Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Week of Top-Fives: Day One, Sneakers

I was going to do this on my blog, as part of my week of favourites, but you know what? Shoes are way too important in my SLife to only pick five pairs. I mean, I can pick five in each *category* of my shoe inventory, and I could not figure out how I'd ever narrow that down. Then I had a brainwave and I decided that instead of doing only five on my blog, I could do five in each of seven categories, every day of the week on this blog! See how the cheater of her own blogging rules will justify herself, not to mention getting around those aforementioned rules?


Today we're going to look at sneakers. Before I show you any, it should be noted that most of these are a blatant ripoff of shoes found IRL. People can debate the morality and legality of that all they like, but I'm not getting into it here.

These are Akeyo's Low-Rise Chucks. I've had these forever, but I still love them so much. There's other versions, I know, and they're probably great. But even *I* try not to buy shoes from different people that are like virtually the same (when it comes to sneakers, anyhow). What I love about these is that I can have the laces open or closed. And these are scripted to colour-change as well.

Hoorenbeek Nylon Trainers are fairly obvious as to their inspiration, but it's pretty cool that I can own them in both RL and SL. These come in a bajillion colours, though sadly not in a colour-changeable fatpack variety. They are scripted for resizing though.

The Soreal Superstars were one of my favourite releases last year, and in fact I got them just before I went on hiatus, just in time to feature them for something I wrote. Though I can't actually remember where I featured them (it was on my blog or in Second Style magazine), I do remember squeeing with delight when I got them. These are fully scripted for colour-changing and sizing, and I absolutely love the slightly beat-up look they've got.

Urban Bomb Unit was for a long time *the* place to get these real life replicas, the Porn Stars, no one else really made them. While there are others now, and they're great, the Porn Stars somehow manage to stay at the top of the heap.

A new kid on the block, 2Real Okelli of 2Real has released his first pair of shoes, the aptly-named Diagonals. They come in lots of colours and designs too, and they're very well done. He's self-taught as well, which is really impressive. This is definitely an up-and-comer to watch.

Stay tuned for my post tomorrow on ankle boots!

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