Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's All About Options

If any of you have ever tried to wear a boot with a cuffed denim capri you have likely discovered the age old attachment limitation for the lower leg, finally it seems that the very clever Babette Ultsch of Kitties Lair has come up with a pretty great solution with her latest release. Babette has previously released a great assortment of retro platform pumps and mules, and some really great boots, the Florence Boots offer a multitude of options to the wearer, in particular a denim cuff topper attached to the boot upper. The boot also comes with 2 boot heights, with both the traditional top and the cuffed top a click away, so basically 4 boots in one - and easy to adjust the size with the menu accessed via clicking the right foot portion of the boot.

The Florence Boot comes in an assortment of shades and finishes, including Phython, Urban Leo, Velvet Black, Stellar Black, Pearl White, Chili Red, Dark Brown, Gold Sequined, and Silver Sequined. The boots themselves have an attractive and sexy shape and nice details and are in fact and update to the previous Florence Boot with improved sculpties and easier fit, in addition to the denim cuff topper. The cuff is only in the single shade of blue denim, but they seemed to work very well with most denim in my collection. Boots are sold singly by color or in three pair fatpacks for best value.

To complete my rolled denim look I chose the denim jumpsuit from Armidi, a skinny scarf from Maitreya, a Silver Jacket from Little Rebel, Black Wooden Bangles from M.R.M., UZURI Ebony Drops Earrings, and more Junwave cute as heck hair.

Find the Boots at Kitties Lair.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Strawberry Season

Just a quick StyleCard post to share these delicious Strawberry Stiletto Pumps from Love Soul and the accompanying hair created jointly by Love Soul & Junwave. When shopping for some more of that adorable Junwave hair this morning I was drawn in by a giant strawberry display in the centre of the shop, contained within was a full range of strawberry themed items, including the hair with berry accessories, rings, prim nails, mouth accessories (*groans*) and animated berries you can sit in. I have never really been able to resist the adorable edibles of SL, so I consumed a few of the items as the price is incredibly affordable.

The pumps are exquisitely detailed re-imaginings of those by now recognizable full perms kit shoes. I was impressed by the strawberry texture and baked in shine, the cluster of berries on the toe, and most of all the leaves on the heel where a tiny ladybug has made it's home. The hair is a sweet side pony with a fork bobby pin (amazingly detailed and stabbing a perfect strawberry) and a berry ornamented pony tail holder. The hair comes with the straight cut bangs (worn here) and also a more relaxed split wavy bang version.

The rest of the look features a few more goodies, starting with the fantastic Strawberry Purse from Chapeau Tres Mignon, the Fruitylicious Charm Bangle from TOSL, and the Strawberry Cake Earrings from Sweet Decoration. Clothing items are the beautiful Valerie Blouse by LeeZu in white, the Cleo Jeans Skirt by Maitreya, and a lacy red Nicolette Bra from TART, to add a bit of sexy to all that sweetness.

You can find the Shoes at Love Soul/Junwave.

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, Junwave Hair, LeeZu Top, Maitreya Skirt, Tart Bra, Earrings by Sweet Decoration, Bangles from TOSL and M.R.M., Purse from Chapeau Tres Mignon.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bootie Lover

This latest release from Stiletto Moody managed to slip by most of us in the madness of pink and red bloggery that seemed to dominate the feeds around Valentine's Day, but the Glam Bootie is well worth some attention and I am back from my mini-break to do just that. This is a sleek and modern styled platform bootie, rather sculptural in it's details - the platform is hidden allowing for one uniform color on the upper surfaces of the boot, while the traditional Badseed Red and Heart emblemed underside, along with the multi-option chain and heart charm details add a bit of rock star punch to the look of these undoubtedly Glam Booties.

Apologies are in order in bringing you the follow up to my Valentine's post so many days later, but hopefully you have joined the Stiletto Moody Group and have been able to take advantage of the 20% discount on the Special Nude footwear Items, including the Booties and the Bare© Line in the Nude Shade. Other selected items are on sale as well, but that promotion ends today, so if you haven't had a chance to visit Stiletto Headquarters today is the day for your best value!

A bit of rock and roll was my fashion inspiration for this look, and while I have never really been a blond in Second Life, but after finding this really cute hairstyle by Mikan that was only available in blond I reconsidered. The mangled long & short denims from Spice & Sugar over the Star Mania leggings from Fuel look cool enough, and I threw on a pair of Maitreya's prim socks for good measure. The top is from C. Smit, some great tops worth checking out can be found at her shop. Bangles from Armidi (re-colored by me) and from Jador/Bandit are the final touches.

Visit Stiletto Moody to get some Glam Booties.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Taking It Off for Valentine's Day

My plan for today, spend a bit of time in the Nude. Really BARE it all for something very special, from someone very special. Now, I could be talking about my sweetheart, and that would certainly be an Anessa approved way to spend the day, but actually I am talking about a more specific nude and my source was very specific.

No major holiday would be complete without some kind of treat from the hot little hands of Stiletto Moody & Co., and every girl can count on a pair of completely fabulous stilettos to make her smile even if the man of your dreams fails to TP into your day, roses in hand etc., etc. So here is your fair warning, be sure and get yourself into the Stiletto Moody Group early today, as there is a chance enrollment may be closed. Watch for a possible sim closure today, and something new on the shelves. New Style? New BARE Shoe? New Color? All of the above?

Answers to these questions will be revealed soon enough, so join the group and watch for announcements - and be sure to add a trip to Stiletto Moody to your Valentine TO DO list!

Red Hot Cinnamon Hearts, Kinda.

My favorite all time Valentine candy is those tiny red, shiny as heck, cinnamon heart candies... true story. I forget about them all year long, but then just before Valentine's Day they are everywhere... irresistible! That was the sort of reaction I had when I saw these shoes by newcomer Jimmy Chau. He has created a small but lively line of pumps, wedges, and these luscious glossy red Bettie high heeled bootlets. I love the candy Red color on this pair, they also come in Black, Blue and an equally hot Pink. Great height and shape, nice texturing with a zippered look and that baked in high shine. I ran into my petite pal Posh Slade at the shop, and she was checking out the demo too, it was evident that the ankle fit is generous so that if you have a small frame or a thin leg you might find them a bit roomy, but on my average size ankles the fit was great. But please try the provided Demos before buying to check these for yourself.

I decided to let the super hot redness of these sexy things take center stage in an otherwise sexy and slick little outfit. The hair and sunglasses from Vintage Wear were a fun choice, and I am just crazy about this poofy little mini-skirt from Spice & Sugar paired with the cropped white and frilly blouse from the Bijou Phantom Dance set. Bangles from Fresh Baked Goods and ICON complete the look for this Valentine's Eve post.

Check out the offerings of Jimmy Chau at his Shop or on Xstreet SL.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Leather & Lace

OK, easy post. Why? Well that is pretty simple really, great slouchy ankle boots in 10 great colors, with or without lace toppers... and they are from Lya. Miss Lyanis Sin has delivered me a special Valentine's treat, the Valentina Boots are her latest release, and as I have said before, she just keeps getting better. More detail, more realism, great colors and the optional lace topper are all great features of these short boots. These cute casual boots are perfect with skinny legged denim or a hot mini skirt, the silver accent ring and straps are a great touch. These adjust by hand very easily to get an almost perfectly seamless look between lower leg and foot attachments.

The boots come in the 10 luscious shades above, and when you buy them you get both the lace and non-lace calf piece, of special note this weekend the Red & Pink versions are available at 50% off at the Retrology Location! I styled my Silver ones up with a monochromatic combo of greys, from So Many Styles, the baggy sweater tank and silver embellished denims. A silver tube top from Garbage , and amazingly detailed accessories from UZURI, then the adorned hippie doo Lovetones hair from Lamb complete the look.

Visit the Lya Main Store or Retrology Location to pick these up!

And Then There Was Pink!

Bax Coen has cornered the market on irresistible ankle boots. The suede leather and patent... topped with lace, or festooned with fur - they are slick and sexy, whether your focus is fashion or fetish... these are some really hot boots. No surprise that Bax has served up a Valentine sized treat with her latest edition, the Patent Pink Ankle Boot.

These laced up beauties come with 3 shade options; Baby Pink, Hot Pink, and Purple... to get your heart a pounding. Featured on this set are the many optional toppers and customizable laces, eyelets, metals, heel colors... it's one stop shopping for fun and funky mash-ups. The latest feature is really quite clever, Bax has included a 'fixed feet' option, that corrects awkward foot movement. Additionally if it suits you, there are the optional sounds and AOs included for your walking pleasure.

Get your dose of Pink at Bax Boots!

The stuff; Redgrave Skin - Naomie2, LAMB Hair - Breeze, Blacklace Lingerie - Enticement Set.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dear Tesla, I Love You.

May I just say, I love the heck out of these boots! The latest release from the talented hands of Tesla Miles made me giddy from moment one when I got them on my feet. I was fortunate to be able to walk around in a beta pair for the past few days, and when Tes delivered the full color range to me this morning I was in heaven. I think what really sets these apart, aside from the obvious high quality and attention to detail Tesla is famous for, is the lovely height and the way the top of the boot leg curves down in the back to hug the calf and not interfere with bending knees. The Kensington Boots also have some fancy bits of hardware to give them even more classic styling.

10 Fantastic shades; Black, Bluesteel, Bronze, Chocolate, Emerald, Purple, Scarlet, Teal, Violet & White. (click images to enlarge for detail)

For some reason the rest of my outfit today consists largely of Armidi goodness, the cuffed white shirt and bleached jeans... these are my current favorites. I still love my Muism denim but the butt on the Armidi Grace jeans is something special. The denim vest from Elephant Outfitters, the color change bangles from M.R.M. and the great belt from COCO (buckle re-done in Silver by moi) were easy additions that added more interest to the look. Hair is newness from Mirai, skin is Redgrave.

Get yourself some TESLA love real soon!

caLLie cLine: Happy Flats

You all know I'm a blogger of few words, and although I do love writing a witty phrase or 5, nothing speaks to me like a pretty pictures. Case in point: the Callie Cline Happy Flats. These cuties come in fun wild patterns, color changing jewels, and if you want lil, tiny, adorable! Check out Callie's website for more pics or better yet, just TP over to her store and try some yourself (oh btw the scarf is one of Callie's new scarves as well)!

Monday, February 2, 2009

A Lil' Kookie!

In an attempt to soothe the readers of 'On Your Toes', who I have badly neglected of late, I present to you a little teaser post courtesy of Kookie Lemon. It has been a long time since I had a chance to see what Kookie has been up to, but I am so glad she sent these my way, and if I am not mistaken they should be hitting the shelves very soon... so yay! for that. The Ella Petite Flats as she calls them are certainly petite, but they are also rather sweetly shaped, with a delightful almost metallic sheen and adornments on the toes that resemble ribbon and silver cameos. The are scripted for size adjustment if you should so wish.

The Ella Petite Flats come in 9 tasty bright shades, my pick for the day was the blue. I also happened upon the spanking new Festivale Sim and with all it's colourful nooks and crannies I was inspired to show off that colorful side and really have some fun. I started with the star spangled leggings from Sweetest Goodbye, added the cardigan from en Svale. Some more color offered with and a belt from Cupcakes and PacMan Lunchbox from Luminaire (not sure if these are still out there or not). The hair is my latest obsession from Mirai, called Gran with a texture change headband. The colorful wood bangles are from M.R.M. Factory, they are color change and I love their versatility.

To get in on the fun check out the Festivale Sim, and keep your eyes on the shelves over at Kookie for these great lil' flats to arrive!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

InStyle Visions: Nouveau Style

Please join the InStlye Fashion Agency as it presents the first of many shows in it's brand new fashion venue. InStyle Visions: Nouveau Style will present some of the best and freshest wares from the InStyle Sim vendors, including the debut runway showing of the latest gown from VictoriaV Fashions. Click here for the Limo.

Show gets started at 11 am SLT, be sure and arrive early!

The latest edition of ESSENCE of Style will be released very shortly, here is a sneak peek at the cover featuring Miss Virtual World 2009, Mimmi Boa. Cover photo by Azufr3 Catteneo.
Have a great day! :)