Tuesday, November 11, 2008

StyleCard: Hoorenbeek & LBD

When I first heard the rumor that Hoorenbeek, purveyor of all things male fashion, had released a shoe for the ladies I was surprised to say the least. A quick dash over to Hoorenbeek confirmed that this was in fact a reality, here were the Hoorenbeek Stilettos. The shoes are a nice shape with a moderately high heel, the type of height that anyone would be comfortable wearing, thanks to creator Limer Fredriksson.

The shoe comes with a whole array of options, so you buy the one pair for a very reasonable cost and you get 6 shoe fabrications, 12 colour options for each fabrication, and customizable details like the strap and bow which can be removed, or the fact that you can style these up your own way deciding on the heel texture, bow and body separately. A fairly grand entrance onto the female footwear scene. One nice side note is that Hoorenbeek offers these with a gift option, so looking forward to the holidays you can pick up some for those footwear challenged friends or the good old 'Adopt a Newbie for Xmas' Program, OK I made up that last bit.

The rest of this look features LBD (LeeZu Baxter Designs), who has come out with a steady stream of interesting dresses and separates lately. I admit it had been a while since I visited her shop, but I was instantly drawn to these well textured high-waisted Lea Pants and Natascha Dress in Silver, which I am wearing the top portion of here. A sophisticated style without the need for multiple accessories, but I did manage to add my Bandit Diamonds Party Ring and the PC Silver Spike Earrings. Wearing the Hoorenbeek Stilettos in the black patent without the bow seemed like a perfect fit. Hair is ETD.

Visit Hoorenbeek and LBD (LeeZu Baxter Designs) for some sophisticated style.

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