Sunday, September 27, 2009

StyleCard: Milk Motion

I happened upon these cute ankle boots while shopping today, and I just had to share them. The 'My Worn Ankle Boots' by Milk Motion are one of four styles of boots available at this great shop. Worn leather with a softly pointed toe and and a turned down leather cuff with stud like metal dots in silver, pewter and gold make these a fun style for pairing with casual Fall looks. Demos are available to try, the set of boots includes two variations, so hop over to Milk Motion for a closer look.

The Stuff;

Shoes - Milk Motion - My Worn Ankle Boots

Skin - Curio - Sundust, FREX - June Dark, Raccoon 1

Hair - - Rashelle - Timid Brown

Outfit - Milk Motion - My Harem Pants - Black, Maitreya - RB Tank - Brown, Elephant Outfitters - Andi Denim Vest - Sepia 2.

Accessories - Maitreya - Long Scarf - Champagne, Caroline's - Flexi Bangles - Black, [Armidi Gisaci] Summer Stacked Bangles - Assorted 7.

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

StyleCard: J's Long Boots

Not long ago I reviewed J's latest Ankle Boots, and it seems that the good things just keep coming! The new Long Boots Round are just as gorgeous as the previous release, a softly polished leather with amazing sculpted details, the boots come with the tall version worn here and even a single attach point 'bootie' version perfect for wearing with pants. They come in 11 rich shades, individually or as an all inclusive scripted pair. You cannot go wrong with great boots like these for fall.

Grab a pair or two at J's!

The Stuff;

Shoes -
J's - Long Boots Round - Multi Color Set

Skin - League - Misty, Medium - Glam (w/ Hairbase)

Hair - Miel - Sun(day) - Black 4

Outfit - Miel - Cali Cords sculpted skirt w/ belt - turtle, Miel - Cali Top with Hood - confetti, Maitreya - Slouch Socks - Autumn Orange.

Accessories - Donna Flora - Viola Set - Dark Topaz, UZURI - Noble Bracelet &Fantasy Ring (Afro)

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Monday, September 21, 2009

StyleCard: Kitties Lair Gina

I just love the footwear that Babette Ultsch creates, her style is a bit more tart-ish than most of the creators on the grid, but the quality is amazing and she always comes up with something fun for us shoe fans. Babette's latest release are the Kitties Lair Gina Heels, her very first foot and toes in a shoe creation. The sole is a platform of mirror like chrome, and the uppers are available in both patents and metallic snakeskin, the heel strap is accented with a silver heart shaped buckle. The fit on these was just perfect, and the skin tone was easily matched using a drop down menu that contains basic presets and custom control for perfect match. The shoe is equipped with 11 nail polish shades. Overall I have to say that I am a fan, these are fun and attractive and will work with a variety of styles.

Visit Kitties Lair for a closer look!

The Stuff;

Shoes - Kitties Lair - Gina Sandals - Gold

Skin - Curio - JUNE - Sundust FREX, Pure 4

Hair - lamb - Unbirthday Redux - Kit Kat

Outfit - DCNY Lace Top from Hariette Outfit - Blue, DCNY Harmony Pants- Blue (released tomorrow).

Accessories - Donna Flora - Lemon Juice Set, MEZZO Cosmetics chain Bracelet.

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StyleCard: JCS... For The Boys

I have always tried to share a wide range of footwear on the blog, different styles, creators and collaborations, but what tends to be missing is shoes for the male avatar. They are out there, and some of them are really well made, but it's a bit hard to blog men's footwear when you are definitely not a male. Eponymous Trenchmouth of Jeepers Creepers Shoes (JCS) inquired if I would be able to review his latest releases, and I was happy to oblige, with the help of a very accommodating Dave Casanova... thank you, Dave!

These 2 new styles are great Casual shoes, the Miami Shoes and the Kix Shoes are a lace up style with a hint of an oxford feel and some athletic shoe inspired stripe detail. On the Miami the tan leather contrasts with the softly colored canvas that comes in soft 'Miami Vice' pastels; Peach, Blue, Cream and Sage.Golden grommets and white laces complete the style. The Kix Shoes feature richer tone-on-tone styling in shades of Green, Red, Black and Blue with color matched laces and soles.

Both of these styles can be found at JCS Shoes Main Store.

The Stuff;

Look 1

Shoes -
Jeepers Creepers JCS - Miami Shoes - Peach

Skin - Belleza - Jonas Tan - 3

Hair - [Uw.7R] (Uncle Web) - Robin - Meteoric swarm

Outfit - Redgrave - VEST with SHIRT -Honey & Satin Pants low waist -Sands

Look 2

Shoes - Jeepers Creepers JCS - Kix Shoes - Green

Skin - Belleza - Jonas Tan - 3

Hair - [Uw.7R] (Uncle Web) - Reed- Mesh Black

Outfit - Nardcotix (NX) - Neron Plaid Shirt - Verde & 641 Jeans w/ Cuffs (soon to be released)

Necklace - Emery - Shell Age Necklace

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

StyleCard: BAX Prestige Boots

It seems like Boot weather is definitely here, at least in SL, where designers are churning out sensational boots for Fall that are very easy to fall for. Bax Coen, the Queen of Boots in Second Life, has released a series of boots that surpass many in style and options. The fitting system on the BAX Prestige Boots is pretty much revolutionary, and very easy to use. Topper options abound, denim cuffs in 3 shades, leather cuffs up or down, and perfectly plain. More customizable options and trims make these a treat in the available Black, White, or Red options.

Take a closer look at BAX Boots.

The Stuff;

Shoes - BAX Boots - Prestige Boots - Black

Skin - Curio - JUNE - Sundust FREX, Pure 4

Hair - - Eloise - Thoughtful Brown

Outfit - DCNY Swing Coat - Red (with Beret), DCNY Basic Jeans - Black.

Accessories - Fleur Gloves - Short Black, Paper Couture Multi-Stone Ring

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Thursday, September 17, 2009

StyleCard: Step Ahead Studs

Mavis McGettigan and Jewell Munro bring us the exciting line of Step Ahead footwear. The Stud Encrusted Heels are a great place to start, I really like the look of the shoes, the easy match by brand skin tone drop down menu and the HUD that allows for tweaking of things like metal color and nail polishes... one cute unexpected feature on these was the addition of tiny rhinestone to the toenails.

Visit Step Ahead for these in multiple shades, and check out the rest of the good while you are there.

The Stuff;

Shoes - Step Ahead - Stud Encrusted Heels - Gold

Skin - Redgrave - Mischa - Peach

Hair - TRUTH - Peaches - Caramel

Outfit - G.L.A.M. - Sparkling Holiday Halter - Gold, DCNY Denim Skirt from Beryl Outfit.

Accessories - ::BRILLANTE:: - Diamond ring Earrings - Gold, =DeLa*= - Bangles - "Lloyd"

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

More Pretty Poison

It has been a very crazy few months for me, and I have neglected my 'Toes' terribly. Time for a little catch up, and a chance to show you all the best of the latest from quite a few talented creators. First Up, more releases from Bella Donna, that shoe collaboration between Donna Flora's Squinternet Larnia and Periquita Shoes Designer, Erpla Prieto. I previously reviewed quite a few great styles from this pair, here are two more that are hard to resist.

In addition to being very pretty, the shoe HUD has now been updated to make it even more user friendly. I simply adore the huge number of nail polish options and easy to save skin tone palate. Be sure and get a closer look at this quickly growing collection of exquisite jewelry for your feet at the Bella Donna Mainstore.

The Stuff;

Look 1

Shoes - Bella Donna Poison #8

Skin - Redgrave - Leona Tan - Blue/Hairbase

Hair - Barberyumyum - 19 - Black

Dress - Donna Flora - FRIDA

Accessories - DeLa - Tiana Earrings - Pink/Silver

Look 2

Shoes - Bella Donna Poison #9

Skin - Redgrave - Leona Tan - Softpink/Hairbase

Hair - Paper Couture - Frida - Brown

Dress - Donna Flora - MICOL

Accessories - Donna Flora - Vain Earrings, Brilliante - Diamond & Pearl Bracelet - Mix

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