Thursday, February 12, 2009

And Then There Was Pink!

Bax Coen has cornered the market on irresistible ankle boots. The suede leather and patent... topped with lace, or festooned with fur - they are slick and sexy, whether your focus is fashion or fetish... these are some really hot boots. No surprise that Bax has served up a Valentine sized treat with her latest edition, the Patent Pink Ankle Boot.

These laced up beauties come with 3 shade options; Baby Pink, Hot Pink, and Purple... to get your heart a pounding. Featured on this set are the many optional toppers and customizable laces, eyelets, metals, heel colors... it's one stop shopping for fun and funky mash-ups. The latest feature is really quite clever, Bax has included a 'fixed feet' option, that corrects awkward foot movement. Additionally if it suits you, there are the optional sounds and AOs included for your walking pleasure.

Get your dose of Pink at Bax Boots!

The stuff; Redgrave Skin - Naomie2, LAMB Hair - Breeze, Blacklace Lingerie - Enticement Set.

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