Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Polar boots from Rdgrave

So upon going to Redgrave with my beautiful girlfriend Cynthia, we went and had a look at the latest shoe and boot releases by Viola Leigh, some of which were recently shown by Anessa in these very pages. However, there was one pair that haven't been shown in this blog yet, and co-incedently, they were the pair that caught Cyn's eyes.

These were the Polar boots, and they are also available with matching arm cuffs as well. As it is coming into the cooler, Winter time of year in the Northern Hemisphere, these boots certainly will appeal to the girl after some footwear that is casual, seasonal and chic. I applaud Viola and her efficiency in releasing at an rapid rate, with each subsequent release being of a high quality which is what the Redgrave label is renowned for.

Upon wearing the boots and armcuffs (and nothing else), Cyn had an idea spring straight to her head and she decided to take a pic of her wearing the boots and Wristbands, and the result is what you see above. So if you like the boots and/or arm cuffs featured in the pic above, head over to redgrave now using the following SLURL.

Shoes, skin and Wristbands By Redgrave

Photography by Cynthia Smit (Star photography)

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Heidi Volare said...

Those boots are hella cute. Must.have.

Your photography is amazing. Wow!