Monday, February 23, 2009

Strawberry Season

Just a quick StyleCard post to share these delicious Strawberry Stiletto Pumps from Love Soul and the accompanying hair created jointly by Love Soul & Junwave. When shopping for some more of that adorable Junwave hair this morning I was drawn in by a giant strawberry display in the centre of the shop, contained within was a full range of strawberry themed items, including the hair with berry accessories, rings, prim nails, mouth accessories (*groans*) and animated berries you can sit in. I have never really been able to resist the adorable edibles of SL, so I consumed a few of the items as the price is incredibly affordable.

The pumps are exquisitely detailed re-imaginings of those by now recognizable full perms kit shoes. I was impressed by the strawberry texture and baked in shine, the cluster of berries on the toe, and most of all the leaves on the heel where a tiny ladybug has made it's home. The hair is a sweet side pony with a fork bobby pin (amazingly detailed and stabbing a perfect strawberry) and a berry ornamented pony tail holder. The hair comes with the straight cut bangs (worn here) and also a more relaxed split wavy bang version.

The rest of the look features a few more goodies, starting with the fantastic Strawberry Purse from Chapeau Tres Mignon, the Fruitylicious Charm Bangle from TOSL, and the Strawberry Cake Earrings from Sweet Decoration. Clothing items are the beautiful Valerie Blouse by LeeZu in white, the Cleo Jeans Skirt by Maitreya, and a lacy red Nicolette Bra from TART, to add a bit of sexy to all that sweetness.

You can find the Shoes at Love Soul/Junwave.

The stuff; Redgrave Skin, Junwave Hair, LeeZu Top, Maitreya Skirt, Tart Bra, Earrings by Sweet Decoration, Bangles from TOSL and M.R.M., Purse from Chapeau Tres Mignon.

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