Saturday, February 14, 2009

Taking It Off for Valentine's Day

My plan for today, spend a bit of time in the Nude. Really BARE it all for something very special, from someone very special. Now, I could be talking about my sweetheart, and that would certainly be an Anessa approved way to spend the day, but actually I am talking about a more specific nude and my source was very specific.

No major holiday would be complete without some kind of treat from the hot little hands of Stiletto Moody & Co., and every girl can count on a pair of completely fabulous stilettos to make her smile even if the man of your dreams fails to TP into your day, roses in hand etc., etc. So here is your fair warning, be sure and get yourself into the Stiletto Moody Group early today, as there is a chance enrollment may be closed. Watch for a possible sim closure today, and something new on the shelves. New Style? New BARE Shoe? New Color? All of the above?

Answers to these questions will be revealed soon enough, so join the group and watch for announcements - and be sure to add a trip to Stiletto Moody to your Valentine TO DO list!

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