Monday, April 14, 2008

Rawwrr for Animal Prints

So awhile back I had featured some shoes from AW Designs, and I was very impressed. After I visited the store I sent off an IM to the designer, Adrina Welders and let her know that I loved the few shoes she had and to IM me when she had some new products. Well today was my lucky day. Not only did Adrina come out with some new shoes, but she dropped a pair on me to take a look at, and I really do enjoy these shoes.

I'm showing you the Schoo Cheetahs above and I just have to say I love animal prints! I actually want to get my hands on the zebra and giraffe prints as well. These cuties are worth a look for sure. The extra high heal with the ankle boot look is very sexy indeed!

Check out AW Designs InWorld.

Other Items:

Paper Couture Divinchi Outfit, La Sylphide Skin, and ETD Hair. Color display taken by Adrina Welders. Cheetahs given as a review copy to Graci.

1 comment:

Anessa Stine said...

O M G - These are fan-frippen-tabulous! How did I miss this stuff? :))

/me heads off to go buy some shooths.