Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dear Tesla, I Love You.

May I just say, I love the heck out of these boots! The latest release from the talented hands of Tesla Miles made me giddy from moment one when I got them on my feet. I was fortunate to be able to walk around in a beta pair for the past few days, and when Tes delivered the full color range to me this morning I was in heaven. I think what really sets these apart, aside from the obvious high quality and attention to detail Tesla is famous for, is the lovely height and the way the top of the boot leg curves down in the back to hug the calf and not interfere with bending knees. The Kensington Boots also have some fancy bits of hardware to give them even more classic styling.

10 Fantastic shades; Black, Bluesteel, Bronze, Chocolate, Emerald, Purple, Scarlet, Teal, Violet & White. (click images to enlarge for detail)

For some reason the rest of my outfit today consists largely of Armidi goodness, the cuffed white shirt and bleached jeans... these are my current favorites. I still love my Muism denim but the butt on the Armidi Grace jeans is something special. The denim vest from Elephant Outfitters, the color change bangles from M.R.M. and the great belt from COCO (buckle re-done in Silver by moi) were easy additions that added more interest to the look. Hair is newness from Mirai, skin is Redgrave.

Get yourself some TESLA love real soon!


Tekila Vella said...

great outfit & the boots are stunning!

TeSa said...

Dear Tesla,