Monday, February 2, 2009

A Lil' Kookie!

In an attempt to soothe the readers of 'On Your Toes', who I have badly neglected of late, I present to you a little teaser post courtesy of Kookie Lemon. It has been a long time since I had a chance to see what Kookie has been up to, but I am so glad she sent these my way, and if I am not mistaken they should be hitting the shelves very soon... so yay! for that. The Ella Petite Flats as she calls them are certainly petite, but they are also rather sweetly shaped, with a delightful almost metallic sheen and adornments on the toes that resemble ribbon and silver cameos. The are scripted for size adjustment if you should so wish.

The Ella Petite Flats come in 9 tasty bright shades, my pick for the day was the blue. I also happened upon the spanking new Festivale Sim and with all it's colourful nooks and crannies I was inspired to show off that colorful side and really have some fun. I started with the star spangled leggings from Sweetest Goodbye, added the cardigan from en Svale. Some more color offered with and a belt from Cupcakes and PacMan Lunchbox from Luminaire (not sure if these are still out there or not). The hair is my latest obsession from Mirai, called Gran with a texture change headband. The colorful wood bangles are from M.R.M. Factory, they are color change and I love their versatility.

To get in on the fun check out the Festivale Sim, and keep your eyes on the shelves over at Kookie for these great lil' flats to arrive!

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