Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Hot kicks at Hoorenbeek

OK, so having seen that Anessa and Graci had been busy today with the blogs for the girls out there, I couldn't let the guys down and made this post on the awesome shoes found at [hooreenbeek]. I first bought a pair of their initial sculpted shoes back in March or April and got to sample some of the newer pairsin the range thanks to Limer Frederiksson and I must say I was impressed with the level of detail in every pair I tried on. The pair in the above photo is the Slip on Checkers, and these shoes have a script that enables you to be able to change various facets of the shoes personality to fit your mood or outfit you are currently wearing. I donned them with the outfit I had on at the time and a simple tweak allowed me to match them up perfectly with what I was already wearing, and it is versatility such as this that adds to the value of the shoe. Being a more casual slip-on style shoe didn't impede me from wearing them with the more refined clothing I had on, and I think it kind of enhances the overall casual feel of the outfit, adding another dimension to it.

The next shoes featured are the ones which caught my eye the most and had been in my shoe wishlist for a while - the [hoorenbeek] Air Force, this time featured in Grey/Red. This classic style is pretty much a recreation of a RL Nike shoe, and I must say that the creator of this shoe has done the design great justice bringing them to SL (and I still wait patiently for a perfect recreation of a pair of Jordan VIs or XIs), hopefully this recreation is a sign of things to come.

The next style shown is the Superstar 2.0 in White. This style dons the famous Adidas 3 stripes and this homage to the classic Adidas sneakers harks me back to a time in my childhood when every young kid was wearing things like Adidas Romes around. This version of the sneakers however are a more modern style, with different tongue texturing in contrast to the leather sections of the shoe. As with every style featured in this blog today, the level of detail and craftsmenship is amazingly high and you can cam for ages taking in the detail.

The final style I am showing today is the Cowboy boot in Serpent. A perfect match to my Muism Snakeskin pants, these boots are highly detailed sculpts that give a look of audaciousness to the wearer. You fear nobody walking about in these badboys! They are also available in a variety of other colours, I just like this pair for the sheer outlandishness and my seemingly strange affinity to SL animal print clothing. If you are (most likely) a person more into tamer styles you should definitely check out some of the other available versions of these boots as they fit well and the quality is as high as any other pair in SL.

Overall I hope that this blog informs you out there in fashionland that there is a multitude of footwear available for guys and you are no longer stuck wearing the one pair of shoes everyone else seems to be wearing. With these designs I can see that the hard working designers at [hoorenbeek] have come a long way since their initial sculpted shoes and I look forward to what is to come in the future.

Shoes available at [hoorenbeek]

Clothing available from
Casa Del Shai (including the updated version of the Amorsolo shirt)

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