristain Savon (Vengeance Radio)
2-3 PM slt: Live Music - Harper Messmer
3-4 PM slt: DJ Tristain Savon (Vengeance Radio)

L O T S O F F R E E G I F T S for G U Y S & G I R L S
from Seldom Blue, Nardcotix, and YS&YS!!!

Dress Code: Your Favorite Pajamas, Loungewear or Lingerie!




Contact: Sienna Bellios, Co-Managing Editor, TOO SEXY Magazine.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Ingenue is on a roll!

Betty Doyle, even with a ten month old baby, is kicking some serious ass lately, sending out new releases like a house on fire.  Hopefully, no one's house is actually on fire, but if it, save these shoes and screw everything else!

Ingenue's latest release is Dianthus, another pair of flats with a pointed toe and a darling little ruffle.  If you have to choose just one word, it's spectacular.

They're available in fifteen different colours at L$225 each, or the fatpack is L$2100.  So worth it.

Also worn is Ingenue's Leslie pants in Cherry, Artilleri's Carlita top in Black, Truth's Amanda hair in Cocoa, Dutch Touch's Sjors iLinerWine in Caramel, and Glow's DeLyn B&W Earrings.  Poses are by LAP.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Gimme Color!

Couldn't you just die and go to heaven? Maybe just your feet. COCO does it again, quenching my thirst for Louboutin yumminess in SL. These irresistible Multicolored Sandals are just the latest to catch my eye, and how could they not? Metallic bands wrap the foot and balance on top of a platform base, gorgeous colored patterns wrap the base and heel, and a signature red sole finishes off this riot of bright color. Something about the winter blues, they make me want shoes like this, a whole bunch.

Get your fashion fix over at COCO.

The stuff; Skin - LeLutka IFE (Red Cross Fundraiser Edition), Hair - Tukinowaguma Nezsy, Outfit - Bijou Couture, Earrings & Bracelet - UZURI New Releases!, Necklace -Chuculet Ysa, Ring - Donna Flora Bice.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

2Real's New Kicks!

2Real is a new name in the footwear market, but he's coming out strong and steady!  His first pair made my top five favourite sneakers list and his second pair is even more amazing, I think.

The texturing is damn near perfect, and I only hesitate to say it is perfect because nothing is.  There is a HUD included when you buy them,and you can customize each section's colour.  The shoes themselves are fitted with a resizability script, and each pair comes with both a men's and women's version too.  Also, they're only L$600 Lindens for them, with all these options!

Teleport to 2Real

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Armada by Kookie

The very talented Kookie Lemon has been working her ass off for awhile now building her brand new Sim, Cheesecake, creating a new logo, and working on new hair and boots.  And oh my god, the minute I saw these awesome boots I knew I had to have them.  I ran over to the Cheesecake sim and bought them without so much as trying them on.

They come with two options for the top part, with and without the socks peeking out of the top.  They're scripted for resizability, which is good because I actually did need to resize them a wee bit (I must be bloated because my ankles were too fat).

The texturing is gorgeous and the prim work is fantastic.  It's clear that a lot of loving care went into crafting these, and Kookie herself told me she was really proud of these boots, as well she should be.

Each pair is L$500, and you can get all three in a fatpack of L$1500.  No savings, but it saves you having to click-buy three separate times, because you need all the colours.  Trust me.

Teleport to Cheesecake to get yours, and don't forget to look at the new hair too!

Credits below cut.

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Beautiful Ingenue, Part Two

Ingenue has made shoes!  There are just not enough vintage stores on the grid, and ones that make vintage shoes?  Forget about it.  Luckily for us, the designers who do make vintage wear are really, really good at it.

Betty Doyle recently released two pairs of pumps, and now flats!  Unfortunately, I finished this photo before I found out about the flats, but I'm sure I'll be buying the fatpack and wearing out the virtual leather before long. 

Both sets of pumps come in a bajillionty colours, and there are endless package deals you can buy.  For example, you can buy the extra-fat pack (or as Autumn calls it, the Fat But Still Pretty Pack), packages of a colour theme, like pastels or brights, or even three-packs.  I love choices, and Ingenue does not disappoint.

These shoes are really well done.  The textures are fantastic, and the prim work is really good.  And they're super cute to wear!  They include a resizeable script as well, which is good because I actually did have to resize them a little bit.

Anyhow, go get them.  They don't disappoint.  Teleport to Ingenue.

Additional items worn:

Ingenue - Edie sweater
Ingenue - Memo skirt
LeLutka - Purse - Cameron Hair
Dutch Touch - Gwen skin
Paper Couture - Chandy earrings

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Boots With Belts

This outfit makes me feel like I have raided the wardrobe trailer for the movie Clueless, and I love it! Kalnins Digna Ankle Boots made it easy to customize my look with their color change parts and metals, another great pair from Kalnins.

The little Chanel inspired tweed suit, features some terrifically cute shorts, it is by BENI (you can find an olive version of the Jacket for 1L$ at the store). The white shirt is borrowed from the Madelene White Outfit from DCNY, and the great black belt is by COCO. The gorgeous skin is by LeLutka, it is their latest release, IFE, this particular one is being sold as a fundraiser for RED CROSS, I love those pouty lips to death!

Finishing touches like the Ruffled Purse from Tres Blah and socks by Maitreya, are complimented by the gold Makuti earrings from UZURI (new release!) and Crown Necklace by Ume Mode. More hair I don't want to take off from Tukinowaguma, big hair, pretty curls, I dont ususally gravitate towards this type of style, but i just love this one.

You can find the Kalnins Digna Booties here.
NOTE: BENI SLurl has been updated, sorry for the error!

Monday, January 18, 2010

All the Trimmings

YS&YS have released another completely desirable combination of purses and shoes, truth be told if I wasn't a shoe blogger I might be just as happy blogging purses, clutches and handbags. The Espalmador release features cute pumps adorned with matching pearls and barrel clasps in bright gold, and bags that don't just look great they are a great place to stash your favorite magazine *winks*, latch your keys and tuck a pretty scarf into, for you busy girls on the go. As a bonus YS&YS has released the matching Vintage Scarves, another great accessory! These come in some gorgeous soft metallic and neutral tones, visit the store to see them all.

Limo to YourSkin & YourShape, happy shopping!

The stuff; Skin - LeLutka Estelle (Light), Hair - Tukinowaguma Sorite, Scarf/Bag/Shoes - YS&YS, Trench - Armidi, Pants - Baiastice Polish, Earrings - Zaara.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Winging It!

Just when my spirit needed a bit of a lift, Megg Demina came to my rescue! The creative mad hatter behind Chapeau tres Mignon, the original couture hat destination in Second Life™, sent me her latest footwear creation via 'air mail'. Winged Sneaker Boots? Heck yah! In 4 crayon colors; Yellow, Red, Blue, and Black. I felt a bit like Wonder Woman, and a bit like cupid in these fun boots. Megg tells me they are only available in her brand new Fashion Avenue store, so book a one way flight and get over there soon... the return trip is on Megg!

Visit Chapeau tres Mignon at Fashion Avenue.

The stuff; Skin - LeLutka Estelle (Light 12), Hair - Tukinowaguma Nezsy, Outfit - EMERY X Offender, Earrings - Creamshop Bamboo, Wings - BOOM! Aranel's Diamond Heart Wings (Teal - Lucky Board), Bracelets - BOOM! (tinted).

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Plum Pickings

Donna Flora has a fantastic new home, and I was lucky enough to get a peek at the store just before it was open to the public. It is beautifully laid out making your favorite items even easier to find. The icing on the cake was seeing the latest releases from Squinternet Larnia, a couture inspired collection with outstanding hats, all lined up on mannequins in the centre of the store. I loved the bold color of the Romina Gown and Hat, and the shoes shown in the vendor poster, that I did not recognize.

Lo and behold the shoes are by Adam n Eve, the style is called Samara and the shade is called plum, a rich deep pomegranate color. The shape of the shoes is superb, with a rounded toe and substantially high heel.

Visit the NEW! Donna Flora store & Adam n Eve to shop for these items.

The stuff; Skin - LeLutka Estelle, Gown & Hat - Donna Flora, Accessories - Donna Flora, Hair - booN, Shoes - Adam n Eve.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Week of Top-Fives: Day Five, Flats

Flats are the perfect balance in dressing up that casual look, or dressing down an outfit that may be a bit too glam for what you need. It should be noted that I deliberately didn't choose plain flats: so's Basic Flats, Armidi's Sasche flats and Shiny Things Saturday flats were all left off the list, but I do love them all and wear them a lot.

Cherry is a new-to-me store by Pink Outfitters, and I adore these little flats with the bow. Now, I have no idea who Alice Cullen is, but these flats were named after her. I googled and saw "Twilight" so I clicked off. Twilight makes my head hurt just to think about it.

ETD is basically dead, which makes me sadcakes. But these Buckle flats, which come in tons of colours, are perfect casual flats and I still wear them all the time.

Shiny Things, another store where the owner seems sadly MIA, made these awesome ballet flats a couple of years ago when sculpties first came out to replace a previous pre-sculpty pair. There's still not a pair of simple ballet flats anywhere else that I like better.

Pixel Mode's Freya flats are another pair of buckled flats, and they're really gorgeous. The textures are fantastic, and the buckle is so well done. I got these at the shoe fair, when I bought a pair of pumpkin-coloured flats. It turns out the brown was a freebie included with every colour you bought there!

My favourite pair of all time is these Periquita Funny Girl flats. The new and improved version is colour-changeble in way more colours than the original fatpack came in (yay!) and they're just perfect with jeans or even a nice business suit.

Stay tuned for Boots tomorrow (hopefully)!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

A Week of Top-Fives: Day Four, Heels

Heeeeeeeels! I love them (in SL :P) and there are so many freakin' amazing ones here, it was a sonofabitch choosing just five pairs!

Maitreya came out with their gold label this summer, I think. I wasn't around so I may be a bit off, but I'm pretty sure that's when they debuted. Anyhow, these Shanti heels are just amazing. They were one of my first purchases when I came back, and of course I had to buy the fatpack. It was a must. One of my favourite features of buying from the gold label is the fact that included is a notecard of common skin creators, and the numbers you need to have to match your foot tone to your skin. For the tonally challenged people like me, this is fantastic.

Nardcotix released these Ashoka plaid heels not too long ago, and they go very well with Phoenix Rising's Motive outfit, as the plaid matches the plaid in the corset. The ruffle is fantastic!

Very recently, LeLutka held an amazing fashion show, probably the best one I've ever seen in SL. One of the featured items was these amazing Saffron heels, though they weren't yet available in all of the gorgeous colours and combinations that they are now. I think this navy and tan combo is my favourite one, but there is so much to choose from it's hard to decide for sure.

Shiny Things hasn't released anything for awhile now (sadface, where are you Fallingwater?!), and these Belles were released at *last year's* Shoe Fair. I still love them to itty bitty pieces though, so they definitely get a ranking on my personal top five.

Every girl needs a classic pair of stilettos in their inventory, and these Maitreya Slinky Stilettos fit the bill perfectly for me. They're of course available in like a billionty colours, and they're just elegant and understated, but so well executed, it's a crime to not have them in your inventory.

Hope you liked today's post. Stay tuned for that other staple, flats, tomorrow!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A Week of Top-Fives: Day Three, Long Boots

My ode to the long boot could last for days. I love them, revere them and have a real problem with restraining myself from buying them whenever I see them, even if I already have a pair that's pretty similar. They're all just so awesome!

I had a hell of a time picking boots out for this post. I wanted to show a lot more, but I limited myself to stiletto-heeled long boots only.

J's is a master when it comes to working the prims, and the texturing is always amazingly well-done. He told me not so long ago that he doesn't like to advertise himself, he only likes to make shoes. So besides his own update group, his only real form of advertisement is his amazing workmanship and killer options, like colour-change menus on the fatpacks, so you only have to have one pair in your inventory, not 12.

When the new incarnation of the Bax Prestige boots came out, I was in heaven, and they were my introductory post on this very blog. The best thing about these boots, besides the gorgeous texturing and amazing sculpty work, is the awesome features. When you buy them, they come boxed. You can unbox them in the store, and then either fit them yourself (because they are designed to fit very tightly to your leg) or have one of the very friendly store staff help you with the cool remote script system. Once you have one pair fitted perfectly to your shape, you can unbox any others you may have purchased and the store will automatically recognize you and ask if you'd like to use the last settings! Once you say yes, your boots will automatically fit to you like a glove. That, and the tonal colour change menu makes every Linden spent well worth it.

SLink's Sydney boots are beautiful works of architectural wonderment. I tried to imagine how I could ever wear these in real life, and I decided I can't. I'd love to, but I'd fall flat on my face. Luckily, my avatar doesn't have the same problem and she can happily prance around in these all day, and dance around all night.

YourSkin & YourShape is a store that's fairly new to me, never having heard of them before hosting them at the shoe fair this year. I can't imagine how I ever lived without them though, because their stock is absolutely amazing. The Big Sur boots come in lots of colours, and they'll go with anything from your favourite pair of jeans (hello Decoy, my ass loves you!) to a cute little dress.

Tesla is a big name in footwear, and there's little reason to wonder why. The Angelina boots were one of those purchases that I absolutely had to make, even though I have other boots that are similar (except for the fun laces detail at the back). Of course they're resizable and you can find a colour and look to suit whatever you're wearing.

Stick with me for heels tomorrow!

Shoe Shopping: Then & Now

Just a quick post in response to Sophia Harlow's challenge to take a look at our avatars when we were younglings and compare that to how we look now. Naturally I was always a stylish chick from day one! My RL big sister (by 3 minutes) Ketsy, rescued me from Orientation Island and had me made over within 2 hours.

Some of my first shoes in SL were from Sylphie's Prim Seduction, and lo and behold, here I am in early 2007 shopping in style at Sylphie's wearing a great dress from Ivalde. Gotta love that retro girl look! Fast forward to present day, still hanging out in the shoe stores, this time it's Stiletto Moody. Gotta love how far shoes have come since then... and skins, and hair, etc. Thanks Sophia, this was a fun one!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Hello Heavy Heels!

New, or soon to be released at Periquita, the Hello Heavy Heels by Erpla Prieto. Funny story about Erpla, when her avatar was very new to designing in SL, she stopped me while I was wandering around Fashion Mode 2 (Anyone remember that place?) and asked if I would look at a shoe she had sculpted. She had no clue who I was, and I told her I would be happy to look at them. They were a bit rough, but even back then I loved the playful quality and color so much that I encouraged her to try selling them, and sent her off to Retrology to get a very small stall in the Obscure Finds Flea Market. I then sat back and watched her creations get better and better, and I am so glad to be able to share her latest with you.

OK, so about these Hello Heavy Heels, another very quirky and cute pump, this one with a very distinct curled heel. The shoes are scripted to let you mix and match heel and main body shades, or even wear them as a full black pump. And yeah my hair is a bit out there, it's a new one from booN, but that one hanging curl felt so right with these fun shoes.

Visit Periquita here or at her big fancy Retrology Shop!

The stuff; Shoes - Periquita Hello Happy Heels, Skin - LeLutka Estelle, Hair - booN WAW635, Dress - !DADA! Vinyl Dress, Socks - Corduroy Knee highs, Ring - Donna Flora, Bracelets - Mezzo.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Week of Top-Fives: Day Two, Ankle Boots

I used to not really be a fan of ankle boots. I don't know why exactly, but if I couldn't wear it up to my knees or under trousers, they weren't for me. I don't know what I was thinking though! I love them. I love that ankle boots can be anything from ankle skimming impossibly high-heeled wonders of modern shoe architecture to the most casual laid-back comfy sock extensions (though those will be featured on a different day!)

LeLutka's Shavon boots were released very recently, along with their Ultra fashion collection. A platform boot available in many many colours, these are amazingly gorgeously textured and executed. I hope they come out with similar under-knee boots ;)

Kookie came out with the Athena ankle boots at the start of the shoe fair, and they quickly took the grid by storm, or at least the blogging community. Every detail, from the seam down the front centre of the boot to the small chain holding the dangling K (for Kookie!) is perfection.

The Kalnins Fall ankle boots are really well-detailed with tons of cool features, one being that they are a flat rate price, and colour scripted with around a dozen textures, and the main body, the sole and the straps can all be different. So there are endless possibilities there. The texturing is really good as well, though you'd probably have to be into metallics to love them.

I'd never been to G-Field before the shoe fair this year, and omg I was totally missing out! The Ribbon Boots are so so cute with the contrasting colour behind the ribbon and bow, and the texturing is sublime. These are obviously not meant to be worn under pants, so show them off!

Coco's fast becoming one of my favourite places to shop, with so many different looks and styles that anyone could find their new favourite in. The Zipper Booties are but just one of the many kinds of shoes. These are definitely meant to show off too, and not just hide under pants.

Stay tuned for long boots tomorrow!

A Week of Top-Fives: Day One, Sneakers

I was going to do this on my blog, as part of my week of favourites, but you know what? Shoes are way too important in my SLife to only pick five pairs. I mean, I can pick five in each *category* of my shoe inventory, and I could not figure out how I'd ever narrow that down. Then I had a brainwave and I decided that instead of doing only five on my blog, I could do five in each of seven categories, every day of the week on this blog! See how the cheater of her own blogging rules will justify herself, not to mention getting around those aforementioned rules?


Today we're going to look at sneakers. Before I show you any, it should be noted that most of these are a blatant ripoff of shoes found IRL. People can debate the morality and legality of that all they like, but I'm not getting into it here.

These are Akeyo's Low-Rise Chucks. I've had these forever, but I still love them so much. There's other versions, I know, and they're probably great. But even *I* try not to buy shoes from different people that are like virtually the same (when it comes to sneakers, anyhow). What I love about these is that I can have the laces open or closed. And these are scripted to colour-change as well.

Hoorenbeek Nylon Trainers are fairly obvious as to their inspiration, but it's pretty cool that I can own them in both RL and SL. These come in a bajillion colours, though sadly not in a colour-changeable fatpack variety. They are scripted for resizing though.

The Soreal Superstars were one of my favourite releases last year, and in fact I got them just before I went on hiatus, just in time to feature them for something I wrote. Though I can't actually remember where I featured them (it was on my blog or in Second Style magazine), I do remember squeeing with delight when I got them. These are fully scripted for colour-changing and sizing, and I absolutely love the slightly beat-up look they've got.

Urban Bomb Unit was for a long time *the* place to get these real life replicas, the Porn Stars, no one else really made them. While there are others now, and they're great, the Porn Stars somehow manage to stay at the top of the heap.

A new kid on the block, 2Real Okelli of 2Real has released his first pair of shoes, the aptly-named Diagonals. They come in lots of colours and designs too, and they're very well done. He's self-taught as well, which is really impressive. This is definitely an up-and-comer to watch.

Stay tuned for my post tomorrow on ankle boots!