Friday, February 20, 2009

Bootie Lover

This latest release from Stiletto Moody managed to slip by most of us in the madness of pink and red bloggery that seemed to dominate the feeds around Valentine's Day, but the Glam Bootie is well worth some attention and I am back from my mini-break to do just that. This is a sleek and modern styled platform bootie, rather sculptural in it's details - the platform is hidden allowing for one uniform color on the upper surfaces of the boot, while the traditional Badseed Red and Heart emblemed underside, along with the multi-option chain and heart charm details add a bit of rock star punch to the look of these undoubtedly Glam Booties.

Apologies are in order in bringing you the follow up to my Valentine's post so many days later, but hopefully you have joined the Stiletto Moody Group and have been able to take advantage of the 20% discount on the Special Nude footwear Items, including the Booties and the Bare© Line in the Nude Shade. Other selected items are on sale as well, but that promotion ends today, so if you haven't had a chance to visit Stiletto Headquarters today is the day for your best value!

A bit of rock and roll was my fashion inspiration for this look, and while I have never really been a blond in Second Life, but after finding this really cute hairstyle by Mikan that was only available in blond I reconsidered. The mangled long & short denims from Spice & Sugar over the Star Mania leggings from Fuel look cool enough, and I threw on a pair of Maitreya's prim socks for good measure. The top is from C. Smit, some great tops worth checking out can be found at her shop. Bangles from Armidi (re-colored by me) and from Jador/Bandit are the final touches.

Visit Stiletto Moody to get some Glam Booties.

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