Friday, November 30, 2012

Hot In Chocolate

On Your Toes Blog: Hot In Chocolate

I am totally in love with my outfit today, and had to share the newness with you all. I started out with the latest from MichaMi, Kiia a sexy fitted dress, another original mesh creation from Milla Michinaga, in a yummy brown shade. It has great seaming detail on the sides and just the right amount of natural looking creasing on the arms and body of the dress. The Ella hair is one of the newest releases from LeLutka, Thora Charron has once again created a must have coif, it is sleek and has great height on top and shiny waves. You can see the effort that goes into making these hairs in the way that the textures and shine are customized for each individual style, something special.
On Your Toes Blog: Hot In Chocolate

Today marks the beginning of the With Love Hunt, in its 3rd year. This is not a free hunt, instead items are priced at a very affordable 10L each. This necklace and ring from Kunglers is a must have! The deep coppery color of the metal and the faceted stones, with marbling of greens and blues are such a great compliment to the rich color of the dress. The Pagaia Vintage Bangle from Fanatik is equally sculptural and interesting, the patina of this cuff bracelet makes it a stand out accessory.
On Your Toes Blog: Hot In Chocolate

Finally it is about hands and feet, and by that I mean my Slink Rigged Mesh hands, they really are one of the things in my inventory that I would not want to live without, and something new for my feet. The boots, well, the boots are just gorgeous, they are my first purchase from JD (Just Design), and the rich cocoa color of the used leather pair was something I was missing from my current tall boot collection. They have nice detailed accents, like the JD signature metal buckles and color change straps. You get rigged and non-rigged versions of these Alstar Boots, and even some rigged mesh leggings that work perfectly with the boots... a nice touch from this designer.
The details...
Hair: LeLutka, Ella - Bournville
Skin: League, Jen Fair - SmokyRose (Cleavage D) Hairbase
Skin Tattoo: League, Jen Fair, Lipstick - Lush
Eyes: ID (Insufferable Dastard), Shine Eyes v2 - Gray/Basic

Hands: Slink, Mesh Rigged Hands (Casual R & Gesture L)

Dress: MichaMi, Kiia Dress - Brown
Accessories: Kunglers, With Love from... Set & Fanatik, Pagaia Vintage Bangle

Boots: JD (Just Design), Alstar Boots - Used Leather

Poses: aDORKable Poses.
I use the VR Studio Pose Stand & HUD by VR Foundry.  

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Eclectic Hues

On Your Toes Blog: Eclectic Hues

Before I sink my fashion teeth into the depths of winter wear I wanted one last big splash with color to make my inner Rainbow Brite smile! As it happens, today marks a great new footwear release from Celoe, the Snare Boots, and they are pure love... great colors, great style, and exceptional quality as per usual. I can never have enough booties this time of year, and they look great over tights, with leggings, and skirts too. There is just so much going on in SL the next few weeks; The With Love Hunt, Peace On Earth Hunt, and the new round of gatcha madness is about to begin at The Arcade. I have tried to include some special items from these events in my post, enjoy... and enjoy the season!
On Your Toes Blog: Eclectic Hues

My current hair fixation is still DeLa, something about these silky long rigged mesh styles makes me all happy, and I love that they are mod and can be tinted for perfect color matching with my hairbase. Not everyone loves a hairbase, but I do... and the one on the League Jen skins with its cute widows peak is fantastic. I would be hopeless without my Slink mesh hands, I really have never taken them off since I got them. I am trying out some new eyes this week, I love the look of the latest peepers from IKON, they have great depth and sparkle and so many color options.
On Your Toes Blog: Eclectic Hues

The purses showcased here are perfection! The Secret Store continues to knock it out of the park with their contribution to The Arcade, these Tiny Satchels are just too cute, and the variety of colors and patterns will make them a must have item for sure. Maxi Gossamer has also created a great item for the Peace On Earth Hunt, a collection of long chains and chokers in gold and silver, I am wearing a few strands here. The denim pencil skirts are about to be released at DCNY, and the additional clothing items from Belgravia, Tee*fy, FANATIK and Maitreya round out this fun series of looks.
For complete details from H to T, read on...

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

It's Always 3 O'Clock Somewhere

It's Always 3 O'Clock Somewhere

Seems as though my internal clock has a mind of its own, more often than not I am wide awake at three in the morning, tossing and turning and forced to decide whether to get out of bed and find something to do, or force my eyes to close and hope for the best.
It's Always 3 O'Clock Somewhere

In the middle of a late Autumn rain storm the choice is much easier, throw on a trench coat and boots, grab an umbrella and get outside for a bit of fresh chilled air and to trample through a few puddles. Inevitably it dawns on me that there is something else I am looking for, or someone else.
It's Always 3 O'Clock Somewhere

Quickly ducking into the shelter of the nearest phone booth to make that call and hoping that my someone will answer, and welcome me in to his warm apartment, and warmer bed. There is nothing more perfect that spending the wee hours of morning listening to the rain beat down on the terrace in the arms of someone special.
It's Always 3 O'Clock Somewhere

Caught up in the moment I can't help but make my way back down to the street for just a few seconds, to feel the cool rain on my skin and dip a toe into a waiting puddle. To think, if it weren't for three o'clock in the morning I'd be sleeping through another romantic rainy night.
This little bit of fiction was inspired by the latest releases from League and Baiastice. The League Trench Coat is perfect for rainy nights and chilly days, while the Aida Dress from Baiastice, released specially at the final installment of FAIR, and inspired by the time 3 a.m., is a sexy slip of a dress... more specifically perfect for romantic moments with its satiny finish and sexy curve hugging shape. For complete information from Head to Toes read on...

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Slightly Frosted

On Your Toes Blog: Slightly Frosted

Is it that time of year already? Even if the first taste of Winter hasn't reached your locale yet, you can rest assured that it is coming on quickly in SL. People have started rezzing their log cabins and covering the ground with snow, and why not? What better way is there to enjoy the beginning of blustery SL Fashion than sprinkling a little snow all around and making the best of it all.
I am one of those who rushed right out and found an excuse to bundle up. It all started with a windy walk that found me without a coat, but with loads of new releases. Leverocci's Belgravia just had a massive season release, included among the good were this Bluet satiny ruffled blouse and sexy Foxglove boots, the color palette is rich and luxurious, like the wine color I selected. The recently released Decoy Yori skirt is a great little mini, worn over some black Maitreya tights, and a windblown skinny scarf (also Maitreya), that matches the great editorial hairstyle from LeLutka. The cute little clutch with wrist strap is from Baiastice, and oldie from the 'B Attitude' collection.
On Your Toes Blog: Slightly Frosted

Time to bundle up with a new coat from !gO! a new to me label that has some great rigged mesh pieces. This furry jacket has a generous fluffy collar and a suede waist tie. The jacket comes in some great colors, and is a great way to warm up your look. The furry Cosack hat is another special item from Belgravia, I wore it with the LeLutka Marie hair, and by downsizing the hair I was able to fit it well under the hat. Other items worn here are the Milano trousers from Baiastice, Maitreya Devi boots, some beaded necklaces and a generous sized ring from Maxi Gossamer, and a cute plum colored bag from the old Cachet collection.

On Your Toes Blog: Slightly Frosted

For the rest of the details from H to T, read on...

Monday, November 12, 2012

Black & White... and Red

On Your Toes Blog: Black & White... and Red

Just a quick post today, wanting to show off the sexy new shoes from Redgrave. The Lilly Shoes come in 3 shades of latex, all in a mix and match HUD that will let you enjoy your shoes in black, cream and bright red. They are a super high heel on a platform base, the platform itself features a black insert that remains constant, and crisscrossing laces that tie in a nice bow. I started off by wearing them in red with an all white outfit from erratic. The hair, Sharlee from Ploom, is one of their newest dipped styles, brown hair with red dipped ends that I have accented here with a few photoshop tricks.

On Your Toes Blog: Black & White... and Red

The black version of the Lilly Shoes provided a great opportunity to pull together some bits and pieces of black clothing that I have been collecting over the past few weeks. From the cute flouncy 'tap pants' from R2, found at the current Collabor88, to the sleek and interesting bralette from ISON, I kept it sexy but covered, adding a few items from epoque, like the super puffy sleeved Vinyl Jacket and a leather collar with black metal accents. The hair, Hanna, another newer style from Ploom has playful twists of hair that echoed the look of the jacket perfectly. Small details like the earrings and chunky ring from Maxi Gossamer, and the group gift clutch from HANDverk also fit the bill for this look.
For the details from Head to Toes, read on...

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Pretty Princess

On Your Toes Blog: Pretty Princess

Just a quick look at a few very pretty things that I am wearing today. Firstly, the very delicate and intricate jewelry from EarthStones, Faye Crystal Jewelry Set in Quartz, the metal is changeable between silver and gold tones - making this doubly special and a perfect compliment to an elegant look with its raw quartz crystal drops. Hats are such a great under utilized accessory for most of us, I was TPd to the 50% off hat sale at Bliss Couture and bought a number of really sensational and fun toppers like this one, called Mezzo.

On Your Toes Blog: Pretty Princess

The delicately pale blue dress, another item from the Celoe Fall 2012 Collection, is a beautiful evening gown, something I don't wear often in SL anymore, but this one, a lovely rigged mesh gown was something special and well worth buying. Even if you have no real reason to dress up in something elegant, sometimes it feels nice to be that pretty princess.
Details from H to T:
Hair: LeLutka, Lana - Bournville
Skin: League, Jen Medium - Glam (Cleavage D) Hairbase
Skin Tattoos: League, Jen Medium Lipstick - Aqua
Eyes: ID (Insufferable Dastard), Shine Eyes v2 - Gray/Basic
Prim Lashes: Blacklace Beauty, Sculpted Lashes

Hands: Slink, Mesh Rigged Hands (Relaxed L & Gesture R)

Gown: Celoe, Syren Dress - Dowe
Accessories: EarthStones, Faye Crystal Set in Quartz
Hat: Bliss Couture, Mezzo Hat - Blue

Poses Used: aDORKable Poses.

Hanging Curtains, INK Plain Curtain by INK

I also use the VR Studio Pose Stand & HUD by VR Foundry.

On Your Toes will always include complete shopping information (to the best of our ability) with each of our blog posts, including pose information and details about any props used by us in our studio shoots (location names for location shoots will also be included.) Thank you for checking us out again!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Slinking Feeling

What a pleasure it is, slipping into a beautiful pair of shoes and finding they fit you perfectly. I defy Cinderella herself to claim the perfection that is Slink's Rigged Mesh Feet and the shoes created expressly for them. Slink has recently released the Indra Heels as an expansion to the shoes designed for the Medium height feet. Siddean Munro has created a fashion forward suede option with slender heels, open design and thin straps that magically hold it all together, all this with the modern addition of a rugged rubber fore-sole. The kind of shoe that any city girl could wear day to night.

On Your Toes Blog: A Slinking Feeling
For my day look I used a few of the items found at the latest rendition of The Dressing Room Blue, namely the chic little Gabry Jacket by Baiastice and the wicker Elephant Bag from TokiD. The daytime look is rounded out with the sleek new Milano Trousers, also from Baiastice, and the luxurious golden toned dipped feather necklace from League. It would be remiss of me not to mention in detail the great new hair releases from LeLutka today, both are seen in this post, the first style is Nook, with the headwrap in a multitude of shades and prints, I borrowed a page from Sasy Scarborough over at Sasypants Blog, and 'selected the face' of the wrap only to hand tint from the nude color to a slightly more golden tone to match my outfit. Be sure you make a copy of the style before attempting this trick. The Indra shoes come in many shades and colors, with colorable parts to allow for customization, though you only see a peek of them here it is obvious that the colors are perfectly suited for my look.

On Your Toes Blog: A Slinking Feeling
For an evening style, or perhaps one I'd save for a cocktail party or dinner date, I hopped into the TDRB release from Kunglers, the #65 Dress, that has the appeal of animal print and more neutral tones. The zebra print Indra Heels are the bonus style you get when purchasing the fatpack, and as you can see they work flawlessly with this dress, a pleasure to slip on over my Slink mesh feet. The hair is LeLutka Lana, such a great style, sexy length while allowing for the shoulders to remain unhindered, perfect for showing off accessories or delicate necklines of your favorite clothing. The addition of accessories by Maxi Gossamer, the Tarifa earrings and bracelets are among her latest releases at the current round of Collabor88, add more perfect detail.

On Your Toes Blog: A Slinking Feeling
The Slink Indra Heels come in so many gorgeous colors, here are just a sampling of the combinations you can achieve, the straps and the heels can all be colored individually, the body of the shoe will be in your color of purchase, or in the case of the fatpack, all colors, you can also choose to wear the three parts in one unified color, the choice will be yours. The colors range from earthy neutrals, to bright and lively, to classic shades.
For all the details from Head to Toes, see below.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Windows and Doors

On Your Toes Blog: Windows and Doors

No big points for naming my blog post today, suffice to say that the new releases from Sissy Pessoa of Baiastice are much better than the title of this post. It is a big release, perfectly timed between Fall and the oncoming Winter months, this collection of thigh high boots, sweaters, skirts and trousers is repleat with rich color and texture. A great combination of stylish and classy separates.

Look one combines the clean white of a soft angora sweater and matching suede boots, and the kick of rich blue leather of the Floky skirt, with a hint of shine and a tease of zipper on the leg, all three of these from Baiastice. A little extra glamour from the pop of red lipstick and striking blue eyeliner, and the finishing details like the bow/collar style necklace from Donna Flora, the clutch by Orta and the flowing hair by exile.
On Your Toes Blog: Windows and Doors

Next I applaud the look of well made trousers, ones that skim the figure rather than reveal every inch of it (typically including a healthy dose of butt cleavage). These Milano Trousers from Baiastice have a chic velvety look to them and a built in skinny belt. Worn here under the Angora Cross Sweater, in a rich cranberry color, the look is festive and would be a comfortable choice for a pre-holiday event or get together meant for sharing a meal. A generous multi-strand pearl collar necklace from Donna Flora is more than enough accessory for this look, and the shoe of choice is the slender and pointy Zoe Pump from Celoe.

On Your Toes Blog: Windows and Doors

Finally, a method to being covered up and attractively wrapped in luxurious fabrics, and yet still suitably sexy. The suede version of the Floky Skirt, another new item from Baiastice, is a perfect match for other new items, the Merino turtleneck sweater and the fabric version of the Knee Platform Stretch Boots, all in olive tones, a favorite color. Gem encrusted earrings, a chunky gold bracelet and a small handbag complete my favorite look of the three.
For all the details from Head to Toes see below.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sweet Cravings

It is time for another fix! So many great new things to shop for this weekend, here are just a few with a hint of candy bright color. So many surprising and delicious combinations from the latest releases by Celoe, Maitreya, Mon Tissu and Emery. I couldn't decide on just one look, so I went for a trio of yumminess... hope you enjoy!
On Your Toes Blog: Sweet Cravings

Celoe has just released part one of its Fall 2012 Collection, It is full of great coats, tops, pants, and dresses, some surprising and well made shapes that will be hard for anyone to resist. Case in point the surprising little bubble top/mini, Coco, such a sexy decolletage area with its slender bodice all coming to a dramatic bubble of a skirt. I love the scrolling organic print and satiny texture, this can be worn as a short dress or over slacks like I have done here. The pants also from Celoe are called Chardonnay. The Maitreya Suave Wedges are glued to my feet once again, the great Cognac color compliments the look, and other chocolaty touches like the Maxi Gossamer necklace and hair bow by TokiD sweeten this already tasty look.

On Your Toes Blog: Sweet Cravings

Ready for another helping? So many bright colors in this ensemble, the mesh blazer by Emery and Mon Tissu cotton pants, right down to the pink socks in my Maitreya Wedges... and did I mention the perfectly matching clutch from Magic Nook... you had to know I'd include at least one clutch in this post. The sweet Wasabi Pills Christy style with its color changing bow, and sugary bubblegum lipstick from League make it easy to add a spoonful of sugar to this outfit.

On Your Toes Blog: Sweet Cravings

The Maru jacket from Celoe manages to sit perfectly over the Emery skirt in my third helping, just look at how that metallic buckle on the jacket matches the sunny orange shade in the Mondrian grid skirt, the color is echoed again in the accessory flower of the Demeter hair style from LeLutka. The pinkish hue of the Suave Wedges in Raspberry add the final fruity touch to this last look, and the Jewelled Love necklace from Maxi Gossamer is a perfect compliment to my love of sweets. Be sure and brush your teeth after reading this post, wouldn't want you to get any cavities!

For all the details from Head to Toes please see below.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Get Fameshed

On Your Toes Blog: Get Fameshed

Talk about having to be On Your Toes! So many great new things this week, I need a few more of me just to keep up. But FaMESHed re-opened last night in a new location, with a great open new build, and I just couldn't resist having a little 'me-me-me' time today, pulling together a few looks peppered with the newness and worn with the also newly released Suave Wedges from Maitreya.
I am such a sucker for anything leather from Fanatik, after falling in love with their minis and pencil skirts I was so excited to see the Leather & Lace Dress, worn here in Nude, a sleek fitted dress, with a cleverly designed back zipper (an inverted pleat), that reduces the distortion of the mesh . The touch of lace on the small cap sleeves adds a sophistocated touch, and the new Collide style from exile was the perfect topper for this look. Accessories that made the cut are hammered silver hoops from Mandala, silver watch from Redgrave and ladylike clutch from ORTA. For the finale to this vanilla sweet perfection I added the Suave Wedges in Pearl on a layered wood sole, from Maitreya, these are really perfect and come in rigged and unrigged versions.

On Your Toes Blog: Get Fameshed

The Secret Store brings us more of its delightful separates with the FaMESHed release of its Sweet Sheer Tops, just the righ amount of soft sheerness over solid color and accent ruffled collar with skinny bow tie. This tucked top that suits high waisted style bottoms, like these trousers from ISON, also show off the socked version of the Maitreya Suave Wedges in White, the zebra-like wood sole on this pair brings the graphic combination of pink, black and white all together. The mane event here is the new Wasabi Pills style, Amelie, with its wide headband and retro feel. Such a fun style!
On Your Toes Blog: Get Fameshed

Finally, it was the flamingo pink hued Ombre Hemingway Shirt from Emery, and the cute denim mini from tee*fy, that rounded out this trio of looks. The curvy shape of the skirt is all sorts of fantastic! I added the FaMESHed released boho jewelry from Maxi Gossamer, the customizable color combinations (shown here with red & slate), worked like a charm. Back to my addiction to clutch purses, this artistic design from Handverk, the Palette Purse in Rose, and the neat twist here is the Maitreya Suave Wedges are in Ash Green, which really work well as a denim stand-in!
Have fun shopping at the current round of FaMESHed and be sure to check out all the new Maitreya offerings too! For the complete details from 'Head to Toes' see below.