Sunday, May 17, 2009

A New Coquette

Kalnins is known for making top class specs and more recently stylish men's footwear, it was brought to my attention yesterday that they have just release their first women's shoe, so I made the trip and was pleasantly surprised by the Coquette Sandals. One of the greatest things you can offer your customer is customization, the scripted footwear (while not loved by everyone) allows you to match your outfit with seemingly limitless color options, the base, straps and buckles are all controlled by control menu, and the unique ability to make these shiny or flat... can extend the options a bit further.

Maris Kanto has created some beautiful looking footwear here. I adore the almost touchable leather and the way it appears to gather at the connection points. My only foible here, and my own fault for not reading the info, was that these are recommended for size 11 feet, if your shape is no mod you may be out of luck, but a quick edit appearance to resize the foot will allow you to enjoy a much better fit. Also notable is the price point, at 500L$ these are a great value, and Maris tells me that Kalnins Gold Card Members get them for only 250L$. I look forward to seeing more from Kalnins Women's Line soon!

Stop over to Kalnins and try a demo before you buy!

The Stuff; Rockberry Uma Skin, TRUTH Aradia Hair (No Flower), Savvy? Rouched Bustier, Artilleri Capri Pants, Linc Sinken Dress, Armidi Bangles, Ume Mode Feather Necklace.


TeSa said...

OMG those are soo adorable! Too bad about the size 11 thing though, hope that was a one time boo boo LOL

Unknown said...

the size 11 is a joke. I wish I had know before I had bought..should have read your comment TeSa. I so rely on On Your Toes for my shoes. This maker should have made a zero shoe. Guess we should never by women's shoes from a guy

Graciana McMillan said...

Anessa seemed surprised by the size as well, in her review she says, "My only foible here, and my own fault for not reading the info, was that these are recommended for size 11 feet..."

Perhaps the maker will rethink the sizing and make a choice in sizes in the future. /me crosses fingers