Friday, November 21, 2008

Christmas Came Early

Ah yes, for the faithful fans of Stiletto Moody, Christmas cheer arrived a bit early yesterday in the form of the Red Tartan Pinup Spike. It's shiny and pretty and all wrapped up with a bow, just like any good holiday gift ought to be. Okay, so maybe it is a bit early, but it IS about the time for some holiday shopping. My recommendation, let the first gift you buy be something really special for yourself... and failing that, hand the Landmark for these beauties to your someone special and give them a very strong hint about what you hope to find under the tree this year. And don't worry, best of both worlds, grab up these so 'on trend' Tartan babies now and I can almost bet that Stiletto has more in store for us in the weeks to come.

Important details to note, there are 2 variations of the Pinup Spikes, one with full Tartan and one that adds another touch of black at the heel. Both are equipped with the superbly scripted options menu which, for those who may not be familiar, allows us to swap metals between silver and gold, add or remove the ankle chain, disable heel clicks, or wear the shoes at full bright if we desire. So now that the technical stuff is out of the way, I only have one question. Anyone want to help keep me warm? Apparently I went out in my short shorts again. :P

Head on over to Stiletto Moody and take a closer look.

Wearing: Redgrave Skin, ::69:: Hair, Fur Jacket by Digit Darkes, Top by Armidi, Shorts by Armidi Gisaci (part of Lima Trench Coat), Belt & Bracelets by UnTone. Photos taken at Cu Mara.

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